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  1. Sounds great, where can i find her? I have looked and have not yet. Leoslist or other? Thanks!
  2. I am usually not one who jumps on the bandwagon and i have regretted posting some recommendations in the past. Mainly because I was too eager to help a girl out before getting to know her. So this will be my first recommendation in a long time and it is very well deserved. Sorry for the lateness Alex xoxxoo. This whole journey started when i sadly said goodbye to Tyler from CMJ on her last day. In our converstion she had mentioned that i would absolutely love a session from Alex. She was jusy coming back to the business after some time off. I normally dont heed recommendations normally from anyone, but i looked her up when I got home. All I have to say is thank you Tyler, you were sooooo right. What first caught my eye was the amount of gorgeous tattoos on this goddess, they were just as gorgeous as she is. So i friended this lovely creature on Twitter and decided to say hello. And so beings the journey I have had in the last few months with this beautiful, intelligent, sexy and fun woman. Like Ive said before, i usually dont believe in following up on a referal without meeting or talking to the MA first but for some reason i made my first appt within minutes of our first messages. So our play date was made. Needless to say, especially from those of you lucky few gentlemen who have seen her, the session was more fantastic than I expected. Starting from the fact that this amazing woman came in to the West location Early, very early, in order to see me, Bonus point 1. She greated me when I arrived dressed in her regular clothes, she is stunning in whatever she wears. Changed and then came to our room to, what she called, greeting me properly. I wont repeat what has been said above about her and of course everyones experience is different. As always gentlemen, YMMV! Be Clean, Fresh, Happy, Kind and treat her with all the respect she deserves. She is one of the best MAs i have ever seen, dont fuck it up for the rest of us who enjoy being around her. Thanks for treating me like a king and welcoming me like one everytime we meet. 💖💋💋💋💋💋
  3. It has taken me awhile to write this, but i do need to pass this on. If you have not had the chance to go to the Loft, you need to go. Its a quiet space near downtown yet private and easy to get to. Right now there is only 2 rooms on the upper floor and a kitchen and dining area on the second floor. But both rooms on the upper floor are sooooooo comfy, the beds are so easy to fall asleep on, so be careful you dont doze off during your session. But on the bright side, select ladies are available for overnights ð???. I havent partaken but i heard they are something else. As well on the upper floor is a nice deep tub. Plenty of room for two and nautical pleasures. ALO has just started up this place and will keep adding to its ambiance. From what I was told, it will be like a candy store for kids. Sooooo many sweet things to do and see. See for yourself. Ask the ladies of ALO to give you the full tour. ð??? Enjoy it.
  4. Well I have to agree with everything that has been written about Camryn. From the moment she greets you at the door till the sad moment when you have to say goodbye, she will be captivating, genuine, flirty and fun. She is great at keeping a conversation going, so that it eliminates the awkward silences that sometimes do happen. Of course there is general chit chat, jokes and funny stories, but get her talking about things she likes ( weirdest places to have sex, etc) and she will delight you and keep it hot. Camryn has a fantastic body and she uses it as her seductive weapon during your sessions with her. She knows exactly what you need when you need it. She takes you to the brink and back again, over and over and over. Its almost like she knows your body better than you do. Allow her to take the lead and experience a session like no other. She is a one of a kind MA and are real treasure at ALO. As per always guys, my disclaimer! YMMV and treat the girls with respect, honesty(you know what I mean) and kindness. If they are happy in the moment, you will be happy in the moment. See you soon Camryn, someday, you are so damn popular. Duh!
  5. Lately i have had a great time checking out all Ottawa has to offer with all of the gorgeous MAs. A beautiful angel, or naughty devil depending on her mood, introduced me to a little dark haired, sultry eyed vixen named Vanessa. She has not been in Ottawa or has been working as a MA long but you would be hard pressed to know it. The first time i laid my eyes on Vanessa, it was before my last session with the previously mentioned angel/devil. I knew by the look she gave me and her gentle touch as i passed, i needed to see this girl in a session. When i finally managed to get a session with this goddess, i decided to make it a 2hr "getting to know you" session. Vanessa greeted me in our room after i was seated and i was eagerly awaiting her. I was not dissappointed at all! This tiny dark haired vixen greeted me with the a very genuine and welcoming hug and kiss. I was instantly put and ease and felt that this session would go wonderfully. Like I have said and have been told before, its all about chemistry and how you treat your MA. That includes your manners and hygiene guys, both need to be at its best, always. Well there was Chemistry! I didnt imagine it from when i met her the first time. Electricity from the first kiss to the last. She loves touch and is very seductive in her moves and intentions. I wish i could describe the look she gives you during your session, it is something to be witnessed. Wow that image will be burned in my memory for a very long time. Since my sessions are my sessions, the rest i will keep to myself. I will be seeing Vanessa again, definately! But as usual guys YMMV. This sexy sensual hottie at CMJ is a true experience to be had. I dont usually give props to the spas but CMJ deserves it for getting this gorgeous lady and training her well. I dont know who trained her but their sessions must be amazing!
