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    Actually get a amazon Fire stick and side add Kodi. Then you have the best of all worlds. I have Netflix, Kodi and Amazon Prime. I watch stuff on all three.
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    Sweet, smart, sexy and sassy! Cristy provides a very welcoming setting and is very good at putting someone at ease!
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    How lucky is Moncton? Everything I’ve found online has been absolutely amazing about the service she provides. Hopefully she will consider touring some of the smaller cites.
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    That’s a fair enough statement Rocker
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    That's a big no go then
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    She also offers unprotected services. I would stay away.
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    Please text only 343 363 1312 💋 *new availability Incalls/outcalls Very open minded 😘 non rushed. I will travel between Toronto GTA, Belleville, Ottawa and Montreal. Donations 250 H 180 HH
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    Again do your research, who is this Jenny that is avaliable 24/7? Does she have reviews, does she has a social media presence, does she have a webpage? Stop picking women/girls with the head down below.
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    Funny on my twitter page I have a tweet "He says cash is king, I say deposits are Queen" Everyone has their own screening policy, plus don't you mostly go to massage parlours anyways? You say have been pooning for 30 years, a lot has changed over time maybe it's time to get with the new age. Or you can stay behind the choice is yours. Have a great weekend.
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    I could see your last paragraph as a new thread now..lol I think in every city there arent' a lot of reputable ones, I see this complaint on all boards across Canada and Winnipeg isnt as big as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. As far as knowing if they are true to pictures or not, a lot of us SPs are now on Twitter, thank God for social media. A lot of us post selfies daily and interact with our followers which can be a good thing or bad regarding our character. Some say "but I'm too old for twitter" trust me its not hard to navigate, I find lyla harder and you dont need an account to "lurk" Again do your research!! As far as Mr. Blue its ok I know you didnt it mean it like that, as we met before so I sense it was a mistake. Hope you are well.
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    I appreciate you acknowledging that as it's not a great comparison. Escorts provide one-on-one services, much like doctors, wedding planners, massage therapists, life coaches, etc. Most professionals in these industries do have some sort of cancellation policy in place, and many likely do require some kind of deposit. It is tough with scammers out there and I'm curious about the ratio of scammers to legit providers requesting deposits for outcalls/tour bookings is. Doing one's research really is the best bet. Even if a scammer has copied the photos/ad content from a legitimate provider into a fake ad, ensuring that the email an EMT is sent to matches the email found on their Twitter/CERB account/other ads etc will go a long way towards ensuring your money isn't sent into the ether. You can't be 100% certain, but you can be pretty damn close to that. Not requiring deposits for dates within Winnipeg has likely improved my business, but I'm unlikely to tour without deposits due to the unfortunate and money-losing experiences of other providers. It is an unfortunate reality but at the end of the day I need to do what I can to avoid losing money on a tour. Just my two cents- I appreciate yours too. 🙂
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    I dont like to compare my job with the "civie" world. This profession is a lot different than a grocery store/retailer. If your worried about people scamming you and your money I suggest you do your research on the SP as Ruby has stated. I require deposit for incall hotel stays for a about 40 or 50 bucks if someone doesn't like it they don't have to book me or I can come them. Cheers
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    I request etransfers when I tour of about 50 bucks which goes toward their booking. Once recently I had to cancel a tour to Calgary, just not enough interest to go and make it worth it $$, so I refunded back the 3 gents their deposits. I would never ruin my rep for 50 bucks just not worth it. Here in Winnipeg I started asking for deposits for gents who want to meet on a day I am not available, before I recently found a incall I was renting hotels one gent who I saw once before said he wanted to meet up. So I booked a hotel for 180ish after taxes. He no showed, hasn't even called to apologise till this day. It's been said many times, DO YOUR RESEACH BEFORE YOU SEE ANY SP. Check to see if they have a webpage, any reviews, if they have a social page like Twitter, is it active or do they have followers, recent pics etc. I don't have time in my life to search anyone's name to try and black mail them. Also with etransfers you could send it by cell phone or by email. On bank settings you change your gmail account to the one your using on here. Just remember to set it back. Some don't want traces on their account, ok I get that. There is always old fashion Money Mart. Cheers
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