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  1. I received a PM from this guy a couple months back and completely ignored it . Don’t know why he’s still PMing people - why do we need no censorship ?
  2. I haven’t seen teeny Naomi post in quite some time. She was great - petite and super cute . what is CBC? I sent you a DM fun.
  3. Everything looks like it would be legit but the price throws me off. Don’t see jade charging $110 for HH. Red flag . I’ll let someone else toftt here .
  4. I saw ally tonight - very bubbly & sweet, which was a bit different from when I saw her 4 years ago she was rather “bratty” which I found really sexy at the time. Lol . She’s got more tattoos, new boobs, but still as hot as I remembered.
  5. I think I was just expecting more of a spinner , but like I said , it wasn’t bad . :) I didn’t see your message until after I had visited her, so all good.
  6. Yeah pictures aren’t really a true representation of what’s behind the door, but it wasn’t bad or anything but was still disappointed a bit. Ah well, I’ve had worse Friday nights . O’ Ally Faye, where art thou ? lol
  7. Toftt tonight . I’ll let you boys know
  8. Anyone have any info ? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_french_girls_do_it_best_tiny_cutie_from_quebec-5877152
  9. Thanks for letting us know man.
  10. I noticed that in amarra’s pictures that she has put on a little weight , which made me want to book with her that much more. I think she looks great, much better, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it down last weekend, but she’s top of the list for me to see now.
  11. As long as you’re not looking for kids, minors, you shouldn’t run into trouble.
  12. I had a really nice experience with the last VIPOTG lady.
  13. Almost fell for this last night . Sometimes fake pictures are used, and what’s behind the door is sometimes nice. especially charging $160 for hh. I feel that’s upscale. jenny wouldn’t send me a picture tho to verify once I tin eyed the pictures.
  14. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_-5662185 Anyone see her? I think she went by Mia back in the summer ? thanks.
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