  6. I would be remiss if I did not give a huge recommendation to Isa (IsaMassage). When I saw her ads and looked at her feeds I was not sure who this was or what I would be in for. But being adventurous as I am sometimes, I connected with Isa and began a long process of flirting, texting and messaging back and forth. It took a while to find a time where we both could be free. Problem is, I am only available during working hours and she makes herself available after work. Hobbyist understand what I mean. If you force an appt, it never turns out fun. Well I finally managed to get a 60 min slot for a session we both agreed on. By now I was excited to see what was on the other end of all of this online fun we were having. So, I went to her in call location (Note* she has now moved on from there and is opening her own in call location next week, message her for the details) and I was nervous because I am always a little tense when I see a MA for the first time. Previous bad (very bad) experiences have made me this way. When Isa opened the door, I was floored by this gorgeous Latina Milf dressed in sexy lingerie, black curly hair, a sultry smile and a hello with that sexy accent that stunned me right away. Well it started better than I could have hoped. Isa is 5â?? 4â? or slightly higher, but she was such a firecracker and I had my hands full, I canâ??t imagine how I would have made out if she came in a larger size, LOL. The massage started out fairly normal for these scenarios but and she continued the session, the heat started to rise (me too) and the lingerie hit the floor. She has a very unique style and her session will vary depending on her mood and how respectful you are. They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, not in this case, the best behaviour gets the best Oil treatment. As with any MA, YMMV! Did you catch thatâ?¦â?¦..YMMV. Every MA is different and unique. Ask politely or suggest an idea, float it out and see what she wants. You may be the Client but this is a different type of customer service. She is an amazing woman with a sexy Hispanic accent all packed into a little firecracker. Go check her out in her new place and save some appts for me, I will definitely repeat
  7. I agree, once she is comfortable with you, you are in for an amazing time.
  8. Vera at CMJ is over 6 feet in bare feet. I love tall women so she is a living fantasy for me. Oh and when she smiles at you, you will just melt. I will be seeing her again real soon. I cant wait.
  9. In the middle of the night I awoke in a sweat with my breathing heavy and the front of my boxers stretched tight over the large bulge that had helped wake me. It took me a minute to realize that the vivid dream i just had was no dream at all but a memory, a feeling, an urge and fantasy that had engulfed me just days before. I could not shake the image of that beautiful young woman with a supple porcelin body and eyes that drew you in like a moth to a flame. The touch of her sensual lips as they caressed mine and the feeling of her masterful hands kneeding my body to not only the journey of the pleasure but to the extacy of release. A woman talented beyond here youthful visage. Witty and charming as if she was born an experienced and remarkably intelligent lady. Her beautiful blue eyes and radiant smile drew you in, but the body that held this goddess, kept you captivated and wanting of time itself to stop. Trapping you in this moment for eternity. Scarlett Rose stole my fantasies and created a world of itimacy and desire that some men can only dream of. From the moment she opened the door and allowed her robe to slightly open to reveal the sensual flesh that was to be unleashed on me, to the soft and tender goodbye kiss as I left, i was her's. The conversations were light and insighful, her humour was witty and sarcastic and her music set the mood of the oncoming dance of oil and sensual touch. We washed each other as if would be the last time either of us would feel the touch of flesh under our fingers. Only leaving the sanctity of the shower to continue our erotic dance elsewhere. We each laid upon the table, taking turns spreading oil onto every part of each other's bodies. I took whole advantage of my time exploring with my hands and watching how each area i touched invoked different looks and caused soft moans to be released. All of pleasure and excitement in anticipation of the next caress. Scarlett Rose had chosen to honour me with a implement of pleasure with which I used with excitement and skill. I was to witness a truly erotic and sexually fufilling sight as Scarlett flooded my hand and trapped it between her thighs. Our time together was drawing to a close and it was my turn to feel the sweet taste of relief. Between the touch of her hands on my body, her body caressing mine and the sweet and sensual kisses, i was lost in a fog of euphoria and bliss. Even as we finished our time together, washing away all the work we had done, the passion and joyfulness stayed with us. In the days that have passed since my rendevous with that sensual goddess, i have had my mind wonder to those moments of extacy and have them completely over take me. Those 2 hours that i spent in that Rose garden of desire, went by so fleetingly, yet will provide me with glorious memories for the rest of my life. To all the gentlemen who chose to follow in this adventure and to those who have come and gone, treasure this sensual Goddess and treat her with all the kindness and respect she deserves. Find her when you can and enjoy the journey! ALO has a treasure in their midst and a vision to behold. Thank you Scarlett Rose, you have given me visions and dreams that will live with me a very long time. I look forward to when we can see each other again. Sir Smitty
