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  1. Oh no? What ... pray tell .... are they paying for then?
  2. Looks like I am the only one paying for pussy..... ... the rest of you are paying for "time and companionship"?
  3. gogofmagog

    Food For Thought

    Thanx TONY.....
  4. Mods? What would happen if I replied in kind? Who here prepays ... seriously?
  5. gogofmagog

    Natural or Shaved

    Never met a courtesan that wasn't shaved....
  6. You are amazing Jenn.... so underrated
  7. Trust is a two way street. Never... ever prepay for pussy.
  8. gogofmagog

    Small Town Hobbying

    In small towns... everyone knows what car everyone drives. Huge problem! I park in busy nearby parking lots and walk over... and usually book in the cover of night.
  9. I "handle" it by seeing escorts.
  10. gogofmagog

    Jen - LL ( The Ultimate Companion )

    Jenn/aka Kace Lane.... will melt your face off.... Almost too hot to be an escort.
  11. gogofmagog

    Visiting Charlottetown this coming weekend

    Amy is a prepay deposit scam. Hannah is a cold star fish.
  12. gogofmagog

    Buyer learnings!

    Too bad you can't identify this escort on this site....
  13. Why is my IP address banned? What "rule" did I break?