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  1. I saw Alexiane at Pigs on Saturday, it's good to see some of the pre-pandemic girls. One thing from before the pandemic that has not returned is lying on the stage with a $20 in your mouth. Some guy tried that and I have never seen the bouncers throw someone out so fast.
  2. Ontario's roadmap to reopening also has this: Strip clubs Step 1 Permitted to operate as a restaurant in alignment with restaurant restrictions Step 2 Permitted to operate as a restaurant in alignment with restaurant restrictions Step 3 Permitted to operate as a strip club in alignment with restaurant and performance restrictions
  3. I've been looking around on Google a bit and it looks like Ontario has accommodated strip clubs in their reopening plan (can't reopen as strip clubs until step 3) while Quebec has nothing dealing with clubs specifically. I'm kind of surprised by that.. given how prudish we are in Ontario I would have expected the opposite.
  4. Yes, I read Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 are being remastered and will be released to Steam in January. As a PC-only gamer I'm quite pleased 🙂
  5. One series of games I can recommend is the Yakuza series, though I cannot say I've played 3 to 6 in the series as I'm a PC exclusive gamer and those games haven't been ported yet. However, I've played the four available on Steam (Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami 1 and 2 and the newest one Yakuza: Like a Dragon) and these are some of the best-written, most compelling games I've ever played. Though admittedly some of the side missions get incredibly silly, like the one in Like a Dragon where you have to try helping a masochist who's developed a tolerance to pain and can't find satisfaction at any of the BDSM clubs in Yokohama 😄
  6. You sure about this? I can't find any news on this. I only find articles on Legault asking people not to socialize for the next 28 days.
  7. This is the fourth story I've seen regarding potential outbreaks in clubs, two in Vancouver and one in Michigan somewhere. They don't discuss this in the CBC story, but I suspect the employee worked four days because they were pre-symptomatic and simply weren't aware they were infected. And unfortunately that can happen anywhere.
  8. I'm still kind of confused about this. On another (admittedly unreliable) message board, someone said there was no contact allowed in the CRs. That would certainly explain why no one's staying down there very long. And I gather starting this Saturday, masks are mandatory for all public indoor locations?
  9. One of the rumours flying around is that the champagne rooms are closed and you can only get table dances. Could you confirm? I'd also be happy if they stationed a bouncer in the men's room to make sure everyone washes their hands, but I can imagine that wouldn't be seen as a good use of resources.
  10. I don't know exactly when Barefax opened, but I can tell you it was well established when I was in high school back in 1987. I remember walking by with a buddy of mine in late December around 3:00 in the afternoon when a dozen drunk guys in Santa suits came pouring out and started yelling "Merry Christmas" at everyone nearby. Still one of the damn funniest things I've ever seen. Pigale was in business at that point too, but under a different name which I can't remember at the moment.
  11. One thing I really think needs to be done is implementing some way of forcing patrons to wash their damn hands when they go visit the washrooms. I don't know how many times I've seen guys go in to relieve themselves at Pigale and then waltz out without washing presumably because they don't want to tip the guy sitting at the sinks. That was disgusting even before this; now it's dangerous.
  12. Possibly not all, but some of the girls will agree to a flat rate for an hour. This gets rid of the song length issue very nicely.
  13. Did she assimilate you? (Sorry, can't resist a chance for nerd humour)
  14. Anyone know if Celine only works weeknights? I saw her a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday when I didn't have time to take her for a dance, but I haven't seen her on the weekends since then. Cheers
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