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  1. halifax76

    Melanie from Ottawa

    ran a few images through reverse image search on google. the face pic comes back as Ellie O'Donnell. The rest come back from various service provider posts matching the above one in ontario. Might be a provider just using a random face to hide their real identity, but give a close example. does say they are from Ottawa with a Montreal number though.
  2. halifax76

    Cos play

    Just curious if anyone knows of a local provider that has costumes. not the typical ones you find at any given sex store. but more in the line of cosplay style. Or if they are even open to wearing one if someone was to provide it. It's not for everyone, so i thought i would ask. Thanks.
  3. halifax76

    Anyone seen Alexis?

    Reached out not that long ago, got a "hey" reply. Asked for some more details to see if we were a good fit and got nothing more from her. Would be interested to hear if anyone has spent time with her also.
  4. Just curious if anyone has experience with this service provider. i have seen some post pop up regularly lately. if you have any info it would be greatly appreciated, here or PM. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_amber_55_inch_booty-4423942
  5. halifax76

    Vandal Vyxen

    So to echo the comment above. She is completely legit, and one of the best experiences i've had in a long time. Will be keeping an eye out for her next visit.
  6. halifax76

    Vandal Vyxen

    So i just booked for tomorrow afternoon. Won't be able to write anything until then. The communication has been really good with full thoughts/sentences. No short answers that keep you questioning anything and she was extremely helpful working out a few things for me to find common ground on our limitations between us. My gut tells me everything is legit and pretty excited to meet her. Amazing relaxed personality from what i can tell so far. Just a few more of my thoughts.
  7. halifax76

    Vandal Vyxen

    Much the same as above, I was out of town on her last visit. and was too late seeing the post on the one before that. I reached out to see how long she was in town to see if i would get back in time. Communication was easy and very upfront and informative. Had no second thoughts about it, just didn't get back before she had to leave. She has the look i am drawn too most so I've been wanting to meet up since her first visit years ago. Maybe this time will work out. I can understand the deposit, I've heard a few visiting people say they are getting too many no-shows and false bookings. It would just be what your comfortable in doing. I'd personally wait for the post to say she is actually here before booking, but that's just me.
  8. halifax76

    New client booking with VIPOTG

    Awhile ago the local police were involved looking into a group bringing in Asian service providers. Right after that happened they went silent for eventually coming back, but with more restrictions like you are mentioning when booking. They were either the ones involved and/or being extra cautious now a days.
  9. I'm guessing that is a bot post. I've noticed back page and leolist seem to have a lot of fake post that get generated from the sites to uplift traffic. - If i look at a visiting SP post, it will continue to post it long after they are gone stripping the portion describing the dates they are in town. - When i view the group listings, they also seem to have a lot of post where there is no way to contact anyone and the descriptions are very generic. - The first SP add i ever looked at on BP was for Emily Willson, i still check her posts out every so often when the site was still up. With every city i visit and browse BP it always has her posts as local with generic info no matter what country. Throw in leolists excessive posts about $40 an hour with really attractive women it just tells me there is a lot of back ground data going on to try and make traffic. Just my thoughts.
  10. Hey Sweets :) Thanks for checking out my profile ! Feel free to PM me anytime ;)

  11. Thanks for checking out my profile :) Merry Christmas and happy new year sweetie, feel free to PM me anytime ;) Xoxo

  12. halifax76

    Info on Catherine

    I'll second the fun comment. Really easy to talk too, down to earth and loves to kiss. Location is a bit sketchy when i went. but well worth it.
  13. halifax76

    Bella Snow Bunny

    maybe text the toronto number and ask if she is visiting. say you saw her pic's in another city and just wanted to double check. I know a few visiting providers will get a local number to make it easier for clients who want to call.
  14. halifax76

    Karina Valentina

    If i remember correctly from her last visit she is under body language escort agency, but also operates as a independent too. One ad is worded like a agency and the other is more like she is posting personally in the way I'm reading them. I may be mistaken on this but i think body language is a collective of SP's helping each other out. I've seen a few body language ladies over the years. they never disappoint and always offer a great GFE experience as far as i'm concerned. One of those groups that the more respect you give the more you get....of course ymmv.
  15. halifax76

    Karina Valentina

    I've seen her twice over two separate visits. Both times i had a great experience.