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  1. A long, long time ago in my youthful exuberance I tried that. It was not very fulfilling or even good. It was in the garbage a few days after.
  2. I can understand the insecurity part. Men, for all our outer bravado, machoism or whatever you call it, are for the most part, insecure about themselves. I do think guys should think about the pleasure more and not worry over the trivial things. One thing about the stimulation of "tools" is it helps to overcome the de-sensitization caused by the condom. I think most guys if they thought about that would be more open to it. Just my thought on it though.
  3. @Kitten, I like that idea of a variety of toys. Obviously, not all guys would be into that and would be more about the flesh to flesh touch as you say but I would find a combination of both to be very stimulating. I was with a lady once who used her vibrator while I came in from behind. Kind of a man/ machine DP if you will. Not only did the combination give her great pleasure but I found the tingle of the vibrator on me to be a huge turn-on.
  4. I have indeed signed it when I saw the link on Twitter. But thanks for posting this Phaedrus. We really need this industry made safer and better for all involved and this is a positive first step. I only hope rational minds in government can prevail and not be coerced by do-gooders with no concept of the realities.
  5. This is actually a good topic to explore and talk about in a rational, intelligent manner. Most of us men have been programmed from an early age by our fathers, peers and the overall male patriarchy that masturbation and especially butt play are some terrible, evil thing. We are taught that if we find pleasure in anything that involves having something in our anus, it means we are homosexual. As I have become more experienced and sexually self aware, I realize that most of this is a fallacy based solely on homophobia. For me, masturbation has always been enjoyable and for the majority of my life, a necessity. As someone that was single for a very long time and only married for a short time, relatively speaking, in middle age, finding a sex partner wasn't always easy. I did alright but I didn't really discover this wonderful lifestyle until my 50s. After discovering this world and exploring my sexuality deeper including my introduction to transgender, I realized that I can be a heterosexual male but still enjoy other aspects that have always been taboo. After I realized this and quit worrying about the trivial nonsense, I not only enjoyed the company of some very lovely transgender escorts but also bought myself an anal vibrator. I have also enjoyed some strap on play. Those and also having some companions give me a prostate massage has really opened my eyes to great experiences. I have found that stimulating the prostate has greatly enhanced my orgasms and frankly, the ejaculation is much greater. I now realize that the programming was flawed and both masturbation and butt play should not be feared or dismissed. Maybe not for everybody, I know but relax and don't be afraid to try new things, I say. Sorry if this was a little long winded, my friends. Cheers all and wishing for an end to covid and a healthy dose of sex for all, lol.
  6. Jedi Master Yoda. "Do or do not, there is no try". Or anybody in Star Trek except the red shirt guys who always die in the first scene. I wish I could insert a funny meme here. Okay, joking aside, a musician (jazz saxophonist perhaps) even though I don't have an ounce of musical talent.
  7. I don't understand that nonsense from Twitter. Seriously, wonderful people spreading the joy of sex amd love getting banned for too many followers? Meanwhile, morons full of hate and anger who have no usefull purpose in the world can get away with murder and can have a billion followers and the site doesn't give a shit until all hell breaks loose. This world we inhabit is a fucked up mess. Anyway, not that I'm important but @Peacecountryguy, fwiw.
  8. That last part would be the best for the country but I can't see that egomaniac being willing to concede anything, let alone accepting responsibility. They are in a tough spot. They do need to let the dust settle and let the FBI and other agencies build a full and proper case before they rush into any charges. Get the culprits rounded up that were directly involved which they are already doing. Then build a strong case on Trump. Bidens' administration can't let it slide though or they will be viewed as weak by their own constituents. Notably minority voters who will see it as another slap in the face. Trump went after them hard regarding BLM protests etc. They will want these white counterparts equally punished and especially the ringleader in Trump. A lot more tough times and division ahead in the U.S. It won't be easy to repair the wounds this thing has caused.
  9. I also think the Dems are in a very precarious position regarding Trump in the aftermath of this. He should be charged and convicted of several very serious crimes, Impeachment after his term is very likely as well. But if they make the example of him they should, they could very well incite his followers even more by allowing them to view him as a martar. I also don't think the Covid situation is near it's end. Yes, they've got the vaccine now but it will take time to erradicate it and Biden's administration will be under the gun because people aren't going to be patient. The U.S. is a powder keg getting ready to blow. It's been brewing for a long time.
