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  1. I had a chance to see Vikki at her new incall. With the health restrictions we have had to live under it has been a challenge to schedule weekdays to see some ladies. The incall is her own which means I can visit at the time that fits my schedule. It’s a beautiful apartment with excellent parking. Her massages are always just what I need and at the end she is so cute to lookup at.
  2. I visited Bonnie a few months ago. Her pics are absolutely accurate & for her age she is in great shape. Her incall is not where she was a few years ago. It is a much better rental with a discreet entrance and good parking. My opinion. Very safe. Very discreet.
  3. Saw her in April last year. Interesting visit as she had cast on her foot and was in the middle of moving. Texted a few months later and she indicated her break hadn't heeled well. Texted again in July. No response. I would also like to know if she has retired or not.
  4. I finally took wwdy's advice and visited VJ on her latest visit to Winnipeg. She is a lovely and exciting companion and I hope she returns soon. Her pictures are accurate and I was completely at ease the moment she opened the door.
  5. I have seen her a few times. Gia is a safe lady and very hot and her pictures are recent and definitely her. With respect to the other board, if you give the lady attitude you will get it right back.
  6. Gia is a beautiful woman whose pics are absolutely accurate. I will visit her again for as long as she will say yes. For those of you who want details then just call her and you will know what you can look forward to.
  7. My first visit today. EVERYTHING said above is absolutely true. As McAuthur said 'I shall return'.
  8. Have a search for Quinn, I think this is her.
  9. I agree with Nip about Bonnie. And for something a little different, she will climb on the back of my hog and likes going 110.
  10. Opening the curtains to a Beautiful sunny warm morning in the 'peg. I wonder if it has anything to do with Miss Rushton visiting.
  11. Hi Nelle, I noticed on your public profile resent activity that you were online yesterday. I'm interested in your opinion on this thread since 1 comment by you could stop or fuel the growing flame war.
  12. This thread reminds me of a wedding ring on/off. So many decisions. Ring on socks off. Ring off socks on. Ring off socks off. I'd rather save save a few minutes and do something more fun and I don't think my favourite notices anyway.
  13. John Parr St. Elmo's Fire. I need some 'charge me up' music to start this gray Saturday morning in the Peg.
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