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    You really need to get suggestions from other providers on this - preferably ones who are local to wherever you are. My gut feeling is.. probably all wrong, because I have no clue what it's like to be a provider, or a woman, or BIPOC.
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    Very true. However, with the new name change and hopefully new traffic... we should try to scan over the site for anything like this. Gives new folks the wrong idea. CLEAN UP TIME CREW!
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    I love that you're our eyes and ears 😍 Appreciate it so much ❤️
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    Being short on details about the circumstances and where it happened, I can only recommend contacting other providers in the area for advices and also to warn them. If he's been recently released from jail and on parole, this should be more than enough to put him back behind bars. If other women were victims, their support and testimonies would certainly help.
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    Feel free to pm me. I have experience with this type of situation. First of all, please make sure your friend gets medical attention. The longer the wait, the less opportunities there are to record in the event she chooses to proceed with LE involvement. A crime was committed against her. The use of drugs should have no bearing. Different districts offer either good LE help or really bad LE help. So I certainly understand the hesitation. The client is also an issue as he can now try to rebook through his friends which is a real issue. So recognise that she is still not safe if she continues working. There is no easy answer here. Please tell her I am sorry this happened. We need to warn others. Meaghan
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    Sadly they as well as highlander are closing their doors and focusing on deacons on elgin. The original protest was originally to start at the embassy (dumb!) and why business started boarding up. It got changed to start on the hill just a few days before. Also car windows get smashed out of vehicles in that lit up car park, or area for musical equipment so any owner in that area who boarded up was smart! It sadens me to see so many middle class folks losing what they have worked hard to create. Lapoints will be closing as well. Tough times and curious to see where things go.
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    I've been following the Snowpiercer series, it is much better than the movie and they only release one episode a week so you have something to look forward to each week while there are not many new movies or shows coming out during C-19.
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    They will reopen that's for sure they own nearly the whole block their father was a smart cookie before he died the kids boarded it up the day before the protest for black life matters as soon as they can doors will open
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    LOL I voted commando - it's not that I'm interested in rushing past the enticement and seduction; but truly my main insterest is to admire and worship the female form! I've provided many gift cards to lingerie retailers but they're intended for the ladies to enjoy. My intention is ultimately to remove it all :).
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    A terrible situation. And here's the answer: you need to call the cops. I know all the current news may not inspire confidence. He's the one breaking the laws in many ways. She's extremely unlikely to be charged for using drugs. No idea where you're writing from but here in Ottawa the Police Service (despite other failings - and those are less common than the positive and supportive interactions) have a female officer assigned to assist and support sex workers. She has been referenced and acknowledged by our local sex worker collective, OIC, Ottawa Independent Companions. I'm hoping you can find the same support in your location. If nothing is reported or done about this then it will likely be a short time until another sex worker is attacted and abused. Don't get me wrong, I fully recognize how difficult this situation is, so I'm not suggesting it's easy. I'll simply hope that you and your friend are able to recover from the shock and find the best thing to do FOR YOU. Thorough screening is always important. Most of our local ladies, and touring ones too, will only do an outcall to an upscale hotel. In the 10 years I've been seeing SWs I've only had three ladies visit me at my home but they already knew me well, full name, phone number, email, business and trust had been established. This is not a 'blame' comment. Clearly the client was the only one who created any trouble. Stay safe, Best, waterat
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    Pics are stolen from Stassi Belle from CMJ in Ottawa: https://twitter.com/stassibelle?lang=en Would recommend learning to check ad pics:
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    I have never really found that the Den was so crowded that it would need more seating space or more stages. Perhaps, they anticipate that one or more of the other clubs will not re-open and that will allow the Den to expand its market share? In any case, it is good news that it will re-open because a great many bars/clubs/restaurants will end up shutting down forever.
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    Commando works great on sporty bodies, but bikini style is a close second.