  10. I think it would be naive to think we have seen the worst and things will calm down. Trump has literally millions of followers that have completely bought into his rhetoric and bullshit for the last few years. These people have become "true believers" that they are right and they are willing to go to war. They are already planning more attacks around the inauguration. The FBI is rounding up a lot of the perpetrators of Jan 6 but they are really just the tip of the iceberg. As for Trump, he has finally had his social media megaphone shut down but it is too little, too late. He knows that he has no hope of being nominated or elected in 2024 by any democratic legal means so that's not an issue. The real problem is no longer Trump himself but the massive unification of the radical right that he has created and openly embraced. These people were already out there in smaller splinter groups but now they have become united in one cause based on Trumps endless conspiracy theories and they are all easily brainwashed anyway. Most of these people are so far gone, they are ready to die in this insane effort to take the country from the dems who they view as the evil enemy.
  11. My hope is that Pence and his cabinet come to the realization that he needs to be removed from office by the 25th amendment to the constitution. And that they do it immediately before he starts pre-emptively handing out pardons to get off the hook. And I really hope that the incoming AG will be able to bring the full force of the law against him for the acts of Jan 6, 2021. They are nothing short of sedition, treason, inciting a riot and imo, accessory to murder or at least manslaughter for the deaths that occurred. Sadly, I fear this will not happen though. My thought is Biden will think this through and realize that persuing it could possibly divide the nation further. And further stoke the flame of the radical right wing movement that Trump has brought out of hiding and nurtured these last 4 years. Despite Trumps artificial and scripted chastising and condemnation of the acts and perpetrators of this attack on the capitol, I truly believe it is exactly what he wants. I also believe that he purposely held back the national guard by ignoring repeated requests and calls so the rioters could get in and do the damage they intended to do. I also believe that because of how easily they were able to pull this off, it emboldens these neo nazis and white supremacists to take this even further. We could be witnessing the beginning of some very disturbing events in U.S. history. I hope not and maybe I'm going a little overboard with paranoia but these people were completely unafraid of any consequences here. And they are zealots which makes them all extremely dangerous. I also think there are a lot more out there who share their views. The division in the United States has not been this profound since the abolition of slavery.
  12. So after many delays, Covid bringing us all down and a ton of hype, Christmas day was finally the release of the Wonder Woman sequel. Warner released it in theatres and simultameously as a rental on streaming platforms. HBO Max in the US which we don't have here in Canada but available on Itunes, I believe and Google play store. Now $30 is a pretty high ticket for a stream obviously but since there was really nothing but a lot of stuff I had already seen or a bunch of garbage on Netflix, Prime and other streaming sites, I bit the bullet and rented as my Christmas gift to myself so here are my thoughts on the matter. Before I get to the sequel, I just want to point out the things that made the original such a good movie. In the original, the Secondary characters were very interesting. Chris Pine's little band of misfits and his seceratary Etta Candy played by Lucy Davis was fun and quirky. Also, the villians in the first one were very good and the catch of David Thewliss' character being the true antagonist was brilliant. Now on to the sequel we go. It was not nearly as good as the original, imo. I've seen some headlines of critics touting it but I'm pretty sure Warner bpught them off. This movie had virtually no secondary characters of any interest. The villians in this movie were also not all that interesting. Now the "Cheetah" character played by Kristen Wiig was a sexy counterpart to Gal Gadot, but she was basically just a copycat version of several of the Batman characters like Catwoman and Poisin Ivy and there really wasn't enough of her to get fully invested in the character. The antagonist of the movie, Maxwell Lord played by Pedro Pascal was actually such a pussy that it was hard to even have the animosity toward him that you need with a truly good antagonist. Now there were some positives so it wasn't all bad. Some of the action sequences were fantastic although there could have been more. Not to spoil it for anyone but a nice homage to Indiana Jones thrown in the middle was quite entertaining. The storyline could have been good if handled properly but it missed it's opportunity due to poor direction. When all was said and done, I guess I could have saved my money and just watched something on Netflix but it is what it is. Cheers everyone.
  13. Nude is by far the best way to actually sleep, imo. Hell, I wish that humans had never learned modesty and lived in a perfectly climate controlled environment so we could be naked all the time.
  14. I have learned through this crazy year that I have become far more relaxed and able to let trivial things go better. I'm starting to see the big picture in all of this and can now truly say that I no longer worry or stress myself over that which I have no control over. Only some of that has to do with "the vid" as Kevin Hart called it. Probably just as much has to do with my 2018- early 2019 being awful and sending me into a downward spiral. But the second half of 19, I was able to pull myself up with some help from friends and now have found some wisdom and inner strength. This crisis we are in has only strengthened me more and I have become a voice of reason and a mentor to many of those around me. Now I am looking forward to 2021 more than any new year in recent memory. I hope we can all turn a corner and get this craziness over with. I really hope humanity, in general has learned something but my only concern is that we, as a species, will simply revert back to what we always have been.
  15. I think it's interesting you mention the voicemail. I think you can definitely get a better feel for someone if you can hear the intonation of their voice. It's not 100% but it does give one a much better impression than just words on a screen. I remember the first time I contacted you and you wanted that call to confirm the booking. It made things so much easier when I arrived at your door because some of the nervousness was less.
