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  1. randy36

    Miley Leolist

    You covered the same in reco section though.
  2. randy36


    Provide the working link.
  3. randy36

    Crystal Cain

    Crystal is planning Ottawa trip for 16 - 17th July. But she will only come to Ottawa if there is enough interest. Check her out: https://twitter.com/Thecrystalcain Additional Comments: Guys. We all complain that Ottawa scene is dead. I am hoping enough hobbyists can prebook so she can visit us. Her cancelling will send a wrong signal to ladies planning Ottawa trip.
  4. randy36

    Selina rayne

    Is there a link?
  5. randy36

    Esme Clarke - Retired

    I saw her when she started and she tried her best to please me. I wish her all the best as she moves on to the next phase of her life!!
  6. I am curious to know too.
  7. She went by the name Peyton earlier like in 2015 or so. She had mixed reviews.
  8. randy36

    East Indian ladies

    You may want to check out Xeena: https://desidahls.com.ottawa.listcrawler.com/post/25075563/
  9. randy36

    Need info: Nat 34dd Ottawa

    I have no info on her. You can try and report back.
  10. randy36

    Allie Zeon

    How did you figure this out ?
  11. randy36

    recent reco

    First link is Sammy's and I think to have seen her positive reviews.
  12. randy36


    Is she offering SP services? Link please.
  13. randy36

    chasity and karmin

    Good for you. Can you provide a link.
  14. randy36


    You can check Toronto reviews and also ask your question in Toronto discussion section.
  15. randy36

    info on Taylor 5686

    The link doesn't work. I tried checking Taylor with the last 4 digits but nothing came up.