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    We deal with as many as 2 out of 3 NEW client no shows EVERY day....day after day... year after year ...and that is just ONE type of nonsense we deal with out of the roughly 80% or so of new contacts that are playing games.... so quite frankly I find it hard to believe that clients deal with a higher amount of "scams" than us ladies do but we are expected to stay cheerful and never complain about it. For the record I also ask for a small reasonable deposit from new clients (including the password) on their first session only. They receive my address after the deposit is made. If I am the one who needs to cancel for any reason then I e-transfer the deposit back to them. Personally I think if a lady values her time and safety enough to properly screen and ask for a small deposit... that is an indication of more professionalism not less. Not sure how much luck you will have finding the quality you want with a lady who books "fast food service" style.
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    I thought Who was at Henderson?
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    Their Facebook page says they are planning on re-opening. Do you have any evidence whatsoever to substantiate your claim? All I've seen so far are suppositions being passed off as if they were facts.
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    I'd be concerned about the age. Two ages posted, 20 advertised and 19 posted in the ad. I'd be cautious of underage.
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    Hi loves ❤︎ It’s been awhile , I hope everyone has been staying safe since covid19 ..I’m super excited to begin my regular travels back to visit now that boarders are opening back up ! My next trip will be this CANADA DAY ( still deciding on what location to start with -but be sure to keep an eye out or stay updated via my LL ads , Lyla profile or Twitter page (https://mobile.twitter.com/daddysgirltasha ) Stats: 22yrs - 5ft - 100lbs - B32cup ❥Brunette hair , Brown eyes Donation: ❥Incall 3Omin - 1 4 O🌹 1Hr - 2 2 O 🌹 ❥Outcall 1Hr - 3 O O 🌹 I ❤︎ regs ( pls let me know if you are returning when contacting 💋 ) For all bookings / Inquires: Text : (647)491-3522 Email : [email protected]
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    If I may interject here, this conversation is going nowhere as is. As someone who has lived in the oil patch and understands the dynamic, I will try to help you all understand. To Jaden, I get what you are saying but you are only concentrating on the scammers here. Yes, there are a lot of them on Leolist and there always will be in places like Ft. Mac because there are too many guys there with a big wad of cash and a raging hard-on and little in the way of common sense. So it is easy money for the crooks. However, it is very easy to spot the scammers and to differentiate them from the legit touring ladies such as some of the ones here on Lyla who tour. It is more than just an ad on LL. Take the time to check out both their website & presence on forums such as this and you can tell if they are on the up & up. Also, read the ads closely and start to understand the language the scammers use. They really aren't all that clever. You can't assume every provider is a scam. There are many ladies who I will not hesitate to etransfer the entire donation to. But I will not do it to a complete unknown. If you aren't comfortable with it, don't do it but don't bother complaining about it either on forums like this. It's a waste of energy and only creates unnecessary drama. As for all of you here on Lyla, I understand what you are saying but you are looking at it from your perspective as legitimate providers and clients used to dealing with legitimate SPs. Believe me when I tell you that places like Ft Mac and Grande Prairie and other boom areas will always draw their fair share of less than desirable people. I think Jaden here just hasn't learned the nuances of this industry in these areas. When I first got into this, I had a few disappointments although I was never scammed out of my money. There's a learning curve but I also have always been pretty astute when reading ads. I am merely just stating here that although the complaint here is possibly misdirected to the wrong people, his beef is somewhat understandable. Cheers to you all and have a safe and happy day.
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    She’s real. Message if you’d like more info.
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    She’s legit. Clean place. Pictures seem to be her. Very accommodating. Reasonable rates. Have seen her half dozen times.
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    Ummm No...I've paid in full to companions I have yet to meet and also to companions I've seen before and I'm having a repeat date(s) with It's not very wrong it's actually very normal, check websites of companions across Canada and the U.S. you'll find many companions require at bare minimum a deposit to secure a booking and screening/verification information. Part of the reason companions require a deposit is to make sure the client shows up and avoid NCNS (no call no shows) A client is the one who initiates contact with the lady with the intent to be alone intimately with her, likely saying "trust me." when she brings up questions about payment. Yet shouldn't he (especially since he initiated contact) trust her both when she requires payment in advance and his privacy when she requires screening information? Her concerns are about her safety and security, and they trump his privacy and money concerns. And not to reiterate, OK yes to reiterate, it's the potential client who initiated contact (out of the blue) to be alone intimately with the companion. It only seems reasonable that the companion has policies in place (deposits screening/verification etc) to protect her RG
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    Saw this cutie up at the hotel moncton, her pics are legit and she isn't kidding about that rockin body  Highly reccomend!
