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  1. clearbluesky15

    SP Communication

    Agreed... intent was to cancel within the agreed timeframe or pay the fee... thought that went without saying.
  2. clearbluesky15

    Barbie Doll Hailey

    Had a decent appointment a few days ago. I was a little surprised about some of her views, but they were heartfelt.
  3. clearbluesky15

    SP Communication

    I'll admit, an hour before an appointment, I'd have my phone on me. I'd also recommend avoiding pre-paid SPs (unless you've seen them before), and if you change your mind about an appointment (bad vibe, or not in a good mental space for an appointment), cancel, preferably well in advance. I'd acknowledge that the SP communication wasn't perfect. That said, recommend moving on and learning for next time. -cbs
  4. clearbluesky15

    Escort Outcalls

    Why would one add more people / variables that increase risk of quite negative social and employment outcomes for both sp and client. Seems a high price vs finding a great incall or getting the ocasional room. Not sure i get the rationale.
  5. clearbluesky15

    Absolute Best Massage Experience in HRM

    2214 in Montreal has consistently high quality.
  6. clearbluesky15

    Telling your SO about this...

    Are there selfless reasons for going back to the hobby?
  7. clearbluesky15

    Anyone see new VIPOTG girl?

    I do find myself wondering how they recruit. Do they just put out an add in say, S Korea for a visit to Canada? Anyone ever ask? -cbs
  8. clearbluesky15

    Rates Lash Back

    Agreed. You're just shifting market position. I don't imagine many saying (I used to pay X, therefore I won't pay Y)... and if they do, I'm not sure if those are the best clients anyway :). -cbs
  9. clearbluesky15

    Victoria Phoenix

    Suggest a look at her profile and posts: https://www.lyla.ch/profile/211938-victoria-phoenix/ -cbs
  10. clearbluesky15

    Your thoughts on why....

    Well, I'm not sure I know who's doing it, and it may be SPs that have the best coping systems as they deal with this issue... but I'll take a swing 🙂 Have you noticed a pattern? Maybe the fakes are different in some way... don't know. If you don't already, suggest you have them call you back an hour before the appointment to verify (that seems to be the general practice)... maybe have them call from a particular spot (close to your in-call), and have them describe something not visible in Google maps... i.e... making it more work to fake... they'd have to drive somewhere, vs. simply faking it from the comfort of their home... similar to GreenTeal's example of "induced work." Also, I've sometimes heard SPs refer to "blacklists" of numbers in their posts/ads. Is that something that is a general resource (say either an existing or new thread in the SP area on lyla/CERB)... so that SPs can share "fake" appointment callers alongside bad-date info? Again, defer to the SPs here on resources. Some starter ideas... likely won't "impress," but hey, good ideas I find are usually developed over time rather than off-the-top. interested in how this thread evolves. -cbs
  11. clearbluesky15

    "Bonding" A Netflix Series

    In case folks need more to go on... from the Wiki: Synopsis Bonding Bonding follows the story of a "NYC grad student moonlighting as a dominatrix, who enlists her gay best friend from high school to be her assistant." Cast and characters Zoe Levin as Tiffany "Tiff" Chester/Mistress May, a psychology grad student living in New York. She works as dominatrix by night under the alias "Mistress May". She enlists the help of Pete to become her assistant. Brendan Scannell as Pete/Master Carter, a young gay man who becomes an assistant to his dominatrix friend, Tiff. He initially chooses the alias "Carter" but is later referred to as "Master Carter".
  12. Has anyone seen the new series? I'll admit, I've not tried the Dom / Sub scene, but thought this dark comedy was quite entertaining. I'd be curious what folks thought of it, and especially those into the scene thought of it. -cbs
  13. clearbluesky15

    LeoList Photos Missing?

    Thanks GT... Lookd like its location specific. My VPN has be coming in from NYC. Maybe LL blocks photos, using ip location, from folks in US. When i use a system that goes straight from canada, its fine. Thanks!
  14. clearbluesky15

    LeoList Photos Missing?

    Are others seeing what I'm seeing, that there are no longer photos on LL? Tried a couple different browsers... -cbs