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    Just curious, how many active ladies are on here that are over 40? I have a fetish for older women, although I'm not that young (34) any longer.
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    Probably like you, I like to have a variety of masseuses depending on my mood and for the sake of variety. Sometimes you want deep tissue RMT quality, sometimes a little fun, and other times just a cheap, competent massage. I'd like to throw this out there and have you all suggest some massage providers that offer a good competent massage, at a great price. I'm looking at straight-up massage only, on those days when you want to only spend $40 or so (with the option of a $5 tip, let's say). I'll start off with Yin Chen, a massage provider in the Fort Garry area, off of Pembina Hwy. She offers services out of a private residence, a comfortable table, and gives a medium deep massage, in my experience. Actually as good as some RMT's that I've visited. For the price, it is always enjoyable. What's your favourites?
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    Hi there, thank you for checking my ad. You will not be disappointed with my A+++ massage... My name is Vivian. I'm 28 years old. Gorgeous, i am a classy looking Lady with long black hair, seductive cat eyes ...., beautiful silky soft, tanned skin. work out body with all the right curves in the right places. You have finally met your dream girl... .I great you at the door with a lovely smile then lead you to the massage room...I will start with a deep soothing tissue massage to relax all your muscles then follow with a soft touch to invigorate your whole body then the fun time ... It will be the most relaxing, creative and passionate session for you ever. So amazing that you cannot help yourself from thinking about it and want to come back for more ! http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=92146 For relaxing massage $40/30m $50/45m $70/60m appointment only, call/text me at 6l3 7l2 l2OO mon to sat 10am to 7pm
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    Thank you everyone for giving me tips advices and letting me know I'm not the only one with those apprehensions! Did my homework and booked, I'll leave a review later. Thanks again!
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    Re Jenny; I also had a chance to chat with Jenny Friday night last as she served the floor. It was great to see her. Spent some time with Stacy....which should hold be to about Canada Day:)
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    ** Available this week! Email me to book through daisydukes.me/contact ** I'm Daisy, an independent, 21 year old student in the Ottawa area. I quite adore all people, old, young, any and every ethnicity, and so this general adoration of people and their own personal qualities and talents helps me to provide sessions tailored to each clients unique needs. I am a friendly, well-read and affectionate young woman, currently in the midst of my university schooling. I strive for the best in all areas of my life and particularly so in matters of my private companionship. My description, rates, more photos & contact information can be found on my website daisydukes.me Recommendations (up to date) can be found here: https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=246768 See you soon!
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    Thick is usually a descriptor for a specific body part.
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    Unfortunately, this can vary greatly from SP to SP.. Checking ads and/or sites can be helpful as some will have their preferences/ways of/general times for replying listed on such. If I cannot reply to a text message within 2 hours of receiving it, (because I'm with someone or otherwise busy,) I typically won't reply.. You never know where they are or who they might be with by then. This being the exception, of course! If someone sends me a text, (that says more than just 'want see you soon. msg when avail') that gives me a time frame for a reply or states that it's safe to reply whenever I am free and can do so, I'll reply as soon as possible.
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    I would say that kissing on the lips, or deeper, or on other intimate parts of the body, is something very personal. Some MA's love to share this; others do not. Kisses on the neck, shoulder, back, bum and breasts may be enjoyable for her:) It's up to her. Actually, everything is up to her! You are a guest in her world, and the woman you are with deserves the greatest respect! If you are both well, that's what is great ;) p.s. I love kissing women who enjoy kissing and being kissed ;) bellafan
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    I find it a good habit to let someone I am txting know that my phone is private and that they can txt back at any time. I find if the person I was txting is busy and unable to reply then they are either overwhelmed with txt messages and cannot respond to them all or if there is a long delay they may not respond back unless they know its safe to do so without someone else seeing their txt.
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    Hi my precious Munchkins , I am taking the time to write this because many of you noticed that my schedule is a mess lately .. I am taking a lot of days off , it sometimes take me long before I am responding to my texts or pm and I am not booking anyone in advance anymore. I think that in order to preserve my reputation in this industry and before some of you think that I am not as reliable as I was and before it hurt my buisiness,I should explain what's going on .. Unfortunately , I had a surgery last week and this surgery is the first one of many to come. Of course , these surgeries comes with various doctors appointments , a recovery time and for the moment it is hard to know when I will be in shape to work or not so I am taking one day at the time. If in the morning I feel top shape , I am coming to work , if not , I am staying home so it is impossible for me to take bookings in advance anymore. Of course the situation doesn't have any impact on my work quality.. My sessions stay the same and I will not come to work if I am not absolutely certain of being able to provide a great service. I hope you will forgive me for the mess on my schedule .. I am working hard to be back on my regular shifts very soon.. Thanks guys .. Kisses Ali
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    You got it bang on, she's as you said from Halifax, dances in Toronto and travels at times thru NB on her way to Halifax where she works under a different name, not Lexxii? I believe its Tesss. Why she's into this occupation is perplexing, she hates everything, hissy fit, can't do this can't do that, a total waste of time. Pretty girl, quiet in a weird way but not in the right occupation.
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    hey, hey... I'm a new ottawa MA... at paradise spa... I'm 43 and experienced..
