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  1. fukenfresh

    Favourite massage

    About a month ago, I was passing by Studio 553 and decided to go in and see who's working. It was probably just luck that there was a new girl named Sasha. She was very friendly and hit it off right away. She massage me for 15 mins and it wasn't that bad at all. Then she grabbed me by the shaft and asked me what do I really wanted. Long story short we was all over each other and everywhere in the room for an hour more. It was the best I've had I guess. Tried coming back there after a week and they said she's gone for good. I would love to fine her again. I'd repeat that over and over if I could.
  2. fukenfresh

    Assiniboine Ave

    I think she has a new number. She has a banging body but rates are a little up there considering basically just happy ending as extras. Crossed off my list but won’t be repeating.
  3. fukenfresh

    Favourite massage

    I would have to agree with Deepthrower...
  4. fukenfresh

    Vogue Spa and Nails..

    Is there any update here guys? Just wondering..
  5. fukenfresh

    Pembina - 3000 block

    I saw today and it was ok. Directions were very detailed and parking was available. Booked for 30mins and I was there for probably 20. Massage was non existent as I was offered extra right away. She said her name is Jenny but I think she’s Gigi that used to be on Broadway. Wouldn’t repeat. I’ll just stick to my regular from now on.
  6. fukenfresh

    Studio 553

    How is this place recently? Are there new girls ?
  7. fukenfresh

    Ginger @ EB

    What was the damage all in all?
  8. fukenfresh

    Assiniboine Ave

    Anybody have seen this lady recently?
  9. fukenfresh

    561 Broadway

    Is ln’t this place run by the same people from Sargent and Corydon?
  10. fukenfresh

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    So the massage will leave you happy and not the tug after?
  11. Is Gigi gone too?
  12. fukenfresh

    Jasmine's Spa

    Any news in this place lately?
  13. Just wondering if anybody have been to this place. How are the ladies and rates?
  14. fukenfresh

    Has anyone seen?

    She's great? Wasn't a review for her says she is mechnical as it gets?
  15. fukenfresh

    Route 90 Massage

    Is this a really late review/post? They've been gone for a few weeks now I think. Are they back? Can you reply here for some info or please pm me?