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  1. Has anyone seen Lexi in Fredericton?
  2. Has anyone seen her? Or can anyone vouch for this maritime studios set up?
  3. Has anyone seen any of the new girls in Fredericton lately? Stacey, Alessandra, Celine, Stephanie, Tiffany, Chole, Zoey, Angela, Maely... seems odd that there are so many new faces all at once
  4. Has anyone seen either of them? Would you recommend?
  5. Has anyone seen blonde Cassandra? Seems like she has a Vancouver and/or Ottawa background and has been around NB. So may be too good to be true
  6. Has anyone seen her to confirm her legitimacy?
  7. Has anyone seen Sommer? Is she legitimate?
  8. Saw her recently. Amazing natural body and if you know French she seems to open up a little bit, otherwise it’s very business-like. Will definitely repeat.
  9. Anybody see her and have any info on her legitimacy?
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