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  1. Echoing other guys' thoughts. 1. Paying by etransfer or cc could get me busted. 2. Unless it is a girl I know already, I may as well watch porn. I'm sure it's fun, just not what I need.
  2. LOCATION!! I wish every ad's title included what part of town they are in. I hate wasting the lady's time asking for that info.
  3. 500 Pound Gorilla


    Update: Apparently there are now 4 people working: 1 asian guy, the blond girl, Hannah (brunette) and another, new brunette (cute). Evidently they all accept tips now. I specifically asked about Jen (the blond that previously offered no extras at all) and was told she now accepts tips as well. I have not been back yet, but will go soon. If anyone else has gone recently, please post info or pm me if possible. Thanks.
  4. I've seen her. She offers no ending of any kind. It's a pretty good massage, and she is quite nice.
  5. 500 Pound Gorilla

    Balinese massage

  6. 500 Pound Gorilla

    Balinese massage

    Anyone have info on her. Options, etc. Please pm me. Thanks
  7. The original post is inaccurate and a bit misleading. What the new legislation actually states is that if you are pulled over for any reason, an officer has the right to breathalyse you, even if he has no reason to believe you are intoxicated. This differs from the old legislation in that, in the past, an officer required probable cause before testing you. It in not way suggests that every traffic stop WILL result in a roadside test, but that any traffic stop COULD result on one.
  8. 500 Pound Gorilla

    Sophie in Orleans

  9. 500 Pound Gorilla

    Sophie in Orleans

    I saw Sophie this week, and she is still one of the best masseuses I have ever been to. Fantastic massage, pretty, pleasant...happy, happy! She has a new location which is still not 100% complete, but she is worth the trip to Orleans. I think she is a bit discouraged as biz has been down for a couple weeks, but with her skills, I'm sure all you old dogs will fix that issue. Lol Have fun.
  10. 500 Pound Gorilla

    Recos for Downtown Toronto

    Hey everyone, I'm heading to Toronto this weekend and will be staying in a hotel near the Eaton center. Any recos for acsexy massage provider that would come to the hotel? Is there a spa like CMJ or Brass near there?
  11. I have seen her once. Very good massage. Surprisingly beautiful girl. W Totally worth it.
  12. 500 Pound Gorilla

    What happened to this board?

    The site is dying a slow death. There are about 20 ladies from Ottawa that post regularly, plus some spas. I still check in because I have some friends still here, but I agree with you. It is not what it once was.
  13. This is a great article discussing a topic many of us love so much. Enjoy the read. https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/health-history/can-women-ejaculate-depends-who-you-ask
  14. 500 Pound Gorilla


    So I went today. Decent massage (a bit light, but not bad). She didn't mind me being undraped at all, but the massage was not sensual in nature. I asked about "options"...big nope. Lol I saw the blond girl, Jen: very pretty, very nice. She was not at all upset when I asked, but the answer was simple a d clear. I'd go back if I just wanted a nice massage from a nice girl.
  15. 500 Pound Gorilla


    I never really liked the champagne rooms at this place...ni privacy, no mileage. I haven't been there in years. Is it any better from either standpoint?