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  1. i saw Abby yesterday,,,,amazing massage and finish,,,,beautiful asian girl,,30ish great deal,,,can't go wrong
  2. i would love to know as well, she was/is incredible,,,,she kind of just disappeared///
  3. does anyone on here know what happened to Nini ,she used to work out of barhaven, cute asian girl. a few years back
  4. i wish i knew as well. maybe she has gone back to thailand....she is well loved around here, i hope she is okay///
  5. breathtaking vivian absolutely right, they are perfect,
  6. well theres nini out in barhaven. who is this lucy at 324 somerset/??there used to be a lucy worked at jade then with ting ting at 371 somerset/ breath taking vivian is probably the most beautiful /
  7. cant go wrong with korean sara. she is amazing not great hours though, 11 to 6 weekdays
  8. i have seen her as well. far out in orleans, she was very pretty. even got a beer out of the deal ,
  9. i went there awhile back. didnt see any russians , all looked chinese to me. not too many russian massage places around
  10. korean sara is real and she is awesome
  11. salma hayek in her prime and scarlett johansen ooooooweee
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