  16. I went to the grocery store to pick up some things today and when I got back in my car I had two questions... 1. Who was the jackass that sent out the memo to all elderly and middle aged people that manners and courtesy were no longer important? And 2. Why the hell did said jackass forget to send me the memo? Ok, sorry, rant over. Happy holidays to you all.😁 P.S. On a good note, I'm noticing when putting money in the Savation Army bell outside that it seems people are being more generous this year. I guess not being able to travel to their favorite "snowbird" locale has them having more disposable income.
  17. I think you may know my answer to this Allie but I will answer it for anyone else curious. There are no set requirements when I am meeting someone for the first times as it relates to looks or physical attraction or age or specific things sexual. That is just me. Be true to myself and just try to enjoy the moments as they come. There is so much more enjoyment to this if I allow myself to just let it organically happen. And also being open minded and willing to try some things that I may not have thought of trying before. If or when I meet a companion that I can have a mutually enjoyable time with, regardless of the details, it is just more fulfilling. Now, having said that, obviously sex is a vital component in all of this. We are, after all, sexual creatures and my libido, even at 61 is still very alive and well. So yes, that part of it is the driving motivation behind this lifestyle. The intimacy and release keeps me healthy mentally and spiritually. Therefore, obviously the companion I choose must be skilled in the art of sexual satisfaction and for the most part, that has not been an issue.
  18. Even my "bah, humbug" ass could get into Christmas if Santa would bring me such lovely gifts. 😁
  19. Loved that. Thank you as always for all you do. And thank you for your insights. And wishing well to all of you out there. Hope you all are staying healthy and safe.
  20. I'm not sure if thread like this has been done before or if this is the right section but I am just curious as to how everyone is doing. We are dealing with unprecidented things in our world. Not just our little private escort/client world on this site but in general throughout the human landscape of our planet. My hope is all of you are managing to cope with the stress and uncertainty that this bizarre year has brought us and I do hope you are finding things to do to take your mind off it all. I realize that I have never met almost all of you in person and can't say I truly know you but I honestly feel a bond of online friendship to you all and care about everyone's well being. So I am reaching out to wish you all the best and hope some of you can share stories of how you have been able to cope. As for myself, I have been in a position where I have had to deal with literally dozens of people daily throughout this crisis. Before this all started last year, I retired from my trade and moved out of the oil patch to somewhat wind down a little. I went to work for Home Depot so I could work in a controlled environment and be able to help pass on some of my knowledge and experience while getting to meet new people. Needless to say, the retail DIY business has boomed due to the pandemic. People have a lot of time on their hands and are doing projects to fill the void and probably as a way to take their minds off things. More power to them I say but my thoughts of slowing down a little in my 60's has been pretty much shot to hell. I find myself putting more miles on than I ever did and the stress level gets very high at times. However, I am in a place of somewhat quiet calm mentally. I have found myself delving into projects at home, experimenting with my culinary arts, still enjoying some moments with companions when possible and not really thinking heavily on all the problems out there. Fortunately, my physical health is not a concern as I am in very good shape for a man my age and my energy level is quite high. I am fortunate in that regard and realize that some folks aren't so lucky. I will continue to concentrate my efforts on staying positive and upbeat as best as possible. And I will continue to show respect and kindness to others and make an effort to be an example to others on how to treat people right. Regardless of gender, race, orientation or anything else, we are all human beings in this together and the more we can do to reach out to others and lend a hand or even just a kind word of encouragement, the better chance we have of making the world a better place. So again, I wish you all well and hope you find ways to remain positive and healthy. I am also more than willing to help anyone as much as I can with any questions regarding health or mental self awareness or how to fix little things around the house. At least as best as I am able. Cheers to you all out there.
  21. Thank you again @lydiahardwood for these interviews. It's a lot of fun reading these. And thanks to RG for the rambling, ahem interview, lol. 🤣Always fun to read your insights, my friend.
  22. Thank you for another insightful interview @lydiahardwood. And thank you @SarahAlexxx for your honest and open insights. I enjoy these opportunities to learn and expand my horizons.
  23. That was a great read. I think we could all do well to continue to look at ourselves and think about our perceptions and our attitudes. As you stated @Daysha Love, it's about educating ourselves and also about listening to people's experience. Then putting all the nonsense aside about race and color and just liking each other for who we are. Thank you @lydiahardwood for this thread.
  24. Actually Sugar, another fella started it but he was quite reasonable and courteous and thanked us for the input. This is a different guy.
  25. I agree and I apologize for getting defensive. These types of threads, more often than not, deteriorate into an argument that is pointless.
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