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  1. Touch of Euphoria in Vancouver offer Massage only. Web address is www.touchofeuphoriavancouver.webs.com E
  2. Pistol Pete my dear, you are trouble you know that hehe... ;)
  3. G'Day Gentleman, your favourite kangaroo is leaving on Monday! Im working days and nights at CMJ for the enxt few days so hopefully get to see a few members before I go... or atleast get some goodbyes :butt:Shaking my ass from the USA soon xx
  4. Well.... PistolPete that sounds just lovely, Dont leave a lady waitinmg too long now :exagerefesses:
  5. I havent left yet gentlemen!! ha-ha Last shift is Sunday 3rd 10am-4pm so pop on in to say goodbye if you can :bowdown:
  6. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that I am going walkabout for a few months and taking some leave from CMJ. My last shift is the 4th April, so hopefully see a few of you before then as I am not sure how long I will be away for. Wish me luck - first stop Florida! :boobies:
  7. Ha-Ha you are a charming man 'cheek to cheek' and Im glad and flattered to hear you enjoyed your time with me... and my accent I love the showers too, you know how much I love hot water and bubbles :boobies: E xx
  8. Well lucky for you I happen to be a flirtatious Aussie... :butt:
  9. Thanks Toine, and your very right im not shy hehe E xx :boobies:
  10. Hello Gentlemen, Nice to see your all behaving yourself online with lovely things to say... What about some of us newbies at CMJ?? Does anyone have anything nice to say about us too?? We like attention too sometimes ;) hehe E xx
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