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    Thanks for visiting my profile. Iâ??m a sometimes egotistical and almost always omnipotent financial trader but always a complete gentleman with the utmost respect and admiration for the wonderful ladies here who give us so much and ask so little in return.

    I wanted to learn something completely different and unrelated to my job at the time so I took a lengthy course in massage therapy and became a Registered Massage Therapist. While I never started a practice or tried to make a living doing this I do consider it to be one of my most life changing experiences, thus the handle BackRubMan.

    My main goal in life is to make the world a better place.
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  1. OMG! Sincerely, the place just wasn't at all the same without you RG!
  2. I never make requests but I really prefer that the lady not get dressed up and just wear whatever she might if I wasn't coming to visit. If I'm pressed for a suggestion jeans and a T-shirt or especially whatever she is truly most comfortable in, even PJs. To me her clothes are the least important aspect. I'm going to visit the person so her personality is the most important thing and anything else would just be a bonus. I like to find her as she is, not as she has gone to the unnecessary trouble to make herself look like just for me :) Yeah, coolest of all is exactly how she would appear if I was not coming to see her.
  3. I hadn't heard of "leolist" so I set about to find out what it was and after accessing a page or two my Malware Bytes Premium blocked it and alerted that is was attempting to install malware. I find it rather sickening that you can be infected with malware simply by visiting a web site with a windozzze PC but alas that is the case.
  4. Yes. I have enjoyed the company of spectacular ladies many times for a week or two at a time and it's highly worth while as it's a completely different experience. Obviously you need to know the lady fairly well BEFORE planning a trip. I would also recommend making sure she is completely independent (has her own room), has lots of time to herself (you would want some also) and even the ability to leave and return home at any time without any reliance on you, just for her own comfort and security. I have found that a good approach at a resort is to give her a small two-way radio and invite her to contact me only when she wants to hang out. I've also been turned down quite a few times when I have inquired about such an excursion (which is to be expected) but any lady that did accept my invitation had an awesome time, I made sure of that!
  5. I suppose there are circumstances where a "burner phone" could be hard to explain if it was discovered and might have the exact opposite effect of what is intended by getting one. Personally I would just use my everyday phone but it's necessary ensure that you don't have anyone in your contact list and delete call history and text messages immediately and don't use any invasive apps like Facebook. Some billing from carriers will show all calls (even ones that don't count against your airtime, etc.). Perhaps a better idea than a burner is to unlock your phone (if it isn't already unlocked) and just change the SIM card to a prepaid one when you need to be a secret agent for a short time. I seem to recall there is a new law where your carrier has to provide the unlock code for your phone after you have had it for 3 months or more and the bill is kept current. Most Lyla ladies are really professional and won't text or call you when you might not be expecting it.
  6. I think a discovered burner phone could be a much bigger problem than explaining an errant text message that was "obviously sent to the wrong number".
  7. This used to be more of a problem but thankfully it seems almost everyone has switch to e-cigarettes or has quit (having previously switched to e-cigarettes) so smoking actual cancer causing cigarettes that smell so bad is becoming obsolete quickly.
  8. One thing that "bothers" me about the whole reference idea starts with what Phaedrus said which is exactly right, it's only polite to ask first. The troublesome part is that 9 times out of 10 the subsequent query or reference request never actually occurs for whatever reason so the polite asking if it's ok to use as a reference ends up (ultimately) amounting to extraneous chatter.
  9. That's not what I meant Meg. If the email account is already compromised and you send an e-transfer and also email the password then both component parts are known and the transfer can be deposited into any account (not necessarily the one it was intended for). How could the account already be compromised? Well I have seen a lady log into her email and although I didn't choose to make note of her password (as I would never do something like that) I very easily could have. On another occasion a lady asked to use my computer which could have logged her keystrokes for later review even if I wasn't looking. We have seen the occasional reports (even here) that a lady's email account was compromised, make no matter how, it happens.
  10. I don't think it matters. Each lady does what she thinks is best for her. If the lady insists on a reference, I'm fine with that. If she doesn't see the value in doing that, I don't think it really indicates very much of anything about her. Some ladies believe in asking for references while others just don't have the time or see the value in it.
  11. That's great (with TD) but certainly one bank I have used for this purpose (RBC) doesn't ask for this information (or allow you to supply it) when doing an e-transfer and they send a lot of detail even my "legal name" (e.g. not the similar name I would generally go by). While TD maybe somewhat anonymous enough for the purpose right now' date=' I suppose it is subject to change at any time without notice. I prefer to pay in full and have the transaction completed ahead of time when visiting [b']someone I know and trust[/b], it's just one less thing to worry about and I have no issue with them knowing my legal name as I don't see any benefit in playing secret agent. If you do use e-transfer you should send the password by a different method (not email) as any random stranger with both the email and the password can deposit the transaction into any account and it would be difficult to reverse. Of course paying a stranger is very likely a good way for them to remain a stranger and never meet them :)
  12. A least they haven't yet published their names like they were all too quick to do in Sydney...
  13. No, I used to visit Ottawa often but my office there is no more and as a result I haven't had the pleasure of a visit to Ottawa in a couple of years, I guess it is long overdue. I would think that LocalBitCoins would be very fast and efficient in a city like Ottawa. Oh, I just checked and they are trading for $2,550 on QuadrigaCX so if you'd held on to those $1100 coins you would have doubled your money. PayPal has strict policies against these transactions so it's definitely not the solution and they also charge 2.9% + $0.30.
  14. Bitcoins are actual money and more useful than Canadian or US dollars but yes of course, you can exchange your bitcoin for fiat currency if you must. I started heavily investing in Bitcoin when it was around $100 and when it reached $1000 US I cashed out 75% of my investment to take profit, of course I wish I hadn't as it's now over $2,100 Canadian but 20-20 hindsight is a wonderful thing:) In larger cities there are Bitcoin ATMs which can convert fiat currency to bitcoin and back again. If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin from the comfort of your home QuadrigaCX is a Canadian bitcoin exchange based in Vancouver and CEX.IO LTD is another popular choice with offices in London, UK and a payment partner in Lefkosia, Cyprus. You can also use localbitcoins.com which is more conventional (cash, Interac transfers, PayPal etc.). Bitcoin is something very strange to most people that haven't used it but as soon as you have used bitcoin to pay for a hotdog from a vendor on a street corner it seems almost magical as to how simple and easy it is. Youtube has many (too many) videos that explain anything and everything bitcoin for anyone that wants to understand it. It's obviously anonymous and untraceable enough because unfortunately it has become the favorite way for people to purchase anything and everything illegal on the dark/deep web.
  15. I agree it's hard for people to initially understand but actually doing a bitcoin transaction is much easier than any other method. In my case it is most often a lady I will have seen in the past, likely many times so I prefer just to pay in advance, the full amount, by Interac email transfer. It doesn't cost me more and then it's one less thing to worry about. Ladies know their business but they usually aren't computer security experts so I always send the password for the deposit via SMS or some other method to ensure the deposit doesn't get diverted by a compromised email account. I started seriously buying bitcoins when it was under $100. Now that it is $2154 Canadian one would think the Ladies would be more than willing to accept bitcoin even if they didn't quite understand what to do with it, but rather as an investment :) While every bitcoin transaction is a matter of public record, knowing who owns account 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2 is virtually impossible.
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