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  1. Really good point… I’m so sorry you had that experience. I find it saddening that there are folks that do that generally, and especially disappointing that the folks they often target are the very folks that work so hard to bring connection and support to people’s lives.
  2. Agreed. A shame, especially when there are career and legal consequences as well. I suppose same can be said of providers as well. Hard to talk openly about it. Glad to have Lyla !!!
  3. Thanks Ray. Great interview! It was great to hear your story. The more folks feel comfortable talking about their experience, the fewer myths can persist. This series continues to bring us together in understanding.
  4. Just got my second dose! Moderna this round. Pfizer was first. Now it’s the day after, and no side effects but a sore arm and a little tired. Very excited!
  5. Not sure how many remember the first Star Trek movie... this was a good look:
  6. Great thread! For me, I have dose #1 and getting my second next week… very excited 🙂
  7. @Darcy Delights Thanks for the great interview. It’s funny how porn often proliferates misconceptions about pleasure, and requires education to get back to reality. Keep the myth busting coming… good understanding = better for everyone :-). Thanks!
  8. Just met with Berlin, and was blown away. I was comfortable from the moment I walked in. The whole time was natural, and amazing. Really enjoyed the heat of the session, and the thoughtful and insightful conversation after. I can’t wait for her next SJ visit!!
  9. Possibly that’s why… it does seem like it’s getting more common in porn. I’m disappointed those clients didn’t stop to think how scary that could be, especially if it’s not agreed in advance. What if that triggers from some prior trauma?
  10. Really good point. Yes, it is interesting. Personally it bothers me to set science aside…That said… One thought… Mistrust of scientists is old … from alchemists to the mad scientist… Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Evil, Pinky and the Brain. Those stories tap into old ideas.
  11. Will donate. Also disappointed in the police apparently not investigating and charging those responsible. What kind of person could do that to another human being?
  12. Read the page. Will donate. I am at a bit of a loss for words, and disappointed that the police do not appear to be helping investigate and prosecute.
  13. Finally have my vaccine appointment!!!
  14. Thanks @cassiesteele for the great interview! Thanks for letting us all get to know you a little better. Its nice to hear about how supportive and rewarding the work can be, and that the human connection is part of it. Thanks as always to @lydiahardwood for her hard work and taking a special site and making it exceptional.
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