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Seems some of us have danced around the edge of this topic, though secretly (or openly) enjoy bi play. Group is for open discussion about those who like it, engage in it, or fantasize about it. Also thought it might help connecting with those who might provide it.

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  2. Don't want to burst your bubble, but this thread/invitation was launched over 4 years ago and the OP behind it hasn't logged on lyla in over a year. Recommend you read the dates and maybe pm some of the posters to see if the event did happen and if others are scheduled in the near future. Take care.
  3. We met the ladies at the Brass Club in Ottawa. http://www.brassclub.ca Mila:
  4. Great, that's awesome , glad it worked out for you 4. Where'd you meet the ladies ?
  5. Last week I had a great MMFF session with Mila, Mimi, and a friend of mine at Brass club in the large room. We all started in the shower together and after drying off moved to the bed. I lay down with Mimi and my mate had Mila. Soon we were sharing and hands were everywhere. Really good fun session and the girls made it a relaxed atmosphere. Would recommend it for guys looking for a more social time.
  6. I'm not really bi but do enjoy the pleasure of oiled body to body contacts. If anyone else is interested, we could chat about it.
  7. Thanks for the private message. It would be great to set something up!
  8. Looks like a lot of fun. I am interested
  9. I have had that fantasy. Waking up as a cute, flirty girl and putting on something tight and pair of heels and going to a bar and picking up a stranger and letting him have his way with me. Just to know what it feels like.
  10. Hi - I often enjoy massage sessions in Ottawa with the beautiful women in town. A fantasy I have is to share a massage with another guy. 2 girls and 2 guys. There are massage places with nice large enough rooms. It would be great to receive a massage and watch another guy enjoying a massage as well. And see where things go. Anyone interested?
  11. I would love to have the opportunity as a learning experience. I love ���� and have been told on occasion that when a woman receives ���� from another woman it is far better. I would value the opportunity to learn how to be better at giving a woman that increased level of enjoyment.
  12. If possible...i would love to be male for a day. The thought of having a Ã?Ã?Ã?Ã? and experiencing an orgasm in a hot wet xxxxx. It makes me wet and hÃ?Ã?Ã?.
  13. I have been planning to take a solo cruise to the islands of Greece. I was wondering for anyone who has been taken on the voyage - how did you avoid the mess at customs ?
  14. Hi everyone, was wondering if there is a couple that would enjoy a guy to play with , bi curious and clean, love to find a couple that is 50 plus and lives in Winnipeg area , thanks and happy safe playing
  15. Hi guys. I have a very bi-curious male friend who wants to have a Male male female threesome. Anyone here care to book? No extra charge. Just the regular. Let us know. He is raring to go, although a bit shy.
  16. I have indulged, though obviously still a bit of a taboo subject for guys. Certainly was fun.
  17. nice. never had the fantasy, but certainly a hot one.
  18. Great thread. Certainly of the same mind as the good capt.
  19. As a transexual girl, I'm basically doing precisely that ... gradually. :-) It's to some extent a simple exercise in integrity, and to some extent it is, indeed, super-hot. I welcome questions, so please ask!! :-) .Tanya
  20. I looove MMF play too! Surely there must be some other men in the same boat CaptJaG? Perhaps some are still shy to discuss it...
  21. Hey guys, so not sure if this would be the right place to post but worth a try! I figured maybe we could use this thread as a place to talk about meetings, personal stuff and potential MFM sessions. Since we all know about discretion with the hobby and all figured it couldn't hurt! To start off I know that I definitely love giving oral and it's always kind of been a fantasy to help a girl give a double bj. I've also been pegged before and would love to try the real thing. Anyways, yeah :).