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  1. Great interview!! It's been a long time since we seen each other, but seeing you brings back memories!! Glad you're doing well.
  2. First, if for any reason the client can't show, they should totally text to say so. I voted no for 1 reason: i trust my gut. There have bern 2 instances when I got to the address and was not comfortable with "things" so I left and I don't feel bad about either instance.
  3. As much as I like this community, it is very quiet for Ottawa. Only a few SPs advertise here anymore, and almost no MPs at all. It's a little disappointing
  4. I'm sure of a few things. 1. My granny never spoke of these things 2. She certainly never disclosed to me her squirting status 3. I'm glad about 1 and 2 4. I'd love to meet you before you become monogamous. Lol
  5. I'm pretty sure of a few things... 1. My granny never talked like that 2. She certainly never disclosed to me if she was a squirter 3. I'm glad 1 and 2 never happened 4. I'd love to meet you before you become monogamous. Lol
  6. Nice interview. I agree with so much of it, especially about other acts (oral, etc) also being sex. When I was doing massage, many women told me my hands and mouth were as good as any penis, and that the 1 hour build up via massage was the best foreplay ever. To be honest, in many of those sessions, my penis never left my shorts and I was nevertheless, completely satisfied. I guess it's different for everyone.
  7. Agreed...maybe that's a generalization that doesn't apply to everyone,but it certainly seems to apply to me.
  8. My previous relationship was open, and it was enjoyable. My current one is not, but our sex life is lacking, so I seek fun elsewhere. I find I need variety to be truly happy. I truly miss doing massage, and seeing other women can feed that appetite.
  9. I can't imagine the number of PMs you're getting to take you up on that agreement. Lol
  10. I've seen her many times. Top notch in every way.
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