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  1. FWIT, she looks Thai to me. Lovely breasts.
  2. Unless you know the attendant well from previous visits, tipping in advance is like "a box of chocolates". You never know what you're going to get.
  3. She is definitely legit. I think she has a website.
  4. He replied to his own post.....with more info.......and only has a couple posts😀 Pull your leg and it comes off....... I was being facetious!
  5. It would only be advertising if you posted the name, address, phone number, and hours of operation!
  6. Visited last week, Absolutely no sign of anyone else in the house. Nice lady. Clean house. Safe visit.
  7. Anybody had any experience at this spa? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/massage-today/1510032897
  8. Does anyone know where Alice that used to be at 841 Henderson went? And what name she is now using? Thanks.
  9. Saw her a year or so ago. Massage was just OK and so was ending, but there are better out there. Not likely to repeat.
  10. She is a sweetheart. Her massage technique is pretty good and includes a choice of finish, so enjoy. She often advertises on LL and you can see her pics there. She has a pretty face and nice personality.
  11. I have seen Tracy twice. Excellent massage and teasing. Language is a barrier, although she may understand and simply pretends she doesn't. Anybody manage a conversation with her?
  12. Any news about 1965 Main. Thinking of going later this week but don't want to waste a visit. Either Main or the new Phoenix location. Any recommendations?
  13. Just to be clear, you went to Sun Hope Wellness?
  14. Whereabouts are these 2 condos located? One on South Pembina and one in old St. Vital? Or am I getting the providers confused?
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