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    Wow love this pic!
  3. I voted Yes but like others have said it's more a general idea of the age range that I care about. I've had great experiences with ladies younger and older. I just like to have a reasonable idea of what to expect when the door opens.
  4. In all of Canada sure. But there isn't a ton of activity on the NS ads section. For example there have been 0 posts today so far and only 4 yesterday. I know there is a rule for limiting reposts but right now you can still see ads from over a week ago on page 1. BP has become the default place for most to advertise which would explain why there are so many posts asking for information.
  5. Well these questions are posted under the section for "escort discussion for Nova Scotia". Seems like a reasonable place to ask such things. Since BP is by far the most popular place to see ads it isn't surprising there are lots of questions like these. BP can be a super sketchy place at times and checking here is a good way to try and stay safe.
  6. Stolen pics from Instagram. As mentioned by otre google image search any of them and you'll find the source quite easily.
  7. Those sites are click bait nonsense. They auto accumulate ads that are posted on places like BP and repost to make people click on them. I've never met Tanya but she is with BodylanguageEnt which has a good reputation. I've never had any issues with them. She has an ad posted on this site. https://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=225658
  8. Image search reveals those pictures are just taken from some random j-pop model. I found the uncropped pictures rather easily.
  9. I had two encounters where fake pictures were used. First time I didn't realize until well after I arrived and was inside that the pictures weren't accurate at all. I felt too awkward at that point to leave so I stayed. It turned out to be a great time. The next time it happened I noticed almost right away it wasn't the girl in the pictures. But the weird thing is I have no idea why she would use fake pictures. She was a super hottie! She did use pictures that represented her figure quite well. She was just so hot I have no idea why she would use fakes. I'm still confused by it. In both cases I felt bad about staying since it encourages the behaviour but overall it turned out ok. Lucky I guess.
  10. Not as much of a concern about location if the lady I'm visiting has a good and well known reputation. There are a few areas I wouldn't visit if it was to meet someone for the first time. For example I wouldn't visit someone unknown if they were based out of Highfield Park area.
  11. I agree with everything you said. Beautiful, kind, courteous, funny and enthusiastic. I had a fantastic time and would repeat in a heartbeat.
  12. I enjoyed my time with her. Very friendly person. I would repeat. Posted via Mobile Device
  13. Yup, they are hot. As for the descriptions you suggested that was not my experience.
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