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  1. clearbluesky15

    Australia - NT Decriminalizes Sex Work

    It will be interesting to see if the experiences in NT over time help other provinces make the argument.
  2. clearbluesky15

    Original 2020 OIC Calendar

    So I love the charity, and the art... as a practical matter, wondering where one could display this and not get in trouble.
  3. clearbluesky15

    Squirting - Hot or Not?

    I suppose the same could be said of men's emissions as well. 😉
  4. clearbluesky15

    Squirting - Hot or Not?

    I've never met anyone that didn't find squirting exciting. Someone enjoying themselves... that's always hot 🙂 -cbs
  5. Interesting to see a US city exploring decriminalisation. Reading the article, it doesn't seem to have broad support, but appreciate the thought 🙂 https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/a-sex-tourism-destination-dc-leaders-hear-from-public-over-proposal-to-decriminalize-sex-work/2019/10/17/ff82dcc4-f109-11e9-b648-76bcf86eb67e_story.html -cbs
  6. clearbluesky15

    Sexy lexi

    Did a google image search, didn't see any re-use. Local number, ad has some qualifiers (a good thing... real and confident people have boundaries). No google strangeness when searched on the number... Well constructed ad (use of English), that was original (didn't show up in google). Go ahead and try, and let us know. Alternatively, if you wanted to add a little assurance, maybe write down the number, wait a month or two, and see if she's still advertising... so you know she'll be around for a while... or contact a well known provider on this board. I don't know about the group, but my experience is that I carefully avoid red-flags, and maybe I'm lucky... have never felt like I showed up to a place and felt unsafe. At worst, there's no chemistry, but even then, easy to simply not repeat. Good luck, and let us know how it goes 🙂 -cbs
  7. I heard at on point only green was still pursuing legalisation. Have any of you heard anything about the major parties' views? Found this: https://globalnews.ca/news/5970549/canada-sex-work-decriminalization/
  8. That was really helpful and informative, thanks!
  9. That's a good tip. I've had that happen, where someone held the door open after I got the number. I texted up first, but that's a good point... the SP might not expect another text, but a door-buzz. I can imagine that as an SP, maybe with a first-time client... there could be concern that its the wrong client, or not clear that the visitor was a client. Understood that more opportunities to relax the situation makes for more relaxation all around.
  10. clearbluesky15

    SP Communication

    Wow... didn't know that... that's a lot.
  11. That's cool.. hadn't seen that, and they mention CV Dazzle explicitly. I suspect another step in the race. Once the new recognition math is understood, suspect that gets incorporated into the defence. Here's looking for the next step.
  12. Cool idea, here's hoping for one in the maritimes at some point :).
  13. As someone who tends to see privacy technology as a bit of an arms race... I look at anti face recognition fashion... not sure I'd want to look like this, but salute the attempt... Maybe we'll find something easier to use to disrupt. https://cvdazzle.com/
  14. clearbluesky15

    To the guys: Why?

    lol... also, I'm not sure she'll have the intended effect. I think if I was catcalled or honked at, I'd either be mildly confused, or depending on circumstance mildly flattered. My sense is that it would be a pretty forgettable thing. I think to get annoyed with unwanted attention it has to accumulate, and I just don't get the sense that outside of Bratt-Pitt types, that such attention is part of the daily life of a guy...
  15. clearbluesky15

    To the guys: Why?

    Lol, I've heard of this sort of honking and cat calling... not sure if I've personally seen it... never understood it. I'm having trouble with "its a guy thing" ... I just don't think the guys I know would do it... so at least I can say it's not a universal guy thing... don't know.