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  1. tbayer

    Mocha - LL - 9929

    I'm interested in the info
  2. tbayer

    Any info on Kodi?

    I'm interested too
  3. tbayer


    She quit the biz
  4. Been keeping her busy all day, running back and forth. Police are looking for her.
  5. This one is back at it advertising on cl as Karmen. She pulled a fast one on me and got my money and bolted. The number she is using is 8077878361. Shes driving a black jeep liberty. Apparently she's been doing this a lot. I know everything about her so if anyone else has been ripped off please post.
  6. She advertises often, makes plans but never follows through. Has anyone actually met her? Goes by princess or jay, or Jayden.
  7. tbayer


    Same. Doesn't seem like a good time
  8. tbayer


    Same here
  9. tbayer

    Mouth queen

    I saw her. She was fun for a quick visit
  10. tbayer


    Thanks for the info.
  11. What's the story with rose? I almost booked her. Thanks