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    Yep, things are slow right now, with everything going on. But guess what? Its not all bad news!! Are you someone who wants to see me, but my regular rate is outside your limit? Now's your chance! Treat yourself to a truly immersive experience with one of the very best you will ever encounter-for 50% less than usual! Reg 400 <--- yes i am that 🔥🔥🔥 NOW 200 Take advantage of the opportunity! Who knows how long it will last.. Hit me up through pm ONLY please. Available all week 🤩 Note: definitely not showing off my pics, but I work out and have a 28.5 inch waist and a pretty face. Trust me you wont be disappointed 😉
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    It's ironic for me that even before I found reputable forums like this, I was never duped by fake ads and such. To me, reading certain ads just are too obvious. Of course, I have always been a little more patient with my process and don't let the little head do the thinking. And maybe my "spidey" senses are just pretty good, i don't know. As for LE and C-36, I remember when all the BS was happening, posting here and elsewhere that it is just in no way cost effective or prudent for LE to spend the resources to try and set up stings as an independent escort at an incall location and try to catch johns that way. Aside from the underage stings which the johns were frankly, idiots to fall for and deserved to be busted for booking with a 16 yr old, the only real enforcement has been at the street level and the trafficking side which is not unexpected and was the case long before the bill. Having said that, resources like Lyla and other reputable forums where clients and providers can interact are invaluable and beneficial to keeping us all happy, healthy and safe. Cheers all.
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    I can't see any of the pictures??? I only see MissJessicaLee and Michelle_MA
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    I was out and about the other day with a girlfriend of mine. She was wear a pair of black tights. They were proper tights, not see through. With a modest shirt. We were hanging out down by the lakefront in our home town. I went to the car for something and on my way back, I heard some moms chatting about camel toes. So I strained my hearing a bit to catch what they were saying. I was curious because it did not seem like standard conversation while watching kids play in a playground. I finally realized they were speaking in disgust about my friend. Calling her a slut and saying some other things like "why she needs to dress that way..." etc. I am sure the smart people here on CERB can get the gist of the conversation. I didn't even know she was sporting one because I guess I don't normally start looking at a woman's covered Vajayjay. She was wearing black and when I did look, I had to do a couple of takes because with her wearing black it was quite hard to even tell. How these ladies saw it is still shocking to me. I never said anything to my friend but I got to thinking. Women are so hard on other women. I think if you ask any man, they love the camel toe. Same with fripples as I have learned they are called here. There appears to be some unwritten rules within women that these are bad. That only slutty girls sport these when in reality most can not control when these wardrobe issues happen. I even threw out a pair of jeans that gave me a camel toe because I just naturally thought it was wrong to wear them. What are your opinions on this subject ladies? I am seriously starting to regret throwing out those jeans because they made my ass look amazing and they were comfortable, stylish and I just really liked them. Do you ladies not buy clothes, or discard clothes that give a camel toe? Is the camel toe really that bad?
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    Client verification is a huge concern for me as well however I don't have a reputation yet either so I felt asking for information that may be considered "too" personal was not the way to go for me. I decided on using Sp references for verification in combination with board handle and verified white list services like P411. I do hope that in time, I may be able to require more information with out reputation concerns should I feel that I need to. However, stating all of that, I think that if you feel you need a certain check list of items before meeting someone, then you should ask for it. Clearly women are able to request this information and are getting it. I can't say for certain if the volume of inquires will change based on the amount of information required and that may be something that you may need to look at before hand and therefore may be able to deflect that possible loss in volume with adjustments to service, rates or location. I think the only way you can really ask for the information is simply ask for it and not accept less then what you feel comfortable it. I think that providing a online information and booking request email form on your site as the only method of contact helps in this manner and seems to be what most of the providers do who are looking for this same type of client verification. This way you are not left in uncomfortable situations in text or on the phone trying to ask for this information. Good luck
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    I was not aware of an SP only section. I would have asked there as I would really like to opinions of some of the ladies. Hopefully some can then PM me as suggested. Thanks for the replies.
