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  1. Haha i actually ran into her at a gym in New Brunswick. She was with the guy who was in the room when I had first arrived . She looked incredible, should have asked if she’d see me on the side, sugar daddy style. Lol
  2. onepound

    Advices for new cannabis users

    I used to be a heavy smoker- hence my screen name, but now I’ll smoke it now and then. Much prefer it to drinking. Greenteal ive had the odd experience like the one you describe in another thread but it was when I was around people I didn’t know and it gave me anxiety. Sounds like you had a panic attack and yeah they can really mess you up mentally. Weed isn’t for everyone . I find high thc strains can bring on anxiety and usually try to buy a strain mixed with cbd as it provides a good chill . If you ever dip your toe back into the water ask for a strain mixed with cbd at the nslc. Thc between 5-7% and cbd 9% or higher is good . The type of high really depends on your headspace at the time. Now I’ll only have a toke if I’m in a good space . Ill usually smoke a bowl before any visit . Calms the nerves some.
  3. onepound

    Strip club

    Be prepared to offer up quite a bit of cash.
  4. Have you seen ally Faye posting lately ?
  5. onepound

    Half Asian Jade

    Yeah she is out in Vancouver. I see her hanging out with Catalina Cubana all the time. Catalina might be back next month. Fingers crossed. Hopefully she will bring Jade with her . That would be quite the duo haha
  6. onepound

    Alexis X 2 ???

    Chloe is a good time.
  7. onepound

    Juicy Jess?

    She’s not GFE and she’s tiny yes
  8. onepound

    Alexis X 2 ???

    They’re both legit
  9. onepound

    Alexis NewGlasgow

    She’s legit. I’ve seen her “sister” Chloe in truro a couple of times , and they do duo together on weekends there
  10. onepound


    Mulgrave park is a sketchy area?
  11. onepound


    She’s been talked about previously. Look closely at her arms and legs. Enough said.
  12. onepound

    Texting advice needed.

    Ive not heard of too many johns busts around the Halifax area . Have you? Genuinely curious. when you see people making the news it’s usually an underage sting set up by the police. Usually the way the police sting works is they post a picture and pose as an underage girl, and when texting johns they get across that the provider is 16 or younger , and then when the John shows up, there’s a bust. I think as long as you’re not looking for anything like that, you will be fine regarding the police. Unless you’re picking up street walkers , police shut that shit down all the time.
  13. onepound


    right click or click and hold the pic if using your phone. Copy the image address and go to www.tineye.com
  14. onepound

    Sweet Hailey

    Met up with Hailey today. Had a great time . Sensual French girl with a delightful accent. Would recommend