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  1. I found this thread very interesting. Some of you know I was an SP and MP in Ottawa for many years, and I see much truth in his comments. I will say, some of his answers (previously discussed) came off a bit arrogant and very generalized, but he's not entirely wrong and is certainly entitled to his opinion. I would add, my experiences of the reasons women see a male sp mirrored his responses, although I had a large clientele of couples where the man was providing me for his wife. That said, I think my approach was very different to his. Not criticizing at all...just different. All in all, good interview which gave one man's honest opinions and experiences. Not bad...made me miss the biz.
  2. When I was an MP, i would often arrive to a cluttered home and think "where am I supposed to put the table?" AKA.. the 60 min appointment that becomes 90 minutes while we move furniture.
  3. Let's see...you have a new account, few posts, no reputation, and seem to be offering a "to good to be true" business arrangement." Why would these ladies, who have douchebags trying to take advantage of them constantly, possibly mistrust you. You offer no clarity, no encouragement or soothing words...just anger that the world isn't bending to your will. You might be good at your "business," but you have zero insight into human behavior. Good luck.
  4. I saw an SP ad today that specifically stated "no big cocks". I feel discriminated against!! (Any of you lovely ladies with whom I shared time can please refrain from bursting my ever so fragile bubble!!) I've actually never seen this in an ad before, but I can (sort of) empathize with the sentiment.
  5. Hi there, I'm wondering if this is a thing... A group of men an women, or m/f 1-on-1, getting together (covid precautions...masks, distance...in place) to watch each other masturbate. I'm in Ottawa...does this exist here?
  6. A fee? I'm not sure exactly what you're proposing, but a fee for Lyla will kill it. More quickly than it is slowly dying already.
  7. Went today...FANTASTIC. Saw Sophia...good massage, beautiful girl, reasonable.
  8. I'm not sure why you want to raise such a contentious issue. It's like you're looking for an argument already in your opening. This really isn't a great forum for this.
  9. I stopped in yesterday. About 5 girls working, maybe 10 clients in the club (2pm or so). I was nicely surprised that they had some drinks/beers on special. $5.50 for a premium beer...nice!! First thing I noticed was a sign advertising $10 non-contact dances. When i spoke to a dancer, she said that there is a line painted on the floor in each champagne room, and the girl has to stay behind the line...about 2 feet away. Also, both the dancer and client must remain masked. She said that this was a bit more flexible during the day. I'll say this...go during the day!!! lol
  10. Very sad. I met him at a couple of social events, several years ago. To those of you that knew him, I'm sorry.
  11. I can confirm that I have encountered many dancers that were, in fact, "effective spreaders". Bahahaha
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