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  1. seems like its on it way out before it started.There still couple months of flip-flop season left :).......Make sure you ladies get your pedicure!!! Nothing sexier then nice feet!!
  2. ladies and gents have the right to see who they want,this is true.I think its very un-professional to put that in your ad.That being said I would never want to see someone who would say something like that.Weather im white,brown, black.etc. Lots of ladies have a questionnaire to fill out when u book.Maybe ask the question there instead.......just my 2 cents!!!
  3. Ok OK...The only difference in the human race is skin color.we are all the same.The stereotypes are funny and will always crack me up!!!
  4. the penis size.Them fellas are known to hang low!!!! lmao
  5. \ im not saying every provider....if you have a good rep clearly im not referring to you.Would it be better to name names?....lol...
  6. ok u book a lady...some want a down payment some want your personal contact info.If u don't show u lose your money.or u can a nasty e mail(well deserved) and the lady wont see you again or take u serious.......SO why is "ok" when a lady does it?????.....im not talking he/she called and canceled.....str8 no show :)
  7. the best gurls and selection anywhere in Canada.Merb will guide the way!!Cant really go wrong.
  8. first of all I think Amanda 32g has been on bp forever...and i'm pretty sure I have already read a post on her before.I don't see how posting every single name on bp asking whos seen her is of any use.If u don't wanna be in a "bad situation" there tons of ladies to choose from with positive reviews. People who play the "keyboard toughguy" I will never respect.Real men don't deal with problems by name calling.just that simple!! enjoy the hobbying!!
  9. u guys troll the internet looking for new ads and a name to post here.maybe u should try to get some "ass".name calling is very "mature" thought this board was for adults???
  10. your so interested...book her and post a review...that's what the board is for..
  11. flip-flop and open toe season is finally here :)...just a reminder to get them toes did!!! love me a pedicure lol....
  12. over here(on the good side of the water) Johns Lunch in woodside....Pizza Time in Eastern Passage are very good
  13. Why is it that men pm me on a post I made about a lady. I said "I'm not saying a word". Everybody knows what that means. Why feel the need to pm me for details. If u want the "skinny" book the lady and find out. Seems like people like the gossip. I'm not a rumour starter so pm somebody else and gossip like old ladies at bingo. Thx
  14. its a reality.Ya ok this chick got caught pimpin in the "hood".Underage is not kool for sure but it happens every ******** day!!!!the media and the cops always scapecoat one person.
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