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  1. jj1952

    voyeur massage

    where are you from...
  2. jj1952

    massage and cleaner in one.

    interesting let us know how it goes...and some info on her
  3. jj1952


    Yes haven't seen there add lately either hope Sue is still going would miss her she is one of the best...
  4. jj1952

    Out of town Massages

    there is a web site you can look for google rubmaps and should come up but have a look not as good as this one..
  5. jj1952

    Out of town Massages

    the is a site and it's called rubmaps.com check it out don't think it's free tho..but have a look
  6. jj1952

    Relaxation massage kijji

    lets us know how you make out there we would like to hear
  7. jj1952


    does Shu still work there and take booking or does she just work her new shop