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  1. Prostitution Research & Education posts this on their front page: (Prostitution is One Form of Violence Against Women) Starting from such an ideology, I'd wonder about anything they publish. Also, they're associated with Melissa Farley, who gets absolutely skewered in this article: http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2011/07/24/a-load-of-farley/
  2. neebleton

    The Happy Hobbyist

    Truthfully, now I'm kind of tempted to open a letter to a SP with that just to see what kind of response I'd get ;)
  3. neebleton

    Negotiating = Not Cool

    In my view, one of the huge upsides of the internet in terms of the provision of sex work is that much of the information about providers and what services those providers actually provide is readily and publicly available, either via ads, reviews, or through interactions with the SP his/herself. This prevents any sort of surprise and minimizes the need for a negotiation of fees because the pricing is transparent and available beforehand so you can make an informed decision. To give an example in a different industry, I wouldn't haggle with my dentist about his prices, but I absolutely would decline to get elective surgery if I didn't think it was worth the price he was asking.
  4. This reminds me of one of my favorite Ricky Gervais bits:
  5. neebleton

    What do you think?

    re: skinny shaming I wish plus-size clothing stores would stop running ad campaigns saying stuff like "Clothes for real women". Slender people aren't imaginary!
  6. neebleton

    What animal would you be?

    Manatee. Definitely manatee.
  7. neebleton

    Fleshlight oooooooh

    Venus Envy at the corner of Lisgar and Bank carries them. Here's their site: venusenvy.ca
  8. Kind of tangential to having sex with someone who is asleep by mistake, but an interesting take on the situation of consent with unconscious partners. Consider the case R. v. J.A (summarized here). which was recently heard by the Supreme Court of Canada. In it, a woman consented to sex with a partner, and for her partner to choke her unconscious. While unconscious, he penetrated her with a toy. She regained consciousness, and they continued having consensual sex. Later, she complained to the police about this behaviour, though she ultimately tried to withdraw her complaint. However, prosecution proceeded. The court ruled that the penetration while the woman was unconscious must be considered an assault because consent in sex is predicated on the ability to withdraw that consent at any time during the activity. Being unconscious removes that ability, so consensual sex cannot exist while one partner is unconscious even if that partner consented initially. There are a couple of issues with this reading - ie, if you kiss your partner while s/he is sleeping, have you committed a sexual assault? Additionally, in the dissenting opinion one judge noted that this ruling deprives women of the right to partake in activities that do not result in bodily harm. Conceivably, someone might love getting fondled while sleeping. I don't understand why someone would, but there's a lot of things people do sexually that I don't understand. Anyway, my point is that if you accept the court's ruling, even if you are a 'nice guy' who gets consent to have sex with a sleeping women, because she cannot withdraw consent, you are committing an assault.
  9. neebleton

    Mother/Daughter porn...

    Not to derail this thread, but Snopes has a pretty good writeup of the snuff film phenomenon. It's an interesting read, if you are willing to tolerate accounts of both real-life and pretend violence. Here's the link: http://www.snopes.com/horrors/madmen/snuff.asp
  10. neebleton

    Scarlet Road-A Sex Worker's Journey

    "Would it be worth going to work to pay for your sessions?" The eternal question :(
  11. neebleton

    Any interest in an AMA

    I think Berlin recently tried to do one, but was met with a minimal and unhelpful response. http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=394958&postcount=9
  12. neebleton

    Favourite Tunes Of 2012

    I'm really into Adele's I think it's super clever the way they worked the bond theme into that.
  13. neebleton

    Sex in the States

    I don't even care so much that it's illegal in the US, what matters more to me is the harshness of the penalties. These include: public shaming, being put on sex offender registries (along with rapists and pedophiles), being sent to "john school" re-education camps, and as mentioned above, effective exile. These punishments seem entirely out of proportion with what is a consensual act with no harms to the person or state. It reminds of Singapore where the punishment for drug dealing is execution (though recently they softened their response to merely life imprisonment with torture)
  14. neebleton

    What kind of male are you?

    a (hot ta)male :)
  15. neebleton


    I'd kind of like to be Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, and singlehandedly win the Vietnam war. Sexually, I fantasize about being able to do what porn stars do.