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Simple enough....movies! Any and All movies...any and all genres! Movies you want to see, movies you don't want to see, movies you've seen and recommend, movies you've seen and don't recommend...discussions or (friendly) debates on movies you've seen. You get the drift. Go nuts!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. The Way; something for the bucket list. Many of us will never be able to accomplish but at least this gives us a taste of the experience.
  3. My current favourite movie would have to be "The Tenth Kingdom".. I just love fantasy and fairy tales!! I also love horror!! Which is why "Saw" is my favourite series..
  4. I just saw Amour...too bad it's foreign and had limited marketing and screen openings. I believe that it could have easily won Best Picture Sunday night.
  5. Just saw SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK last night. A film about mental illness: manic depression, OCD, therapy, coping strategies, family, friendships, recovery and healing. A good drama with a some good doses of humour.
  6. I am really looking forward to see the upcoming ZOMBIE drama/comedy/romance... WARM BODIES... opens Feb. 1. 2013. and also... HANSEL & GRETEL: Witch Hunters... opens Jan. 25. 2013
  7. I agree Charming. Seven Psychopaths was absolutely brilliant! Probably one of my favorite movies last year. I'm also a total Walken junkie. Only Christopher Walken can pull off a scene in which he's sitting there talking about his cravat for like 5 minutes and yet somehow still manage to have me on the edge of my seat :D
  8. I Loved Argo and recently saw Life of Pi which in my mind was excellent as welll. Lincoln and Skyfall were meh. But Seven Psychopaths (which got no press) was awesome. I could watch Christopher Walken for days!
  9. ARGO - surprised to see no mention of it. I really enjoyed it. Number 1, its a great movie in itself and #2, its a true story and #3, knowing how much the Americans have done for us its nice to be able to return the favour in some significant way. #4. no multitude of automatic weapons firing all over the place.
  10. The new trailer for Man Of Steel, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVu3gS7iJu4, probably the movie I'm most looking forward to in 2013! Although I am a little worried that Christopher Nolan's involvement will suck all the fun out of it like he did for the Batman movies.....and yet I am really curious to see how a more serious and "realistic" approach to Superman will work out.
  11. Can't wait to see THE HOBBIT on the new IMAX screen in Kingston.
  12. COMPLIANCE This film is a dramatized composite of several incidents that occurred across USA in the previous decade in which a man prank called fast food restaurants pretending to be a police officer. He would say one of the restaurant's employees had been accused of stealing from a customer and then he would demand that the manager of the fast food place detain and search the accused employee. He would gradually demand increasingly degrading and bizarre requests from the employees and even go as far as to demand that the accused do nude jumping jacks so that any stolen money stuffed up her vagina would fall out. They put the words 'INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS' in letters bigger than the film's well-selected title at the beginning, probably because it's the most important aspect of the film. I think most people would have a hard time believing this happened once let alone more than 70 times. If you want to read a journalist's account of these events, you click on this link which details the incidents as well as the psychology at play: http://www.courier-journal.com/hoax I found this film to be very engrossing and incredibly tense. I think they did an excellent job showing how this guy could manipulate people over the telephone. He had that whole 'cop voice' down pat, but he also was clever at alternating between use of threats, praise, empathy, and impatience to motivate his victims to act. They also show the social engineering process of extracting information out of people in effect good. The actors generally do a good job. The actress (Dreama Walker) playing the teenage girl who gets accused of stealing was maybe the weakest link. She sometimes seemed a little to bright and confident to be putting up with the degrading behaviour she's forced through. The director makes the obvious approach of going with a very documentary feel without actually going fully into the found footage zone of trying to make it really seem like a documentary. Lots of handheld camerawork and a minimalist score. I don't think this is a film for every one. I can see lots of audience members either not believing that people could have such bad judgement, or just not wanting to watch a movie about people with such bad judgement. But this movie got me right where it wanted me, which is right in between the disbelief at what I was watching and the sad acceptance that it's probably more true to life than I'd like it to be. I consider this to be a good psychological film.
