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    My recommendations: https://www.lyla.ch/topic/139650-molly/
    My website: http://www.sexymissmolly.com
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    Fully independent - A romantic, sensual, unhurried experience awaits! Let me show you how good it can be...

    Full girlfriend, massage, edging, teasing, cuddling and passionate kissesâ?¦come spend some time with me in a private, clean location with a warm shower and a king sized bed.

    I invite you to explore my curvy deliciousness and silky soft skin under the flicker of candlelight. I'll take you to a secret place where your fantasies become reality.

    Longer sessions, dinner dates and hotel outcalls are available.

    XOXO Molly
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    Mature, sensual discreet Ottawa GFE provider
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  1. Hello! I’m a sensuous, sexy, mature woman in my early 40s who enjoys all aspects of intimacy. Cuddling, kissing, good conversation and mutual pleasure are very important to me! I’m 100% independent and very discreet. I host from my private, comfortable condo in Alta Vista. A shower is available. Please contact me through my website: www.sexymissmolly.com All information, including rates, is on the front page. *I prefer gentlemen 30+* Twitter: www.twitter.com/SexyMissMolly XOXO Molly
  2. I don't advertise too much because I have enough regulars to keep me busy, but I'm definitely still active. I have a new website as well - very basic but it does the job! http://www.sexymissmolly.com PS - I'm 41...
  3. I'm exactly 40 years, 8 months, 19 days. Or... 1,284,940,800 seconds 21,415,680 minutes 356,928 hours 14,872 days 2124 weeks and 4 days 4074.52% of a common year (365 days) ;-)
  4. My fave toy isn't very exciting, but the way that I use it makes it my fave. It's a little vibrating bullet. I dangle it above and tease myself with it. It has the perfect amount of vibration to bring me to the edge, and then I take it away. I like to torture myself... My worst sex toy? The time I tried to attach a dildo to an exercise ball with duct tape (it was the only thing I had handy). It didn't work! At all. I'm glad no one was watching at the time...
  5. I agree with golfer...it's definitely got to be a multi storey building with concrete walls and floors. Maybe even carpet. A jacuzzi? Not sure how easy that would be to get in a rental...perhaps I could get a wading pool from Canadian Tire and blow through a straw to make bubbles. That's still classy, right?
  6. Hi everyone! I'll be looking for another incall location in the future...I currently split a 2 bedroom apartment with my duo partner. I miss a lot of clients who would like to see me during the week because she has use of the apartment on most weekdays. Of course, I've got my own criteria...I've done a lot of research on what makes a good incall location. Aside from the basics such as cleanliness and privacy, I'd like to know what you think makes a great incall experience. Thanks! XOXO Molly
  7. I was recently asked about them...called around and found them at Venus Envy in Ottawa. I hear they take a bit of practice, so I'll be testing them out first. Anyone interested in reading a review?
  8. Mulletman - I used to work in web tech before I became an MP. The cost of building a site like the one you described would be a major investment, primarily because of security. Even with the best security out there, there's always someone who will be able to hack it eventually and expose all of the 'questionable info'...even hold it for ransom. I, for one, would never put my most personal details on the interwebs. My two cents. :icon_biggrin:
  9. Devo - Whip It https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIEVqFB4WUo
  10. epiphany this evening
  11. I post my face pic in my ads because I think that you can see a lot in a person's face. Not only whether they're pretty, but also happy, healthy and open minded. You can have great abs, but you often those abs come attached to a person who's disinterested and kind of full of themselves. NOTE - That goes for males too. I've been with super attractive guys who were just awful, and average guys that were absolutely amazing with me. Not naming names, but one of my fave clients is a bit overweight and has more than his share of grey hair. Mind you, he treats me RIGHT.
  12. I'm glad you like the new site! I'm not entirely sure about how much info we're allowed to post about ourselves on the site (being a licensed MP), but I'll definitely run it by the management. For now, I'll tell you a little about myself: I'm an extremely open minded person, and I provide GFE with a little bit of a twist...meaning that I can accommodate special requests. I love to talk about music, popular culture, philosophy and travel. I'm a natural DD with blonde hair and blue eyes. Very curvy, but not a BBW. If you send me a friend request, you can check out my photo album which includes photos that aren't in my ads. If you have any other questions, just ask! XO Molly
  13. Hey guys - we finally got a photographer in here to take a few pics. The owners have also been working to make the website more mobile friendly. Take a look and tell me what you think! Suggestions are welcome. XO Molly http://www.bodybasic3000.com/
  14. Always take a shower. Always, always, ALWAYS. Even if you think you're OK. Use the washcloth. Use the towel. Please.
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