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  1. fukenfresh

    Briana 741 St. Mary's

    She sounds like Maya. A bit chubby. Calls you baby all the time in a soft voice. She would jump on the table and just keep on putting pressure on your back. Wouldn’t repeat!
  2. fukenfresh

    Erika - 832 Corydon

    When he said “matched” I was assuming that. With that said, I’d be happy if it’s just 50% close to the photo. H
  3. fukenfresh

    Erika - 832 Corydon

    So the Erika you saw is the person in this ad? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/spend-time-with-me/1394021635?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  4. fukenfresh

    Ginger @ EB

    Late 20’s. Used to know her back in the day.
  5. fukenfresh

    Ness Location

    She’s old. Pushing close to 50. Crossed off about a year ago. Just not for me.
  6. fukenfresh

    Chloe Nicole-massage

    Not doctored but more like filtered heavily through snapchat. Pretty nice girl but kind of weird set-up back then. Looks about 5 for me and service about 7. Crossed off but won't return.
  7. fukenfresh

    SARA at 561 Broadway

    Four Hands is stupidest marketing ploy ever. You pay more so they can do half of their job. Not for me at least.
  8. fukenfresh

    VIP.... quick question

    PM them about your intentions. And then message them about it including your handle here. I believe they will review your post and see if you "qualify". No magic to it just their discretion if they will allow you or not.
  9. fukenfresh

    Studio 553

    Honey’s massage is very repetitive and heavy but not in a good way. Cute though and HE is to her discretion. Ivy, I haven’t tried and not sure if she provides extras. Anybody can maybe chime in about her. Sorry if this sounds like it’s jacking the 553 thread.
  10. fukenfresh

    Studio 553

    I believe Trent was asking about Studio 553 on St. Marys aka Jasmines Spa. Usertaken mentioned about girls from Studio 335 Provencher. I know it’s confusing. Lol 553 is gone and I believe girls are working somewhere on the Westwood area.
  11. fukenfresh

    Favourite massage

    About a month ago, I was passing by Studio 553 and decided to go in and see who's working. It was probably just luck that there was a new girl named Sasha. She was very friendly and hit it off right away. She massage me for 15 mins and it wasn't that bad at all. Then she grabbed me by the shaft and asked me what do I really wanted. Long story short we was all over each other and everywhere in the room for an hour more. It was the best I've had I guess. Tried coming back there after a week and they said she's gone for good. I would love to fine her again. I'd repeat that over and over if I could.
  12. fukenfresh

    Assiniboine Ave

    I think she has a new number. She has a banging body but rates are a little up there considering basically just happy ending as extras. Crossed off my list but won’t be repeating.
  13. fukenfresh

    Favourite massage

    I would have to agree with Deepthrower...
  14. fukenfresh

    Vogue Spa and Nails..

    Is there any update here guys? Just wondering..
  15. fukenfresh

    Pembina - 3000 block

    I saw today and it was ok. Directions were very detailed and parking was available. Booked for 30mins and I was there for probably 20. Massage was non existent as I was offered extra right away. She said her name is Jenny but I think she’s Gigi that used to be on Broadway.