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  1. clearbluesky15

    SP's in the valley

    Only that she was very friendly via text, and accomidating in terms of times. I hadn't realized that she was out that far, and when I cancelled, she was understanding.
  2. Noticed this ad for a "Jessica S." (full name in ad) https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_married_woman_looking_for_married_text_me_902_482_0484-4695686 Used a verified picture for another user "Tina" from Montreal: https://www.leolist.cc/d/Tinanew Using the main phone number of a local business: https://www.yellowpages.ca/bus/Nova-Scotia/Truro/NOVA-Imprint-Business-Solutions/101264855.html
  3. clearbluesky15

    MsManda Nighttime Podcast

    Great find. It was a great find. It did a great job of adressing some of the misconceptions out there, and was a healthy addition to the narrative. I found eapecially insightfull, msmandas observation that additional laws that claim to limit explotation, actually can criminaluze free or paid support that sps need to run their businesses and improve their safety.
  4. clearbluesky15

    Local Scene

    Same here, I've hobbied in the major cities in the US and Canada. The population is a little smaller, so big sites like TER don't serve, but with lyla, and VIPFavours, there's enough to guide... you'll be fine... just a bit more research. I also find that Halifax hobby feels more "personal and friendly"... just like the rest of Halifax. As far as "street"... Is that even still a thing? Seems unsafe for all involved. Never had an interest in meeting that way.
  5. clearbluesky15

    Background checks

    Tricky, I guess the first general recommendation is try to avoid using your real name, second, recommend trying to delist any ads under your real name. That said, I don't think the Canadian government would penalize your relative for your choices. Generally, and I'm assuming you're an SP, the rationale for the government doing these checks is for a) direct evidence that the employee is not trustworthy (i.e. criminal), or in the case of the extended background check, the assessment would be ties to someone that would influence the employee to be less reliable... Lastly, any secrets the employee has are opportunities for balckmail... in this case, I'm trying to imaging the intelligence scenario. "Give us these government secrets or we'll out your sister... oh wait, she already already uses her real name... It is not the job of the government to pass moral judgemetn on one's relatives, they are practical assessments of reliability. my 2 cents, cbs
  6. clearbluesky15

    Best VPN?

    I've had pretty goot luck with VPN Area. They worked better last year for Netflix zone crossing then others I'd used in the past. https://vpnarea.com/front/
  7. to the OP, glad you were able to move on. the "SP" relationship is constructed with defined limits, and safer for all to stay within them. Easy to confuse fantasy with reality. If you enjoy the fantasy, that's great, and what everyone agreed to. If you want something else, safer to seek a new relationship where, again, the rules are set upfront. Sorry you're feelings got hurt. Suggest a singles swingers site as a place you can seek a different sort of relationship. Good luck -cbs
  8. clearbluesky15

    sexual assault?

    For those not familiar with the tea analogy: Here is a cute Youtube video explaining:
  9. clearbluesky15

    What are your spidey sense key words?

    Within reason, i dont find price a discriminator. It varies.
  10. Agreed with consensus... Antagonizing folks that already have no problem harming folks isnt a net win. It won't make them stop, pulls you down to their level, and invites reprisal. Life is complicated enough... I prefer to focus my time on the many good folks... Like the old saying goes... 'dont feed the trolls.' ie... If folks just ignore them, better for all.
  11. clearbluesky15

    What are your spidey sense key words?

    First: I look for signs of safety, stability, so tend to avoid "party friendly," "no restrictions," emoji-laden, or graphical descriptions. Given the inherent risks of the hobby, I try to make the best choices to stay safe while enjoying myself... and I'd prefer to think that the provider knows how to to stay safe with all her clients, and makes healthy choices. Second: A well-written ad makes me feel more comfortable that the SP has thought through what she wants, her boundaries, and why she and I would have a good encounter. A list of naughty words, emojis... I don't know what's on the other side of that. -cbs
  12. clearbluesky15

    Amber? Ll

    Always wondered why someone would advertise with fake photos... it's not like the client would never find out 🙂
  13. clearbluesky15


    There was a nice review of a provider that offered that:
  14. clearbluesky15

    To write or not to write ??

    I think a regular journal or blog is a great idea. Its good for the author, and good for the readers. The more real narratives out there, the more they can replace assumptions. Let us know where youll post!
  15. Exactly, I actually prefer to pay, and suspect that many are like me. funny how many barriers that studios or internet companies create to either prevent folks from paying for something they want, or require them to buy something else they don't 🙂 -cbs