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  1. kypba666

    Angela 741 st.marys

    Likely she went home for the Chinese New Year. I seem to recall something similar when she was at 561 Broadway.
  2. kypba666

    Michelle on LL

    Is this the Michelle around Inkster and Main? Caramel coloured?
  3. kypba666


    Definitely not a picture of Sunny, However, Sunny does look good and no extra pounds IMHO.
  4. kypba666

    Cindy on Henderson

    The right side of the k ad says "Alice". I wonder if this is the Alice that was at 841 Henderson. Still, no way to contact her other than email.....
  5. kypba666

    Pembina - 3000 block

    Her name is Jenny, probably mid 30s, quite attractive with very soft skin. From Calgary and she said she has only been here 2 months. English is not the best but passable. Nice clean townhouse condo. Shower available. Decent massage. Left happy.
  6. kypba666

    Relaxation Massage - 841 Henderson

    This is a working hair salon with 2 massage rooms in the back. Kind of awkward during the day when passing customers to go to the back for a massage. Evenings are much better as no one is getting their hair done. Open until 10 or later. The "owner" does the bookings and lets the massage attendants know when to be there. Walk won't happen here. Saw Alice. Friendly and personable but English is not great. Decent massage with glutes and legs work. I left happy. Apparently the other lady (Marissa?) doesn't work on the glutes at all and won't leave you happy.
  7. kypba666

    Looking for asians

    She is a cute Filipina!
  8. kypba666

    Looking for asians

    Contact Addison. She has an ad on Lyla. Nice young girl, Filipina.