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  1. clearbluesky15

    A positive thread😊

    For those that agree humor can take a serious issue, and help you smile through it. -cbs
  2. clearbluesky15

    A positive thread😊

    Cats playing patty-cake:
  3. clearbluesky15

    Still working?

    Thanks for that, one of the brighter points on this thread... some good tax advice :-). BTW: If anyone is interested, there's an interesting video in one of the youtube channels i subscribe to. The context isn't quite topical (state actors and how they troll/sow toxicity in social media). I find the tech interesting. others may appreciate some of the discussion about how the social media giants deal with bad actors in their community, and how social media participants can improve tone by emphasizing community. (like RayRenpelle, ET_Danielle, and others have been doing 🙂 ). "Smarter Every Day: How Reddit deals..." : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soYkEqDp760 -cbs
  4. clearbluesky15

    Still working?

    Thanks for that simple and warm gesture. Lyla is at its best as a place of support where members feel welcome and are happy to be here. You're awesome!
  5. clearbluesky15

    Still working?

    We are all adults making choices. Its a little painful to see flaming invective. It shuts down meaningful discussion, and the sense of shared community and support that many of us come here for. Its hard to share when you have to worry that someone will jump on you. -cbs
  6. A challenge with getting into questions of responsibility, is how that argument goes two ways. For example: My hope is that I'm given the benefit of the doubt as to how responsible I am in funding the luxury of participating in SP visits. Similarly, I choose to extend the same benefit of the doubt. Using another service analogy, if I frequent a restaurant where I am well treated, and warmly received, I don't feel a need to wonder how the owner spends the proceeds when I support it either directly or indirectly (indirect example: support by encouraging others to go, or hosting an event there). If the core thought is "don't get used"... that's good advice in any transaction (and again goes both directions in this particular case). -cbs
  7. Great post, and a great way to support your favourite SP! I figure it's in budget anyway, so paying for some time in advance now, allows sp to maintain cashflow... and client can just apply the prepaid time to extend a future session... win/win.
  8. clearbluesky15

    Privacy Tips and Tools

    Interesting read, though in the end unsatisfying, since while it goes over the theory, in essence concludes thar ‘stuff is hard’ phones are hacked, and apps have have bugs... so no news. Its kind of defeatist. Ultimately, one picks the phone and app one trusts, rather than just giving up. Signal is built by Moxie Marlinspike, a well respected researcher, the code is open source, snd well reviewed by independent security folks, and endorsed by folks like EFF, Phil Zimmerman... and whatever you feel about Snowden, he did evade capture, and get away... and he endorses Signal. while sure, side channel / os attacks are a thing... Apple has regular collisions with governments over their desire to avoid back doors, an aggressive security update program, and they pay a bounty of $1M for an ios kernel bug... so while nothing is ever perfect Signal, especially used on iPhone, is a good bet.
  9. clearbluesky15

    Corona Virus : Covid 19

    I feel like that's like the first line in a comedy routine where the "straight man" says "really? how strange was it?" Great visual, lol... Maybe a question out to the group, what was the strangest you ever ate? Good point btw, simply having fun with the phrasing. -cbs
  10. clearbluesky15

    Non-Scented Body Wash for Hobbiest

    My personal leaning is neutral or masculine scents for shower. Ivory soap is a great option as well. If the sp also has a neutral scent after, also convenient. That said, if there is a light potpourri or other light scent in the room, that can be nice. Lemon, sage, cedar, all can help refresh after a ling day.
  11. clearbluesky15


    And even if not a legal case, could be other's that want to "out" clients they view as evildoersor or revenue source... think AM website hack, a PI, or plain old blackmail can provide notoriety or cash to the "outer"... given the legal, employment and social cost... just not worth it... so tinfoil hats aside... its okay to step away if it doesn't feel safe.
  12. clearbluesky15


    Agreed. Especially with a new provider... no review or social media presence... explicit questions make me start picturing someone building a solicitation case. Maybe a little paranoid, but better safe than sorry.
  13. Pictures are of Kendra Sunderland, Vixen porn star: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_sweet_vanessa-5857402 Ref: Kendra: https://www.pinterest.ca/fife701297/kendra/
  14. Yep, being a client... still illegal, and like you, I didn't get the impression that changed... so yes, that would have to be challenged separately... so yeah... a long road ahead barring legislative changes. Still nice to see a chink in the armor. If interested, here's an interesting graphic on the state of various jurisdictions... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_law#/media/File:Prostitution_laws_of_the_world2.svg
  15. Agreed that was the prosecutor's case and he said as much... quoting: "Parliament takes the position that sex work cannot be made safe," prosecutor Brian White said Wednesday. Because lawmakers see it as an inherently harmful practice, the solution is not to decriminalize it, but to abolish it over time." - https://www.therecord.com/news-story/9301030-lawyers-debate-the-harm-caused-by-prostitution-in-canada/: I think what I liked was that the judge seems to reject that premise, to go back to the idea that the goal of a regulating law is safety given a legal activity (for the SPs)... so removing a "catch-22." -cbs