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    Avoid at all cost, bait and switch.not to be trusted, trouble.
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    A Date with Delight.... Life is stressful and complicated, allow me to take you on the perfect escape and help you explore life’s simple pleasures. I was born and raised in Canada and am a stunning Euro Canadian mix of throwback pin-up and modern beauty. I am blessed with natural curves in every way and the softest skin you will ever touch. A light suntan compliments my sparkling green eyes and flowing red hair, and despite my perfectly pouty lips, you will almost always find me smiling, adrift in our relaxing oasis without the pressures and deadlines of every day life. I should warn you, I may not be for everyone. I am here for that certain someone who seeks something a bit out of the ordinary, a connection, a moment, a memory.. I guarantee our time together will be unforgettable, unlike anything else. If you have read this far and feel you are that certain someone, I very much look forward to hearing from you. I will be visiting Moncton, May 17th & 18th. Want to know more? Email for details - [email protected] Your privacy is important to me and discretion on both parts is held in priority. All information shared will be kept private. I prefer to establish a connection via email prior to any encounter, and I enjoy getting to know who I will be visiting with. Therefore short notice or last minute requests will be declined. Allow me to help you relax and to put a smile on your face, the date of a lifetime is just an email away I look forward to hearing from you, Emily Follow me on instagram @msemilyrushton @hellomsrushton and twitter @msemilyrushton for more about me, laughs and my opinion on just about everything
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    hotter the pics , bigger the scam
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    No way you were in BC eh? What a small world. How are you liking the Maritimes, I absolutely love it here! Everyone is so friendly 😍 I just arrived from Toronto earlier this morning, and made it safely to Halifax 🙂 Also, my best friend Keissy Hennessy just came through here, she's another gem that returned back to the maritimes and mentioned she will also have a love for the locals and men here. It truly is a enchanting place. xoxo
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    When the photos are obviously not taken in this country, yeah, it means it's super fake. 😂😂😂
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    That 3rd pic is Belle Delphine 🤣
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    All I can say is wow! Trish is amazing! When we first met I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she is. She was able to make me relax immediately. The time together was amazing! My only regret was not booking a longer session with her. I am looking forward to our next encounter together!
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    If I may add in some tips as an established and reputable provider myself: • Twitter’s a great place to find providers - you can also get a sense of personalities through it • Tryst requires all escorts listed on it to both verify ourselves and provide our IDs. OnlyFans does the same so if a provider has an OF you know they’re a real person at least. (Never discuss anything in-person on OF, though. I can’t reiterate that enough) • if you use LL, set your search to verified only • the greater an online presence a provider has the less likely you’ll be scammed. Look for consistency in their info and pics and for interaction with other providers on social media sites While nothing’s fool-proof, all these things in combination greatly decrease the chances of running into a scam or someone pretending to be who they’re not. Just do your research like the other posters above have all mentioned, trust your instincts, and listen to your big head, not your smaller one, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time! Good luck with your search 😘
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    I have been a member here on lyla for several years, and I rarely post recommendations. But every once in a while you are lucky enough to meet that one person that is very deserving of a mention. I had read the previous reviews for Trish but had not had the pleasure of her company until very recently. I concur whole heartedly with everything that has already been stated. She has absolutely gorgeous girl next door type looks, a wonderful demeanor and is a great conversationalist. I was very pleased to have finally met her and needless to say, I had a fantastic experience during our time together. I very much look forward to seeing her again in the near future.
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    There's also me. I'm very well versed & experienced in bdsm & all sorts of fetishes & am very well reputed. My private incall has 1 room dedicated to GFE while another is a fully equipped dungeon w/ en suite bathroom Idk if you prefer big or small feet but I can offer reference for both. No I dont have 1 big foot & 1 small lol Myself I stand 5'7 and wear size 7 shoes so my feet are tiny proportionately. If u prefer big feet there is The Buttercup Blonde Jillian Jameson. Idk if shes on lyla but you can find her on twitter, google and via the OIC (I'm also a member) You can find my site in the link below &/or check my profile here by clicking on my handle/avatar.. Pls text me for booking if interested Eclectic Taste.mp4 add fetish url.mp4 JC 7 Foot Fet.mp4
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