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  1. clearbluesky15

    Vipotg Spring

    No real trick... find a 5 star review, in "recommendations" look for the corresponding profile (preferably), or LeoList/VIPFavours ad. Follow the golden rule, be nice, Follow the contact instructions. If new to hobby, let her know, and tip :). Avoid places, situations or communications that make you feel unsafe or concerned. PM if you'd like recommendations. good luck! -Robert
  2. clearbluesky15

    Rate differences between sites

    Also thought that was a nice perspective, and appreciate the thought. Also, in everyone's interest that the discussion happens before the appointment, not after. That was implied in the thread. i agree, if doubts can't be resolved, just cancel... better than a bad experience... I suppose that works for both sides, eh?
  3. clearbluesky15

    penis names

    Or the Austin Powers ones: "Meat and Two Veg" "Marriage Tackle" Not sure if "GoldMember" counts 🙂 -cbs
  4. Agreed, It is courteous to manage one's own time to fit in the prescribed schedule. I'll admit, I've sometimes felt a bit uncomfortable about being offered a water/beverage as the time is up. I usually decline, but express appreciation of the offer. I, like you, had one case, where an SP had some reasons she wanted me to stay a bit as she wanted someone to talk to... I think clients are not well behaved when they push outside the time without offering to compensate. Even if they compensate, they have to be ready for a potential "no" as the SP may have other plans. -cbs
  5. clearbluesky15

    Really? A one woman demolition team

    Hi TMJ, My point was that appearances are from the thread that she is not bringing people together. I'm saying that its a possibility that she intends her behaviour to have the impact it seems to be having. Also the Trump analogy is apt... drama feeds on itself, and some folks use that. Just my 2 cents, understand if you don't agree. -cbs
  6. clearbluesky15

    Really? A one woman demolition team

    I recall the phrase 'Dont feed the trolls.' my guees is s/he wants attention... CC may not even be a real person... false narritives are popular these days. Not saying i have any knowledge, just agreeing that the activity isnt helpful, and wondering if thats the point... Who knows, maybe some 12 yr old posting mayhem for the thrilll.
  7. clearbluesky15

    Guide to TOFTT

    Hey Bobbi, Wasn't worried about you. Was worried about someone using their real-name account, and making changes, which go in the change log. Thorough document 🙂 -cbs
  8. clearbluesky15

    Guide to TOFTT

    Will admit, i hadn't researched the if/when Google Docs captures accounts names, but maybe a 'better safe than sorry' approach of using an incognito tab (Chrome) vs. visiting while logged into your real Google account.
  9. clearbluesky15

    What is Polite / Considerate

    Thanks all, appreciated all the perspectives. Also, appreciated Genevieve's point, I was looking for honest answers (hence the preamble about "being a good client"). If I'm truly being considerate... I have to be willing to see past the show a bit 🙂. I'm okay with that.
  10. So I have one for the group, and especially for any SPs willing to share. Ever run across a stranger at a doorway as each says "no after you" for a couple seconds? Yes... well, this question is similar. So if we grant a couple things: I would like to be polite In non-SP encounters it is considerate to facilitate the woman's release before finishing (especially if they are "close") to avoid frustrating them, and to facilitate their enjoyment. I find myself wanting to "be polite" and genuinely willing to "help"... but also don't want to pressure the SP into an "act" nor pressure the SP into "real" release if that is not natural/comfortable. How do I know when noises are "part of the show," and I should just enjoy and be "selfish," vs. a signal that there's an opportunity to "be nice." I suppose I could ask, but in the moment, again the SP may feel that her response could be part of the "experience."... hence I ask here. Again the question is in the spirit of polite support. I'd like to be a better client. Thoughts welcome (even if the "thought" is I'm overthinking 🙂 ). -cbs
  11. clearbluesky15

    Married people who hobby...

    Great quotable... 🙂 Agreed, and in some ways, it's easier to have real conversations with people that don't have a formal "role" in your life (family, colleague, etc.)
  12. clearbluesky15


    Number is local, pics don't show up other places, text is straightforward, and doesn't over-promise. Not seeing any flags... maybe I'm missing something. HO: The response you got... was it the fact that the reply was short? Not saying either way, but not sure why folks are flagging/worried. -cbs
  13. clearbluesky15

    Really? A one woman demolition team

    Hi Jenn: Here is the Night Time podcast site: https://www.nighttimepodcast.com/episodes Her interview is on the second page... here is a direct link to download: https://omny.fm/shows/nighttime/msmanda-halifaxs-independent-vip-escort.mp3 Hope that helps, -cbs
  14. clearbluesky15

    Really? A one woman demolition team

    ... so skipping the flames. The telling post was "I'm taking down sites"... that sounds like someone with a axe to grind ... and it sounds like they want to deny choice to the folks that use those sites... that's not a kindness by anyone's measure, regardless of the best choice (use free or pay). On sites (free or pay) ... either pay-to-post sites offer value, and they'll survive... or they don't and so folks won't use them and they'll fold. No need to intervene in that market (market forces win again 🙂 ). Of course there's always folks that want to force others to think like them... and given the community here... I suspect that approach is something that we all find a bit tiring. I'm really starting to warm to MsManda's point (on her recorded "Nighttime" interview) about how folks acting "on behalf" of providers often do more harm than good. -cbs
  15. It speaks well of the community that the SPs are happy to recommend each other. It speaks to a healthy community. Well done lyla for building that community!!