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    I think this happens everywhere. It is very prevalent in this industry because there will always be young ladies out there who are willing to do anything and do it for less than someone else. I think it would behoove most of the clients out there to just accept this and take it for what it is without being rude and obnoxious about it. Unfortunately, manners seem to get lost in today's society in general and especially in this business. Many of these men perpetuate the stereotypical chauvinist attitudes that fuel the anti-prostitution crusaders and make it truly hard for women to have any level of trust in the rest of us. I think a guy could just as easily initiate a conversation with an SP and find out her rates politely. If they are more than his budget allows, politely say thank you and move on. There should never be a need to bring up any other ladies rates or haggle or anything else. My hope would be for young ladies possibly under valuing themselves is that they don't get the "wrong" clientele because of it. Safety is so much more important than money.
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    I know I was the last person to post on this thread, but I have to say that I had someone over last night (not going to mention who it was for privacy reasons) that got wasted and ended up throwing up in my bathroom, everywhere except for the toilet. having said that, I will no longer have women over if you have been drinking. I don't appreciate having to clean up a discusting mess afterwards. it is not respectable at all. I also have a ZERO tolerance for any type of drug use at my place as well, now alcohol is as well. star
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    Just browse through the halifax escorts and the advertisements you will find a few ladies that offer in call in Halifax Good luck and have fun!
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    If you are looking for an SP in Halifax I think you will find a plethora of wonderful ladies who it would be a pleasure to pass some time with. I certainly could recommend the following: Local Ladies Midnight Energies http://rawr4u.com/ MsManda Www.MsManda.com Touring Ladies Miss S. Lane www.savannahlane.ca visiting Halifax August 9th to 11th While I have never met these ladies I am certainly hoping too: Katherine Maraena http://www.maraenablackwell.com But hey the board is full of amazing Halifax ladies Just my Opinion
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    'antique rose'/ivory push up..... loooovely! ;)
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    Honestly, I don't use the term very much because I don't consider what I'm doing as a "hobby" per se. It's just having companionship for me. The only difference between this and a regular dating scene is the monetary aspect (which isn't truly much of a difference) and that this is much more honest to me. There are no concerns of this getting complicated. It is truly the ultimate NSA relationship. That, to me, doesn't mean a lack of passion either. There is plenty of passion and often, genuine feelings involved but we both can leave that behind when I walk out the door. I am very pragmatic when it comes to this. As for the terms "hobby or hobbyist", I have noticed this topic gets raised on a lot of boards out there and it appears that it is mostly the men that embrace this term more so than the ladies. A few ladies don't mind, obviously, but I would say the majority of SP's find the term somewhat demeaning or just aren't fond of it in general. Several ladies that I have spoken to in person have expressed displeasure with the term as well. I don't know what other term works better, though. Maybe we don't need to label this lifestyle with anything. It just is what it is. Consenting adults having amorous fun times together, with a financial aspect, of course. I don't know, though. I try not to over think things too much. :icon_mrgreen:
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    You mention dating companions?... Is that what you really want to say?! I don't think that at all, we meet and enjoy each other's company, but calling it dating seems a bit of a stretch and wrong. As for hobbyists, works for me. Better than a bunch of other words I can thinking of lol... It is a hobby in essence, something I do once in awhile.
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    Hobby? I thought it was a sport! ;)
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    My father worked at Chalk River for much of my youth. He took me there many times. I saw the reactors...all four of them. Walked around the tops of them and saw how the rods were inserted and removed. Put my hand in the pool reactor once and got a smack! It was worth it to see the blue radiation at the bottom. Had lunch at Crawley's. That place was fantastic and it's all gone to hell now. Nobody remembers it now, a golden era when Canada was at the forefront of nuclear research. Makes me want to cry.
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    I think it might be helpful if you refer to some specific examples you think are unfair, because your reference to "internet shaming" can be interpreted very broadly. As a result, different people may think you're talking about different things. I'm still perfectly fine with someone's obnoxious public behaviour being captured and shared. It's a natural hazard of living in an age where everyone's carrying a camera, all the time. If real-world consequences are warranted (i.e. you clearly violate your profession's ethical standards and suffer an appropriate consequence)... well, hey. I'm sure there are cases where the consequences are irrational and unwarranted; I'd have to evaluate that case by case. But I thought, for example, that Shawn Simoes losing his job at Hydro One was awesome and delicious justice, and a reminder that we live in an era where guys can't just walk around being obnoxious dicks and expect to get away with it when their job demands otherwise.
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    Everyone has a need for human touch and intimacy. Underneath it all and put the mechanics of sex aside, this is what humans crave. This is the one thing a robot cannot provide. How is one able to "connect" with a robot?
