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  1. Just had to slip in another for Naughty Angel. Are her boobs perfect or what!!!8)
  2. The encounter starts with the phone call to set up the appointment and the sexy voice increases your pulse. With the soft knock on the door your pulse speeds up again. Once you open the door to discover the gorgeous babe with the hollywood looks your pulse is now racing. From the long blonde hair, cute face with the button nose & perfect smile, to the perfectly enhanced boobies , & one handful of bunns butt down to the very sexy leggs, your heart is now in race mode! Angels personality is as sweet as her good looks. Always happy to accomodate requests with different outfits and performs with safety in mind. I've enjoyed several appointments and Angel has always more than satisfied me & stayed the entire time. Gentlemen, you can't go wrong with Windsor's # 1 !!!!!!! :boobeyes:;-)8-)
  3. Just my .02 cents worth, but in my humble opinion, Naughty Angel of Windsor has a fantastic rack of perfection!:motion:
  4. Don Cherry

    your angel

    I see that I left my "lip prints" from our last appointment!!
  5. I realize this is an old posting, but thought I'd offer up my opinion. The best strip club in Windsor is Leopards. They have the best looking women with several being very friendly in the vip area. Also the daily lunch special is usually good with fridays steak special very good.
  6. Wish I knew how to post a pic, but I'll let the name out for all the boys not familiar with Windsor's best, Naughty Angel. She not only has the best buns, she has the best body!! See you soon Angel!!
  7. Angel, you are the best!!!
  8. Without a doubt, Naughty Angel is the #1 SP in Windsor. Truly a fantasy date, from the perfect spinner size, to the blonde hair, gleeming smile, Pamela Anderson boobs, handful of buns and sexy leggs. She also has a personality to match her gorgeous looks!!
  9. Don Cherry

    Naughty Angel

    I'm looking to sin for the 10th time !!!
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