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  1. Knowledge

    MAs on Jasmine Crescent

    What do you want to know? I've seen both girls that work there
  2. Knowledge


    Indy Mia Grace and faith at cmj are both great too.
  3. Knowledge

    Karyn Svensen??

    Just go. Best ma exp you will ever get!!
  4. Knowledge

    Craigslist gone.

    Pretty sure everyone went to leolist. Start saving numbers lol
  5. Knowledge

    Info on Karmin

    She's a nice girl. She was at bliss but now Indy. No complaints about her.
  6. Knowledge

    Rarity on Blair Rd

    Pretty sure Amber is Ma only
  7. Knowledge

    Rarity on Blair Rd

    Glad to help. :) Additional Comments: Glad to help. :)
  8. Knowledge

    Rarity on Blair Rd

    Yes looks exactly like her pics. She's in her mid 20s. Not too old. I've seen all 3. Rarity ..amber ..sheila and they are all nice girls. No issues with me.
  9. Knowledge

    Gentlemen, I am curious...

    I just say ...Hey are you available at ...time etc.. Keep it simple lol
  10. Knowledge

    Euphoric Spa on Antares

    Pretty sure they are gone. Didn't last long either. Was a horrible setup in there too.
  11. Knowledge

    Rarity on Blair Rd

    I seen rarity today. Nice girl. Had a good time..no complaints.
  12. Knowledge

    Harmony at Body Basics

    I will add to this and say harmony was alot of fun. You can tell she likes what she does :)
  13. Knowledge

    New guy question

    I second Mia. She's awesome!
  14. Knowledge


    The Columbian girl gives an amazing massage. But that's it. No happy fun stuff. But def worth the visit if you want a real good massage. I've seen her a few times.