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    I want to address this comment to ensure that I have explained myself properly. I am not discussing the merits of health or safety in my posted opinion as that is for each individual to ascertain for themselves. My opinion is solely on the informed consent basis of engaging in sexual services. That is all. I do not negatively judge ladies who use sponges. I do not judge on anything. I am very open and understanding to how and why ladies feel the way they do. So what a lady should or should not disclose based on risk is not my concern. At least not for this topic of conversation. My opinion is strictly on informed consent of the client. Also, as with all opinions, they are merely an opinion. Not fact, law or right/wrong. It is just my personal on this matter. I did offer up the suggestions of financial planning as an aid and tool that can be helpful to my fellow working ladies. I do not want anyone feeling the feast or famine battle. Before I start working in mainstream way back when, many many years ago, I was homeless, sleeping in a stairwell and starving from not eating for days. I do not want any person to ever have to experience that. While I did not start escorting then, I did find work and that was my start to my own business. I had to learn how to manage money, work hard, plan ahead to ensure I never have to be in that position again. However, it was very traumatic for me. To the point that even though I can fully retire from my mainstream work, actually from all forms of work right now, I don't. I don't because I still fear being destitute unrealistically. No amount of zeros left of the decimal in my bank account are going to change the embedded fear that I now carry. I know the battle and I want to help others if I can.
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    I think that all of us are and can be sensitive to the other person, however I still have to say that offering sexual services while using a sponge and NOT telling your partner/lover/friend is not allowing them the choice. That to me personally is voiding informed consent. I don't think anyone would be as passive about that if the gender roles were reversed. We are women and we get our periods monthly. We know this. We should prepare for this. That would also mean to me personally, budgeting my income cash flow with my out going expense. I understand that some feel they can not do this. Some are not aware of what options they have in financial planning and we never know the bills of someone else so who are we to say. I understand that not everyone has the same business sense as me and I completely understand that while I have the advantage of working or not working at this point in my life, others do not. I am 38 and can fully retire. From every line of work. I am a rare breed in this regard. I accept this and do not preach. However, I worked extremely hard to get where I am. I am not in some luxury status now. I worked extremely hard, sacrificed a lot and now can enjoy the benefit of it. Being that escorting is generally a cash business, I can see how managing that money can be difficult but not impossible. There are many financial planning tricks that would work so much better for a companion. Things that would grant her the ability to take time off during regular menstruation but even more importantly, it would give her more freedom and control over her business. Something that I think all women should look into and not just because of this sponge/period issue. This industry does not, under any circumstances, have to be feast or famine. It can be very much different and I strongly encourage all ladies to look into proper financial planning to ensure that you never have to feel that feast or famine feeling. Having said all that, I really can't help but think of the men who have, for a variety of different reasons, issue with sex while a woman is on her menses. This would go for any woman in his life, including his wife. We are not talking about when "accidents" happen. I also fully agree that tact and respect when these accidents happen however is a must. However some of the comments from the ladies regarding her right to work trumping a mans right to informed consent to sexual services is a little shocking to say the least. I know I am the new comer here, but I can not support the idea of "he didn't notice, so I am all good". That does not work for me regardless of the gender role of the person or the issue that person might be having. Informed consent should be in my opinion the TOP priority when rolling in the sheets with anyone. Client or civilian lover.
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    Yes, you were mistaken in your interruption of my post and I accept your apology. Common sense to me would be the same. Common sense to me would be not to make first contact as I suggested. For me personally however, AFTER first contact is made and I start to inquire into likes and dislikes, then it would be appropriate to continue the conversation with same tone and terminology that I introduce into the conversation. I hope that has clarified things for you.
