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  1. I was there on Friday. It's business as usual........ needs a good cleaning, beer could be a little colder, friendly local establishment. 3 nice girls.
  2. No sense now it's closed..... me thinks for good.
  3. Can't go wrong with Jazy either way!
  4. Please tell me its not a used matress store...that's just wrong!
  5. Been there a few times now. Liking the changes. Lots of fun!
  6. I have been there three times since the new ownership has been in place. I had not been there in 6 months due to the previous managemnet/ownership. Good job guys! No fighting (between the dancers) and much much cleaner. You are moving the business in the right direction.
  7. Apollo12


    Winner Winner Chicken dinner!!
  8. Apollo12


    WOW Love tis pic!
  9. I was in there last Tuesday and yes it is a dive but WOW there were some very good looking girls there. Mileage was fine, it is a SC, but I was certainly impressed with the quality. I won't go there often but will at least make an effort to stop by again as I had written the place off.
  10. I just had to look twice!
  11. WOW! This pic is the winner!
  12. Had Annessa dance for me one afternoon. Well worth the trip east. Very sexy and fun. Beautiful eyes!
  13. Apollo12

    Outstanding, very hot
  14. Joe I trust your judgement anyday. Time to skip outta work!
  15. Club 61, Club 77 I get them mixed up. Which one is in Aylmer?
  16. Gotta know were you wearing the jersey last night?
  17. Jazzy has a super ass. She has my vote. Not sure if she's dancing anywhere right now.
  18. I'm thinking it would matter at all as long as you were there:-D:wink:
  19. Apollo12

    sexy ass

    Spank you very much!
  20. The trick is to never say no.....Sure, have a seat..but I have no money. How about we chat for an hour. They leave everytime. Just make sure you don't make eye contact when your trotting off with another girl to the Champagne room. Hey its better than having wasting their time and your money
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