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  1. You evidently are a veteran and have a grip on reality. BTW... I have seen you ... and you were magical.
  2. gogofmagog

    Local Sp’s

    They are around.... do yourself a favour.... wait for a visiting sp.
  3. gogofmagog


    From my experience... most sps are not interested in prolonging the session but in making it as short as possible.
  4. gogofmagog

    Thoughts on tipping..

    Fairly compensated? Do ya think?
  5. gogofmagog

    How long does it take

    I can tell you how long it takes to be removed as a member.... within minutes.
  6. gogofmagog

    To the guys: Why?

    Lighten up. It's a compliment. I would worry when the honking stops.
  7. gogofmagog

    Asian Massage Services - PEI

    Anyone remember the Asian R/T across from Belmont Metal? Shut down ASAP by our LE in an effort to "serve and protect". Giving dirtbags handjobs... a menace to society. A fine use of our resources. PEI is an place flush with church going q tips.... such open debauchery with not be tolerated here for a long... long time...
  8. Oh no? What ... pray tell .... are they paying for then?
  9. Looks like I am the only one paying for pussy..... ... the rest of you are paying for "time and companionship"?
  10. Mods? What would happen if I replied in kind? Who here prepays ... seriously?
  11. gogofmagog

    Natural or Shaved

    Never met a courtesan that wasn't shaved....
  12. You are amazing Jenn.... so underrated
  13. Trust is a two way street. Never... ever prepay for pussy.