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    For me, I don't want a contact email that says, "Yo! so your down to fuck for $250. Cool. Does that mean I lick your ass too?" However, since part of my screening will be finding out the likes and dislikes of my potiental lover, AFTER we have made with the pleasentries, we can get into some explicit converstation. After all, I have to make sure my lover is going to preform all the naughty things I want to do and I don't think saying " I want to do :69::bddog::bjs::butt::cooter:" is the sexiest way to get the message across. I would think this would come down to common sense, however clearly that is not the case. I do value those who would make such graphic first contact emails/PMs because it at least lets me know I do not have to waste me time with them.
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    I think this is going off topic now. We all know it is both, companionship AND sexual services, that are the main reasons that escorts are sought after. Some enjoy a little more of one over the other, some only want one or the other but a professional in my opinion offers both in hopefully the most respectful and honest way possible. I can not say what happened between the client and the lady. I was not there and while we have two sides, it is truly none of my business. I am not here to tell any companion how to run her business. I may give suggestions, but it is her business, her body. I think that topics like this are helpful and if the lady in question is so new, then reading this may have helped her to know what she can and can not do while remaining professional in this industry but more importantly what she can say no to. No woman should feel they have to follow through with a date for any reason and sadly I fear some women just don't know that when they first start out. Also, I think the OP has learned a value lesson on how to approach this with providers in the future. Gaining knowledge with intelligent conversation can never be a bad thing.
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    My thoughts, I may catch some flak for this but I think if you are offering your time AND your body, it is only proper and professional to tell the client when your monthly appears and give him the respect of choosing what he wants to do. When you do not disclose this information, you are essentially taking away that person's choice and in this manner, their informed consent to sexual services. That is not a risk I am willing to take with someone for the sake of a few bucks. I do wish the OP would have kept in his post the part about taking the money back. Taking that out of the original post seems a little shady in my opinion.
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    I suggest: "The kids are going to love these balloons at the party? Do you know how much water these ones (hold up any box) will hold?" I am just starting out as a sex worker but when buying condoms in my personal life, this would happen as well. I spoke to a manager about it in my local pharmacy. The cashier was an older woman and I think that sex of any kind bothered her. She never made a comment but would always change her customer service towards me once the box was put on the counter. She was very polite and cheery at first, then she would barely speak, barely look at me, never hand me my receipt but instead she just put in the bag, and always took the next customer before I had my stuff together to leave the counter. I think if a cashier ever actually made a rude comment to me, I would stop the line right there and demand a manager. I would not be discrete either. I wouldn't be yelling or creating a huge scene for drama sake but I would be quite assertive to my right to safety and proper customer service instead of rude comments that may discourage people in the future from buying condoms. Married couples have sex with condoms to avoid pregnancy. Married couples may use condoms to avoid the spread of STD that one partner may have. The person at the cash has no idea who you are or why you are buying them and you should have the right to freely purchase a product without scrutiny, rude comments or even dirty looks. Especially when it involved health and safety.
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    My name is Jessica. I didn't want to go by a different first name. I was speaking with a gentlemen friend and we came up with Rain because I can squirt, so I make it rain. Silly but it works I think. :icon_lol:
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    Lexi, I am going to agree with you. I have been planning on getting into sex work for quite a few months now. I have finally taken the plunge and am starting to get all my ducks in a row. I was quite concerned about getting myself "out on the market" so to speak before this bill passes as I was concerned about being an unknown provider to potential gentlemen who would normally not have any concern about contacting a new provider. I agree in that I am being paid for my time and companionship as well. With my plans for entering this industry, I have thought about the type of dates I would like to engage in and they are not all sexually oriented either. I am also meeting with a lawyer friend of mine to go over proper wording and package offerings to ensure some added security to my future gentlemen callers, but I am sadden that I even have to do this. The gentlemen I am interested in spending time with will be like minded individuals who share the same interests as me and if they are considered "perverts" then what does that say about me? :wink: I do wish this was not the case, and this bill will be changed, but I am not very hopeful I am afraid. It seems as though some are really pushing for this type of model in our country. If this Bill passes, it will be a sad day in Canada.
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