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  1. I wonder if there is a list of SWAN similar (endorsed?) regional resources. These groups appear to provide useful services and support. I wonder if these organizations rare or just generally low profile?
  2. Great interview as always, and I liked this quote especially. If all are adult, and all participants freely and consciously agree, want the experience, and communication stays open... seems pretty positive. Its nice to re-enforce that. Thanks again!! -cbs
  3. Thanks @waterat. Would like to nominate you and @Sharpe for you thoughtful posts!
  4. Has anyone found a concise resource to detail travel restrictions in Atlantic Canada? I find the official sites long winded, not tied to status colour, and filled with “if”s and vague exceptions. I’d like to visit Nova Scotia when NB turns ‘yellow’ next week, but not sure what isolation is required...
  5. Only if the place wasn't too seedy.
  6. Not disagreeing on the prevalence; speculating on the incentive.
  7. Interesting. While not my field, I do know that colour palette and treatment is an important part of production. If I had to guess, they may have been responding to footage that started out washed out and tried to correct it, or perhaps just wanted to project a more healthy glow. The budgets on these are not very high, so that can limits equipment and time for post production effort.
  8. Thanks so much @East Coast Kimmy ! I’m so looking forward to our next visit! I’m so glad you won, well deserved.
  9. I would also like to join those that nominated @charlottequinn123. Of her many qualities I enjoy her delightfully wicked sense of humour, singular wit, and her world view.
  10. @MelanieRose : I appreciate your outlook, and above all your kind heart.
  11. To @lydiahardwood a tireless and trusted community builder that brings us together.
  12. To @SarahAlexxx. She is light bringing warmth to the lives she touches.
  13. No worries got it . I’m glad she is okay. -cbs
  14. It’s interesting. There are tricky boundary questions to navigate in enquiring about an SP that is inactive. That said, it’s nice to know sometimes that someone one spent time with and/or has a positive effect on the community, is in a good place. Though I’d not met Katie, I’m very happy to learn that she’s happy and doing well. -cbs
  15. Great interview and perspective, thanks again! I Ike that it illustrates in the end we are all human and have needs, and its more than the ‘mechanics.’
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