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  1. What man doesn't like kissing? It is extremely passionate and brings out the good old making out sessions of our youth. It can set up a real great session. However, there can be health hazards. Herpes, the flu just about anything. Been there. Who are the other guys that this lovely MA or SP has been kissing? No man like rejection and when a woman turns away from you to kiss her cheek, that can be turn-off. You really need to know who your partner is.. Like I have said many providers save the french-kissing for their significant others. I understand.
  2. This seems difficult to reply too. More often than not kissing is off limits for MA's. It falls into the category of body fluid exchange, possible health concerns. There are exceptions of course, then again you must think of all the other client's she has been seeing. Who are these people and where have they been? Better to be safe. Another reason is that this sort of intimacy is reserved for the significant other in their lives.
  3. I do not review often, however Adele is a beautiful educated person whose objective is to ensure that her client is taken care of and is happy. No details. A classy person with that wonderful sophisticated Montreal flare.
  4. Not to hijack the thread, but the SC is disappearing one by one. There are better options and not any more expensive. Dropped by Karina's on a Wednesday evening, just a local bar now, no dancers to be seen.
  5. If they ever come about will forever change the industry. The government will be looking for new revenue, HST and income tax collected by providers. Tips or donations will be scrutinized as this will be a new windfall for the government. Maybe the present system is better.
  6. A legit massage with Tay. Got all oiled up, left greasy. I don't think there's a shower there. Her English skills were few, but did tell me 'you're done' and walked out of the room before I could giver her a tip.
  7. There will always be a market for the SC, but it is shrinking. Who could deny that? A few more will close in the next year or two. The lines are blurred as to what kind of activity is available. FS is available in the SC, and it will only get fuller so to speak. However clients are weighing their options and hey if FS can be a more private, cleaner option ( showers) why not explore the MP or SP option?
  8. This is not Las Vegas, at least yet. No new laws have passed. And if it happens it will be an opportunity for the government to collect new tax revenue.
  9. I started this thread way back when. Been there many times but not maybe for two years. Sounds like things have never changed, Those two crude booths have been in the back for a while. Yes this can be a high mileage spot at times. YMWV. Probably some of the most memorable SC experiences, but understand this place is a country strip club a bit rough. Chaton was there in those days. Every time I think about venturing out there again, something stops me. The forty minute ride, caliber of the women. This is not Barbarellas. But again I moved on to the MP scene. Cleaner, safer and better value.
  10. It can be a long shift for the dancer who sees no clients, out of boredom what else will they do, aside from playing the poker machines on the Quebec side.
  11. This is my first recommendation. I will not add any details to the thread as is well documented in the postings, Tiffany exemplifies exactly the ultimate MA. Aside from the shear beauty and sensuality she is extremely intelligent. Just a pleasure to talk too about life.
  12. Crucial but not always offered. Could be many reasons, I show up fresh breath and my mouth is always clean, but if this service is not offered I am disappointed.
  13. Your loved ones will not take to well to cheating, that's pretty much a fact. There may be some exceptions. Your SO will sense quickly if you are in an affair with another, sooner or later. The romantic attachments to the outside activities will show up on your face, mannerisms etc. Women can sense that. As far as SP and an MA that's a different story as long as the activity is an outcall; or an in call is you are out of town etc. You can shower after freshening up and go home. The SC can be a problem, lingering odors, perfume etc. Stray hair on your clothes. Although many dancers do not use perfume. And of course the smell of beer and liquor. I remember the days before smoke free, the smell on your clothes could cause a problem is you are not a smoker. Be prudent, no affairs!
  14. This is pretty much what's expected aside from the door fee. Most gents want a nude massage, release and what ever happens in Vegas...
  15. There was some club outside of Embrun on the way to Casselman. Goes back at least 12-15 years ago, Pretty much FS. It's gone. There were also two clubs in L'orignal, wonder if either one is left.
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