  13. I saw IRON SKY at the Mayfair earlier in the week. It's the movie about Nazis retreating to a colony on the moon at the end of World War 2 and then returning to Earth in the near future in which Sarah Palin is U.S. President. It was pretty funny in a DR. STRANGELOVE type of political satire way. I found the jokes pretty clever. The acting is pretty terrible. While I was watching it I started to suspect that a bunch of the actors were porno people, but then I looked into it and discovered they are not. The special effects were really solid for a low budget movie. Not a great movie by any means, but if you watch the trailer and have any interest in seeing it, I would say it's worthwhile.
  14. I saw Taken 2 the other night, I enjoyed it, it had action and a little bit of suspense.
  15. I recently saw the campagain-with Will Farrell, very funny. I would recommend this if you are looking to laugh and forget everything for a couple of hours-thumbs up .
  16. Another one I can't wait for is "Bullet To The Head" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCD152T6kPk Stallone's been on one kick ass roll for the past few years starting with Rocky Balboa back in 2006. Everything he's done in the past few years has been great!
  17. I saw Dredd recently, it was a pretty fun movie if you just go in expecting that and nothing more.
  18. Also looking forward to Dredd. I don't know much about the comic book but it looks like a fun action flick. There was a screening at the San Diego comic con a few months back and it got mainly positive reactions.
  19. Started seeing the tv ads for Judge Dredd. As a sic-fi fan, i hope it will be better than the one with Stallone... Seems interesting at least. Last good sic-fi film i saw was Total Recall about a month ago. Interesting twist to the original movie. Now, if ai could just find the original story to read...
  20. I love to laugh, and recently saw the dictator-with Sasha Baron Cohen, the Borat guy, I love the boundries he pushes, not for everyone, but they make me laugh.
  21. Two August 2012 films I am looking forward to seeing... THE BOURNE LEGACY and PARANORMAN... another Tim Burton cartoon...
  22. I don't think anyone's mentioned this one yet, but I find it a fitting film for this board: Hysteria (http://www.sonyclassics.com/hysteria/) is about the invention of the vibrator which happened pretty much by accident while trying to cure this cliché "hysteria" complex during the victorian era. Very good film with a few giggles and laughs!
  23. Saw The Amazing Spiderman the other day and was surprised at how good it was. When I first heard they were rebooting Spiderman already I couldn't figure out why. When first seeing the cast and how young they were I thought they were giving Spiderman the "Twilight" treatment just to appeal to the teen crowds. But now I'm glad they did reboot it, and boy was I wrong in thinking it was going to be a "Twilight" type movie! IMO it was superior to the previous movies. I enjoyed the other films for what they were but I've never been that big a fan of Spiderman, I tend to prefer darker, more complex characters. But I do enjoy the superhero genre when it comes to films and I did enjoy Sam Raimi's Spiderman movies But I found this new one to be better written, the characters were more relate-able and more likeable. Better performances as well. Some great drama and character development balanced perfectly with all the action spectacle one expects from a superhero movie. It somehow managed to be darker, more serious, more grounded, mysterious, and sometimes heartbreaking while still maintaining the spirit and humor of what a Spiderman movie should be. As for the plot, it's basically redoing the origin, but the major change in tone and the mystery surrounding his parents' disappearance is what drives it and still makes it feel fresh and enjoyable. I recommend it!
  24. Prometheus Like Tokan, I was really looking forward to seeing Prometheus. Ridley Scott has done some great work over the years, and I'm a big fan of good sci fi. By good sci fi, I mean sci fi that uses science, either as known or as postulated, to put the reader/viewer in a context that let's them take on a new perspective and perhaps see things in a more objective way. The best example of that for me, in recent movies, was District 9. It gave me a whole,different perspective on the plight of refugees or interned peoples. Unfortunately, I didn't get that from Prometheus. I won't cite details because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. But there were so many gaping holes in the science and inconsistencies in the storyline that it was, I think, a bit of a mess. It may have tried too hard to create backstory for Alien, but the science mistakes were unforgivable. Entertaining? Sure. Good sci fi? Not in this man's opinion!
  25. Also wanted to add really quickly that 50 Shades of Grey just got picked up by a studio. If you haven't heard about this book yet...google it!