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  1. S**a*Q

    Looking for ultimate escort

    I just want to state that the escort offering bareback services in the thread, is not me. Someone had the nerve to contact a friend of mine and ask if this was me. Yes I am retiring, but I want to state that I would never consider BBFS with anyone as my life is way too important to me. I am clarifying now, the escort who offered BB is not me. I have never offered and never will bbfs or bbanal. It pains me that someone would even question if this was me. I'm smarter than that. Pregnancy, disease and death are not outcomes I want to deal with. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hello there :D I was originally going to post an obituary, ranting about how I got my cape stuck in an escalator and suffocated or something, but I didn't want to write out any self-fulfilling prophecies... ;) Instead, I'm here to thank everyone for making my time as an escort and enjoyable one. I've decided to retire the vagina, with everything going on in my life right now, I just don't have time to be Sara as well. (Since I have 4 other jobs, my extra time is next to nil.) It's been a hoot and I wanted to take the time to say bye to each and everyone of you, but I know too many people and it's not conducive to my being productive, so I decided to do it in a mass message aka this thread. I'll be around for the rest of the week, as I close down my accounts and website. Drop me a message or whatnot and I'll try to respond. It sounds like the socials will be a lot more quiet now...
  3. S**a*Q


    Aw, I was right around the corner, but I won't be here tomorrow. Good luck with your search. I've heard Emily J's bjs are pretty sweet. (If I had a cock, I'd totally be all over that like a fat kid on a smartie.) ;)
  4. S**a*Q


    Not ashamed. I love sex, money, people and myself. People who think this is a shameful job need to take a step back and examine their own personal hangups with sex, not the fact that I have none to deal with and that I'm happy in my hoo-kery skin ;)
  5. S**a*Q

    Strange "New Subscribed Threads" Sort?

    Yeah my subscribed threads all came back as well.
  6. S**a*Q

    After the Fun - Getting Dressed?

    I always lay out the clothing for them, normally while they are in the shower. They come back and their stuff is ready to go. I usually sit on the bed and chat with them as they get ready. :D
  7. I wore a dress to the last one. Skull dress! Today it's a blue dress. And yay Hoegarden
  8. I was bored at home and ready so I figured get the liver primed for the hockey game :) also I'm in a dress!!!
  9. I'm on my way, if anyone else is early... Ill be at the bar ;)
  10. I have an attitude ;) I live the badgirl lifestyle. Lol!! my inner slut likes to take over in the bedroom. I don't do the clothes though... I'm a jeans and tshirt or dress kinda girl, however when I'm naked I still look like a bad girl ;) cause I'm sporting a hefty amount of ink. Tattooed girls do everything in high def colour ;)
  11. It's going to be a flyby for me personally... There's a huge game tomorrow as there's no way I'm missing it. Ill be at a TV somewhere. Go Sens go!!!
  12. S**a*Q

    Habs !!!

    I was cheering for the Leafs last night :D I want them to put out Boston and would love to see a Sens Leafs matchup... But for tonight... GO SENS GO!!! :)
  13. S**a*Q

    Habs !!!

    The Habs were brutal last night... It was all about the fighting. Especially once they realized the game was lost. I'm a huge believer that penalties should carry over from one game to the next in the playoffs. It would stop stuff like what happened last night. Also, people getting mad cause MacLean called a time out with 20 secs left? Grow a pair, he did it cause MTL were being dicks. Also, I heart Pageau. <3 *(In Mtl's defence, they are my second fave team, but I had to go with the hometown.)