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  1. Lily of Montreal


    Hopefully thye won't makes us jump in loops with only 140 characters and the all social media circus like BP did at the end,well that was also my end... When anything gets too complicated ,be it work ,hobbying or relations is when I call it quit...
  2. Lily of Montreal

    Hug or Handshake?

    I am not sure my handshake qualify as one: if someone does take my hand I usually wrap my other hand around our handshake so it turn into a hug hands .. I am a hugger and toucher even in real life ,in fun life? Magnify by 10 ..
  3. Lily of Montreal

    Happy Birthday to Meaghan McLeod

    Happy B-day Meghan,have fun!
  4. Lily of Montreal

    Anyone here using Switter?

    I just joined,since i was not on Twitter it is really intimidating so far but it is a start... I never wanted to be on social media who has real life and sex related mix as I try very hard not to mix my lives and Big Brother has a way to makes links I was afraid but since that new Swittter thing is for the hobby I felt safe to join. It is more so I can use it when I will want to advertize and need to provide a link but will try to get the hang of it....Social medias are not my forte.
  5. Anything by Louise Penny, I am sad I finished the series and I heard she didn'td think there would be another Inspecteur Gamache book,snif. It is actually a ex-favourite who gave me the first one and it was such a great gift.T he only client that I exchanged gifts with.He was special.
  6. Lily of Montreal

    Best compliment you ever got?

    In real life,not as Lily,I once had my boss say to me: ''Lily,you're expensive,but you're worth every penny'' Guess what I say if someone comments on my rates?lol
  7. Lily of Montreal

    Turn-offs for a lady

    I got a message on my website that I had me baffled: 30-01-18 2h I get it that he is ''asking'' for a 2h meeting on the 30th but it is kind of succinct and there is a lot of 2h windows in a day,as far as first intro it lacks pizzazz sigh
  8. Lily of Montreal

    biggest blunder

    It's not a big blunder but I should know better. There is a massage place that advertise on boards and I was passing on a street in a friend's car when I saw the facade , I didn't knew it was in that neighbourhood, and I exclaimed: ''That's where XYZ is !'' And my friend looked at me and asked how come I knew that place... (it doesn't even say massage ,just the name), so I just said vaguely I thought I recognized the name from ''somewhere''...
  9. Lily of Montreal

    Turn-offs for a lady

    And it would be nice to start by hello... Beside the one character text only abbreviations are high on my do not answer list, a ''U avail?'' won't get an reply ...
  10. Lily of Montreal

    Turn-offs for a lady

    Not a turn off but a WTF, just saw I receive a text this morning (I do not use text so rarely check,the text was : ''?'' That's it...what I am supposed to reply? I deleted it...
  11. Lily of Montreal

    biggest blunder

    You are not a monster and do not borrow trouble... Maybe she forgot you too...
  12. Lily of Montreal

    biggest blunder

    It's been so long ago,is he still with her? It help to remember that people care about themselves more then why a roommate left 20 years ago..
  13. Yes,we cannot post anymore without but it is a problem for the ladies like me who do not want to be on all those way too visible social media....
  14. Lily of Montreal

    Happy Holidays, Everyone!

    Happy Holidays! Just enjoy yourselves and enjoy your loved ones and avoid the other ones (if you can) lol.
  15. Lily of Montreal

    In praise of older women

    Bianca...gorgeous lady and the only one who could convince me to so a cam duo online...my first ever cam show experience...memorable