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    Thanks all for the discussion. Seems like a covered up id in person is the best approach as i can also appreciate the desire to not send out face pics. In the instance i was originally talking about the ad had plenty of face pics for all to see. Otherwise an id pic would serve as a poor pre appointment verification. My tastes do lean towards younger ladies but i do want to ensure that they are ladies not girls. Can't help but feel i would not be alone in these tastes. I hope that anyone seeking services takes the same precautions and i would hope that the SPs are understanding of these requests. Being dubbed a sex offender is something no one wants! Thanks guys n gals
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    you know what? now that you asked that, i think i kind of do. Now that I am aware what that is, i can look back and see 'traits' of people who I now know considered themselves 'hobbyists' and they seem to have things in common. I find those 'traits' to be the centre of the uncomfortable experiences i sometimes have, like alot of pressure and being judged, harshly lol And they never seem to truely let go and be natural. It's like an order of things must take place, and length of time spent on each activity etc. So yeah, I don't like the term if someone were to actually come out and say that is what they were, I would get tense and stressed.
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    I also saw Kelsy once she got to Kingston and I'm so glad I did. I've seen Kelsey before in other places and had a great time. This time in Kingston was just as good as always. She is truly a Sweetheart!!! Easy set up and easy to find location, so found her room no problem. She is very willing and very accommodating. Kelsey gets me excited and maintains that excitement throughout the whole time. http://www.kelseystar.com I should mention that I treat Kelsey well and she treats me well in return. If you treat her as the special angel she is, you will be rewarded.
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    This not a common option in Canada but doable. My son is in the middle east and uses a dual sim card phone, so that both numbers are supported on the same phone. I would go to the major carriers and ask them if they can recommend a phone compatible with their network even if you have to buy it from another source. The attraction for them is that they get to sell you two numbers.
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    Good afternoon, Thank you for a delightful time in Thunder Bay, it was great to be back and enjoy the warm hospitality. Ill see you again in the fall. xoxo Emily
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    I'm sorry but I had to laugh my ass off at those. I know it's frustrating, to say the least, but the stupidity of that is just so funny. :biggrin: All I can say is thank God for the stupid people in the world. They make some of us look awfully smart in comparison, even though we aren't all that bright. Tee hee. On a slightly more serious note, I've said it before on here but common sense just isn't very common sometimes. Thank you to all the ladies who put up with so much bullshit but still manage to see the good guys in the crowd full of losers. :ThankYou:
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    As a society we use terms and labels in regards to most things as it puts people immediately on the same footing. There is inherent understanding that provides a basis to start communication. I don't like many of the labels and terms in this industry because I view them as derogatory to one side or the other. In some instances, there is an uprising to change the terms such as the debate you see regularly on <P Word> versus sex worker. People understand the terms hobby and hobbyists even if they don't like them or use them. Some consider them fitting because it's something they do every now and then for fun and on another level, a lady they do for fun. I would like to see better, more appropriate terms but these have become standard; they are understood. Use/not use, make your own terms, define it however you like and then accept those who think different. It is what it is and it will continue on that way too.
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    Hi there, thank you for checking my ad. You will not be disappointed with my A+++ massage... My name is Vivian. I'm 28 years old. Gorgeous, i am a classy looking Lady with long black hair, seductive cat eyes ...., beautiful silky soft, tanned skin. work out body with all the right curves in the right places. You have finally met your dream girl... I greet you at the door with a lovely smile then lead you to the massage room...I will start with a deep soothing tissue massage to relax all your muscles then follow with a soft touch to invigorate your whole body then the fun time ... It will be the most relaxing, creative and passionate session for you ever. So amazing that you cannot help yourself from thinking about it and want to come back for more ! http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=92146 For relaxing massage $40/30m $50/45m $70/60m appointment only, call/text me at 6l3 7l2 l2OO mon to sat 10am to 7pm
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    I don't find the term hobby or hobbiest wrong or offensive. When I began seeing companions it was the accepted terminology and still is. I agree with Johnybird , I consider this a lifestyle, not a hobby. I don't see how interpersonal human relations, especially intimate human relations can be viewed as a hobby. But that's just me, and use of those terms has been accepted since before I began in this lifestyle. So I can't say their use is wrong or offensive As for using boards and writing recommendations, first it is both ladies and gentlemen who use such board. Ladies to advertise, and gentlemen to see those advertisements. When I began dating companions I was uncomfortable with the idea of writing recommendations. To me what happened between a man and woman was private. But it was ladies who said recommendations are welcome, it helps their business. So my first few recos were awkward, more because I was uncomfortable writing