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  1. Hmm... just wouldn't feel safe with "not safe" :-).
  2. I do stress about this a bit. I don't want to participate in an issue by feeding it... my hope is that my spidey sense is good enough to detect, and I tell myself that by meeting only folks that have a presence / brand, that's less likely. That said, you're right one can never be sure.
  3. Er... happy to skip those sorts of discussions myself, the further I can stay away from those sorts of 'adventures' the better. I miss the stuff that Lydia used to do to drive engagement (interviews, contests, games). Things like that need a trusted neutral broker, a little hard for an SP or client to drive that.
  4. From the ad: "Texting is definitely more comfortable... I don't tend to answer if I'm out in public. I will not book with or answer any private/blocked callers." If you're calling, you may try text, or use the provided email address. Also, it is an older ad (3 months), so she may simply be on hiatus.
  5. Good question, it is a bit daunting to get started, and some of the recent id verification rules are a pain. The most straightforward IMO is just get an account with these folks: https://www.canadianbitcoins.com/how.php and they will convert back and forth and send to your account. I suspect others may have favourite services as well.
  6. Sure, here are some reviews: And yes, I've met her a few times, and would highly recommend! -cbs
  7. Enjoying the new season of Stranger Things, higher, more credible stakes than last season… not a light romp though, viewer discretion advised :-).
  8. There's a good treatment of the subject (science not a "diet-book"). I really enjoyed the deep yet accessible treatment: Calories Don't Count: How we got the science of weight loss wrong. by Giles Yeo
  9. Interesting piece on "stalkerware..." software that the stalker talks the subject into installing (or installs on their own if they have access to the device. I thought it was a nice, very accessible and human treatment of the subject.
  10. For what its worth, I appreciate all the work you do in exposing those ads. Thanks. You're keeping folks safer.
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