  10. Every MA has a ton of pictures online for you to review and imagine what they really look like. Well recently i have had the pleasure of meeting Jordyn @ CMJ West. One day i was surfing through the ads and looking through twitter to check all the beautiful ladies and to see if anyone would catch my eye. Then up pops a picture of a gorgeous soft supple ass with a very attractive woman attached to it. As per most ladies, their face is obscured or partially but the little i could see showed wonderful lips and a great smile. I had to check this one out. It was a twitter post and she was looking for someone to warm her up. Well i couldnt resist that. So after a few days of trying to find a good time to get together, we made a date. So at the appropriate time, I showed up to CMJ west and I was showed to a very nice room with a massage bed, sofa and double shower. As i was settling down and awaiting my beautiful masseuse. Now like anyone who wants to have a great time you make sure you do your research. I had an image in my mind of what to expect, and I was not disappointed. Not only were her pictures accurate and current, they did not do her justice. She has a beautiful face to go along with her soft and sexy figure. After my initial stare and taking in what a lovely sight i was beholding, Jordyn welcomed me in her warm and sexy way, we sat for a minute to talk. This initial conversation was short but i learned quickly that she is very intelligent, confident and funny. I felt comfortable instantly, she made me feel like we had known each other a long time and were catching up. After we helped each other remove our clothes, we headed into the shower to get better aquainted. Mostly it was just my clothes coming off, she came to me dressed sexy and with very little on. Honestly i couldnt pick her outfit out in a line-up, i was distracted by that fantastic backside she was proudly showing off. Basically ever massage session is different and we each have our own experiences. You really need to come see this lady to see what she has in store for you. The highlight of the whole session was watching her show off her beautiful oiled up body in the mirrors around us. Between all those images and the sexy look on her gorgeous face, I was completely mesmerized. From the very first touch to the last of the soap was rinsed off at the end, I was in heaven. That hour and a half flew by so fast, i had to look at the clock a couple times to make sure it had really gone by. I believe that being open and respectful goes a long long way, but as with every MA, YMMV. She loves to chat and have fun. She has a wicked sense of humour that i totally love. So if you like to talk and have a laugh like i do, you will enjoy a session with Jordyn. Plus you really have to checkout that amazing ass she has. You wont be disappointed, completely worth it. I will definately see her again. But maybe next time I will see if I can get a duo with her and Vera. From what she tells me, it is a hell of a time and a sight to behold. I will definately pass on how great it is. Remember, if you treat her with respect and kindness, it only makes the experience better for the next guy. Pass it on. She is an absolute gem that CMJ has. Thank you Jordyn and until next time, all i can say is mmmmmmmmmmmm.
  11. I have seen Sensual Erin and she is absolutely amazing. I have only seen her once but she is definately a repeat when i can w9rk it in. So many beautiful women out there, i have to be careful of the too good to be true.
  12. So, I recently moved here from Halifax and if any of you have experienced the MA selection you know its few and far between. Although there are a couple ladies that deserve my huge thanks for my time there. Sophie (Tantric massage) and Savannah (Retired) you were a great memory i will cherish. There was also a great lady that went by Amelia (Middleton) while in Halifax and Cara Silver when she moved to Montreal. Amazing woman, stole my heart that lady. Anyways to what i was origionally posting this for. I have noticed a greater selection of quality MAs since i moved here. I have seen a couple great ladies and a couple i would like to forget. Of course one of those great ladies I will definately become a regular for. But i would like to be able to see as many as I can while I am here. So i am going to make it my mission to see as many of the great MAs as possible. I will lean more towards the GFE type, both in "clubs" and independants. I will find great ones and I will find ones that i wont be repeating. I will definately pass on to you all the great experiences i will have. Keep the no repeats to myself. Also, remember to support these ladies as much as you can. The better we are, the better they are. Wish me luck and if there is any one that you think that i absolutely have to see or you feel that i should avoid to spare myself agony, please pass it on. Sir Smitty 69
  13. Yes those are the best. Just showing enough beautiful bum but yet not giving it all away. Those panties and a mens button up shirt or nice summer dress. Enough to keep your attention and keeping you dreaming about what is awaiting you hidden there. Whew is it warm in here?
  14. Does anyone know what happened to Cara Silver (Amelia Middleton). Last i heard she was working in Montreal in 2015 and may have been working as a real RMT. She also worked in Halifax around 2009 as Amelia as well. I think she was origionally from Alberta and was in Halifax working on her Masters. Anyways, i was wondering because we became good friends and i lost touch. She would remember me as her favourite sailor from Halifax. She was an amazing part of my life i would like to reconnect with. Thanks everyone.
  15. I thought the motto of this site was "if you dont have anything nice to say.....dont say anything at all". I am pretty sure she is not the only one breaking rules but maybe shes the only one not giving a kick back!
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