them. Now I view it as having three purposes. First, a public thank you to a lady for a great date. Second hopefully it helps the lady get other clients. And third, sort of the opposite side of the second reason, it lets potential clients know of a great lady to see And on the subject of boards, well in this day and age conventional dating has led to the rise of computer dating sites. In both cases, conventional dating sites and escort sites computer/internet technology has just allowed for a new forum for long time human practices. Dating, and seeing escorts has just kept pace with the internet age that's all So yes, hobby/hobbiest are accepted terms. But for me, when I contact a lady for a date, it's because I'd like to meet her, or she is a lady I know and want to get together with her again. And it is a lifestyle, a lifestyle where ladies and gentlemen can date one another in a no strings polyamorous relationships A rambling over cup number one Now I'm going through my fishing tackle...fishing, that's my hobby ;-) RG
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    Wine Me Dine Me Baby Get Yourself In Behind Me I Want To Please You Make You Fell Shiny And New Let Me Be You're Girlfriend Let's See How I Bend And When We Part With A Smile Just Keep My Number On Redial TODAY's Dates 120 roses/half hour, 180 roses/hour, 270 roses/hour and half 360 roses/2hours Cerb Members Special Massage Rate: 100 roses/half hour 130 roses/45 min 150 roses/1 hour What can I say this is one treat you will love to dine on again and again. Classy, Sassy So if you play nice you may even get to play twice. Once is not enough to fully appreciate what this Lady is like, 5' 5" tall with an amazing set of curvy hips that beg to be held on to,curly auburn hair that flows , warm inviting eyes and a very, very pretty face, all this with a sparkling personality,nimble talented hands, and the great conversations are even thrown in for free. Roll playing, couples and Fetish. massage, so much more available. Jolie XoX 613-266-9918 Please no Blocked or Private numbers
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    Here are two about love (that I find inspirational): 'You never love the same way twice' 'Love is like gravity, you have to let yourself fall'
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    I got the Gardasil also. As several ladies have already mentioned above, Gardasil protects against most (most common) strains of HPV. I found that my health care provider was very up front about what the vaccine does and does NOT do. In no way would I say that my family doctor or the clinic oversold or pushed Gardasil, nor did they provide information that seemed skewed/biased or false. I do have friends in the industry who have contracted HPV and although it is possible to live quite normally with it, it can also be a very serious obstacle to operating effectively in the business and feeling good doing it. I think that taking STIs seriously and doing what we can to minimize the harm associated with them can only help the industry grow in a healthier way (not to speak of reducing the stigma still attached to it) K
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    This is the time of year that commemorations are held for the atomic bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One of my uncles passed away a few years ago. It wasn't until I read his obituary that I found out the following. "After receiving a Master's degree in 1943, he was immediately asked to join the Manhattan Project which was developing the atomic bomb during World War II. He studied at University before working at Oak Ridge, Tennessee during the remainder of the war. In 1946 after the war, he taught as an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering. In 1950 he left the university to work at Los Alamos, New Mexico. There he was involved in the development of the first hydrogen bomb and its testing at Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands." Huh... The things one finds. I never heard him mention anything related to this in the 60 years I knew him.
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    Agreed. Plenty of public parking (kings crossing at division/401-lots of reasons to park there) or extremely discrete parking, are key for me. I prefer to walk a short distance or tuck my vehicles away out of site. Far too many people know and recognize each other in this small city. It doesn't help to have easily recognized vehicles to those that know me. Discretion and reasons to be in a given area are what I look for.
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    The Bridges At Toko-Ri RG
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    Stacey is lots of fun very kinky
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    Blindfold (for partner or/and self!) Precipitation: Rain or Snow?
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    I also still advertise on CL and I go through the same shit hun The problem is there are too many girls selling their time for next to nothing and the guys feel that we all do the same I charge nothing less than 100 for my time and I offer three different rates (thinking I am helping out in some way apparently Not lol) and everyday I am asked the same question...will I lower my rates....No I will Not! Do not lower your rates or your standards because someone cannot afford to pay the rate Just kindly tell him to call another lady ( some get mad but no worries for every guy that cannot there will be one that can) Good luck xo
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    I always prefer a location with lots of parking so I try to avoid downtown if possible. Also great if there aren't dozens of eyes watching who is coming and going. Kingston is not that big, you can be most anywhere in the city within 15-20 minutes unless it is a busy time like rush hours. If the SP provides great service I will drive further than that to see her no problem!
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    Kelsey was back in town and I was lucky to see her twice this trip. Not a lot to add except that our comfort level increased and made the visits even more fun. I can't say enough good things about Kelsey, keep an eye out for her return!
