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  1. That's a good tip. I've had that happen, where someone held the door open after I got the number. I texted up first, but that's a good point... the SP might not expect another text, but a door-buzz. I can imagine that as an SP, maybe with a first-time client... there could be concern that its the wrong client, or not clear that the visitor was a client. Understood that more opportunities to relax the situation makes for more relaxation all around.
  2. clearbluesky15

    SP Communication

    Wow... didn't know that... that's a lot.
  3. That's cool.. hadn't seen that, and they mention CV Dazzle explicitly. I suspect another step in the race. Once the new recognition math is understood, suspect that gets incorporated into the defence. Here's looking for the next step.
  4. Cool idea, here's hoping for one in the maritimes at some point :).
  5. As someone who tends to see privacy technology as a bit of an arms race... I look at anti face recognition fashion... not sure I'd want to look like this, but salute the attempt... Maybe we'll find something easier to use to disrupt. https://cvdazzle.com/
  6. clearbluesky15

    To the guys: Why?

    lol... also, I'm not sure she'll have the intended effect. I think if I was catcalled or honked at, I'd either be mildly confused, or depending on circumstance mildly flattered. My sense is that it would be a pretty forgettable thing. I think to get annoyed with unwanted attention it has to accumulate, and I just don't get the sense that outside of Bratt-Pitt types, that such attention is part of the daily life of a guy...
  7. clearbluesky15

    To the guys: Why?

    Lol, I've heard of this sort of honking and cat calling... not sure if I've personally seen it... never understood it. I'm having trouble with "its a guy thing" ... I just don't think the guys I know would do it... so at least I can say it's not a universal guy thing... don't know.
  8. Minor update: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/sex-trade-charter-challenge-london-ontario-fantasy-world-escorts-1.5172469
  9. clearbluesky15

    Jaysea James

    Quick question... add says "No MS09" ... not sure I've heard of that... is that supposed to read "no MSOG"?
  10. clearbluesky15


    lol... btw this should have been "de-personalisation" ... darn spell checker.
  11. clearbluesky15


    I liked this contribution, and suspect it speaks to the heart of the back-and-forth on this thread. For the thread... I should probably skip, but "fools rush in where angels fear to tread"... so please be gentle with this fool (I'm calling myself the fool here). I note a couple themes: some of the top Halifax providers talking about how they want to ensure that their clients get full value from their session, a willingness to explore the spectrum of intensities for the benefit of the client, and I'd like to acknowledge a lot of work that goes into making someone feel comfortable and fulfilled. Those are all very positive things. I think as a recipient of all that effort, one could confuse the resultant experience as a preference from the SP for this or that... I liked Alexx' point about the distinction between her personal life (with partner or "Hitachi") and what she brings to clients. That work is very human, personal and intimate... sort of the opposite of any descriptor that implies denationalisation. I'm thinking, of an example (bear with me, I know this isn't exact) in clinical psychology / therapy... a rewarding career... it is also exhausting ... I suspect most patients would not say: "yeah Dr. Smith really likes talking about my mom." I suspect any satisfaction from that conversation would be in terms of helping someone, and having helped, taking deserved satisfaction. I know in my workplace I would like to feel appreciated as well as fairly paid :-). Anyway, my hope is that this is a useful contribution, and apologies in advance if not. -cbs
  12. clearbluesky15

    SP Communication

    Agreed... intent was to cancel within the agreed timeframe or pay the fee... thought that went without saying.
  13. clearbluesky15

    Barbie Doll Hailey

    Had a decent appointment a few days ago. I was a little surprised about some of her views, but they were heartfelt.
  14. clearbluesky15

    SP Communication

    I'll admit, an hour before an appointment, I'd have my phone on me. I'd also recommend avoiding pre-paid SPs (unless you've seen them before), and if you change your mind about an appointment (bad vibe, or not in a good mental space for an appointment), cancel, preferably well in advance. I'd acknowledge that the SP communication wasn't perfect. That said, recommend moving on and learning for next time. -cbs
  15. clearbluesky15

    Escort Outcalls

    Why would one add more people / variables that increase risk of quite negative social and employment outcomes for both sp and client. Seems a high price vs finding a great incall or getting the ocasional room. Not sure i get the rationale.