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    Some incorrect or misleading information being given here... The laws have changed in that it is LEGAL to SELL our services, but ILLEGAL to PURCHASE our services. Remember, time and companionship only guys. Any explicit questions about what will or will not occur can get you in hot water. It USED to be a issue of in vs out. Now it is about specification of services. Also at issue is about proximity to schools, daycare, churches etc, however I have not seen any real evidence that LE are pursuing this. They are mainly going after exploited or under aged providers and handlers. Keep it safe and only purchase time with providers that are clearly of age. Keep the details out of the conversation if you want to be safe - whether at your place or hers. Xo
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    $900 is too much, but one has to pay for quality and professionalism. Some of the cheaper ones are not consistently delivering quality work. High as a kite? It's been known to happen. With your gorgeous look, a pro photog will have it easy making great pictures! best, toine
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    Hello fwblus, We totally agree with your statement. The bar area was initially meant to accommodate a gentleman for a short period of time before or after a session. However, the bar concept in the club has become a huge success. It would be unfair to ask gentlemen to leave when they are sometimes going for multiple sessions during their stay. So we will be installing a privacy curtain, that is currently being custom made, to separate the bar from the reception desk and elevator. We also have plans to change the set up of our whole welcome area in the years to come. It will definitely be a welcome change for the admin (including myself) as it's getting very difficult to separate both areas when we get very busy. As a new business, we have experienced many growing pains this past year. We have grown so quickly. We do greatly appreciate your patronage and strive to make every visit to Brass fantastic! Jessica
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    Thank you BigBud for sharing your past experiences! The receptionist and I are very happy to chat prior to your time at Brass to match you with the hostess that best fits your desires. We will even ask the hostesses to accommodate any special request. Our goal is for you to have an excellent experience everytime. We are also big believers in Twitter and responds to DM's promptly.
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    I agree with what the other poster have mostly said but sometimes it does take more than one visit to establish chemistry. Sometimes you know right away but when I first started seeing MA's over a year ago it was very much a miss and not what I was looking for. I guess my point is if you find someone that you see a fit with, it will likely get better with time spent with her. You can interact with the MA's you are interested in seeing on this board, but not all have accounts here. Many of the MA's have accounts on Twitter, it is a lot of more interactive. I hate to generalize but I have to say that in my experience the younger MA's are more youthful and playful (i.e. what toine said), and more experienced women more sensual. OP asked about touching, most MA's don't like you going south without asking, YMMV with this. As for myself going south is not that important to me with an MA and I generally don't go there. OP may be best looking for an SP. Exclusively Mia is amazing, Kelly @ CMJ is fantastic, Amanda and Kimberly @ Vibe youthful/playful, I have heard nice things about Blake @ CMJ from another MA (Adele). However I would think these ladies would not appreciate being touched in the nether regions on meeting them.
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    Right on the money ZugZug, I had a similar experience. This is what I like about Twitter, CMJ parties, and having lunch at the bar at Brass after a session. All are ways of meeting and connecting with these wonderful ladies and you'll soon see who you feel a little spark with. Case in point today - lunch at Brass after my session (mind blowing duo with Chloe and Ren) and I got chatting with Holly and Lilith. Lilith and I were swapping music recommendations and then in chatting the topic of running and yoga came up - and I wind up on the floor with Lilith showing her pigeon pose (my fave, so good on the glutes). So we are both there stretching, looking into each other's eyes and smiling. It was a silly little thing yet so intimate. I feel like we have a great connection and I am looking forward to a session with her as soon as it's feasible for me. With sweet Lola that connection started on Twitter. With the amazing Mya it was Twitter as well. Interact with these wonderful women any way you can, you will soon get a sense of who you have a connection with. :)
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    And something to keep in mind as well. Despite others saying "I had a real nice sensual connection with XXXX", it doesn't guarantee that you will make one. Someone saying "I just couldn't connect with YYYY. She was great, but it felt too mechanical" doesn't mean that you won't connect well with them. Your mileage may vary. Different strokes for different folks Whatever rocks your boat All of those sayings apply. I had an appointment with one MA a couple of years ago that *everyone* else said was awesome at being sensual and making a connection. For me, nothing. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome, but it was sexy, not sensual and intimate. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with her. The sensual connection is not something you can determine over the phone or by email.
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    Bonnie we have not met but I have read you for a long time. You are a classy and sexy lady. Pay no regard to dum asses.
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    Mistress you are a class act. Whenever I hear something underwhelming or critical I take the time to consider the source. Mr. H has only been on here for 2 months - hardly time enough to be happy - and 4 of his 5 posts are on this thread seeking info. I guess I hope he will be gentleman enough to pm you but you shouldn't be disappointed if he doesn't. Best Regards, waterat
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    Mr.Happy, It seems you are not. ... The provider you are discussing is me. I go by Mistress Pandora for Domination sessions ... and Bonnie for massage/escort. I recall the gents I saw just before your post and don't recall an issue other than one fellow who I had to ask to leave because he was talking to me in a very degrading and low class way right from the second he got in the door...but I don't think that was you...or the gent who gave me an extra $10 for the basic massage package..... and when I didn't have change he asked me "so what do I get for 10 bucks". There was also the fellow who took massage/companionship and it was very awkward because he didn't like kissing, daty, or really much of anything pussy or foreplay related and he barely touched the goodies. Not alot of communication and honestly I was at a loss what to do with him ! But again.. I am sure that wasn't you. Other than that I don't recall any clients who didn't have a good visit. Considering yours is the first even remotely negative commentary I have received in 10 yrs...please feel free to pm me. I honestly would like to hear your input and what you would have liked to be different/improved upon. Perhaps we were just not a good match. It happens. We may not have been suited since the fact that I "don't tolerate rude people" seems to have stood out for you before you ever even booked with me. There are a multitude of factors that can contribute to a session not going well ... I am sorry to hear that was your take on things. And yes in my ads I do ask that potential clients offer a polite introduction and I state "No explicit talkers. rate negotiators" etc. Most of the hobbyists on here understand perfectly what us ladies deal with in a day. For the record ... although I don't know what bearing it has.. I am of Scottish descent on my father's side.
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    I have seen her and I highly recommend her. She is amazing.