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    Speaking to this topic strictly as a client I would have to say that in the area I come from their certainly seems to be more ladies in the business who are marketing lower rates. My experience however is that upon further examination the quality or services being offered are not as consistent as the what I would refer too as the top tier full service professional companions that advertise higher rates. This is by no means a criticism but I think some ladies have adopted a strategy of quoting a lower rate per hour with the strategy that once the booking is made they can convert it to a higher value financial transaction through the offering of additional or enhanced services for an extra amount. Like in any business different suppliers will adopt different business models that they feel best meet their needs. My personal preference is for a full service hourly rate not one that is more associated with a menu of services with extra fees on top of the hourly base rate. But! To each their own. There will always be a range of rates and that is fine as certainly each lady has the right to determine what she wishes to charge but I have to think that this increase in lower advertised rates has to at least in some way stem from us guy constantly looking for a bargain. There are constantly posts by well established ladies mentioning how they are inundated with texts, emails and calls for guys wanting to negotiate rates... you have to wonder when we are gonna realize that most of the time you get what you pay for and that most bargains that sound too good to be true actually are. I hope the trend to menus and extra charges does not continue to grow I would rather just know that my encounter with the wonderful lady is gonna cost $300 up front then to be quoted $220 but have it turn into $350 because of extra charges. Just my Opinion
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    Additional Comments:
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    Ah ah Robotgoose! I don't know who you are, but you like keeping mysteries, don't you? Anyway, you know what? I came to the conclusion today that my location is perfectly fine, and decided to stay where I am. I thought about moving for several reasons, mostly related to work. Some people have biases about my neighborhood - although it is not even the neighborhood they think it is! They should check on a map! - and I sometimes lose potential clients because of this. I mean that they do not even want to go in my neighborhood - so we are talking about people who have never been to my place - which does not make sense. Even if my neighborhood is residential, nice, clean, quiet, and so is my building, biases can still stick to people and places for a long time, even when there is no reason for that. But at the end of the day, those people miss the occasion to meet a sweet lady who will welcome them in a very clean and cozy apartment. And I don't even talk about my peculiar mischievous bathroom that is always very much appreciated by the gentlemen who visit me ;-) So, Robotgoose, if you feel like writing nice comments/feedback about my place, do not hesitate to do so! Thank you ;-)
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    Send me your credit card info too please, and the name on the front. These are obvious scams but they must be making lots of money. There are several on there and they have been there for years. Stick with well reviewed ladies from here!
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    Does not feel right to me. I want to have a connection with the person of the opposite sex and I want to be able to cuddle after and have a conversation with her. Sure it might make some happy but not this guy. Sex is something you share with another human being. My opinion.
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    .....eww! sorry.... but I have seen a lot of posts saying this sort of thing seems to be 'normal'... for the life of me I do not understand that... start to wonderful finish.. one person, one client...... muuuuch nicer..... too disjointed otherwise.. no 'flow'.... <shudder>... and again, have to say... eww! :)
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    What are "fake breasts" I am familiar with big breasts, small breasts, perky breasts, delicious breasts, amazing breasts, bouncy breasts and even enhanced breasts but every set I have come across have all seemed very real. :) All in Jest of course :) Just my Opinion
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    I would say what I hate is the ongoing misconception about what an escort really is. Mathematics escapes the critics. It seems that nobody has figured out the truth: there are a lot more clients than there are escorts. We choose. Clients are favoured because of our genuine interest in them. I would hazard a guess - and I don`t think I`m wrong in this - that clients have formed long term relationships and even marriages with escorts. And why not....I have `met`many kind and helpful women and men in Lyra who give their love and caring along with their passion. There is also the proverbial op ed media piece about escorts as the high-booted streetwalker off-angle shot in a dodgy part of town. Anyone who has ever actually met an escort knows that we are exceptionally low profile and highly discreet; the original `you`d never guess`girls. But that doesn`t sell media, it just perpetuates a lie. This is to you, sisters and brothers, for keeping your heads high and sharing the love. God bless! ;)
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    Before Lady GaGa there, was Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons... Walking in LA
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    Anyone who is a stranger to me calling me "babe". Ugh!
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    Hello I'm here for few days let's have some fun text me 613-900-3545
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    Hey Ottawa! I am available at merivale and carling tonight and all week. Check out my profile for contact into! Don't be shy to contact me for pictures and info Oil massages Girlfriend experience Open minded but safe Shower available Toys Role play Excellent kisser/non smoker/perfect smile Dressed to impress/manicure/pedicure Xoxo can't wait to relax and enjoy a non rush experience with you
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    This section is pretty much a joke anyway be a man and pay for your own damn pleasure stop trying to defrauding the medical system.
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    Additional Comments: Additional Comments: Additional Comments:
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    Certainly not the desired start to the encounter but who knows what exactly was happening in her world that day.... One option... invite her to shower lol it might take the encounter in a totally new and pleasant direction. Just my Opinion Sent from my Passport using Tapatalk
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    1. Unnecessary moaning... 2. Inappropriate comments...
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    Check out the NEW ottawa escort classified ads section - CLICK HERE
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