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  1. It has been a couple years for me. I enjoyed the time.
  2. Does anyone know the drill for Canada Post Credit cards? Can you just walk in with say $200 cash, and they just hand it over, or do you have to give them your info. If they do require registration, are there others that don't? -Asking for a friend 😉 -cbs
  3. Agreed, research helps. I think a longer session on first meeting is easier when the client has read a lot of an SP's posts and has a good idea of the personality/interest fit going in.
  4. Agreed. It has been a couple years since I last saw her. It was memorable. It is so nice to be able to connect as well as enjoy. Amarra is that person. She puts you at ease with skill, so everything after, is that much better!
  5. Hey Rahul, Hotel in-call is fairly common. Hotels for most mainstream providers are reputable. As with most things, generally try to shy away from rough parts of town. While a provider likely would not share the hotel name until right before a confirmed appointment, I suspect that asking if the hotel is "upscale" is a question most would include in their ad/website, or if not, would answer in an initial query. Generally if the term "incall" is used, the provider is used in the ad, the provider would arrange for the room, and you'd simply pay for the visit. If the provider is offering an "outcall"... you would be accountable to provide for a room and any arrangements / payments for it. Does that help? -cbs
  6. PSA: If you have an anon account from Twitter &/or bsky & you install & join Threads on the same device with your IRL name, Meta will put your anon account together w/ your IRL one. They'll be recommending your anon Threads to your IRL Meta friends.
  7. Agreed, @Berlin Moss is awesome, I've always had a wonderful time when I've visited her. She gets a ton of great reviews and posts regularly on Lyla... for me, I like to know a bit about who I might visit, so prefer to get a sense of someone before meeting them, so really appreciated her thoughtful posts/interview she's done here. One of my favorite things about Berlin is the depth we can go on philosophical or science questions which adds on to the enjoyment of the rest of the experience.
  8. Not sure how many knew about this, but this was interesting to me, and thought I'd share: Hacking // Hustling Their background, self-described: "As long as we have been working online and offline, sex workers have been policed... have not been made safer. We decided that it was time to infiltrate organizations with the power to shift the narrative. We began hosting events to flip the script and center people in the sex trades as producers of knowledge and expertise in the movement to create safety for our communities without policing." A couple of their research areas include: POSTING INTO THE VOID: STUDYING THE IMPACT OF SHADOWBANNING ON SEX WORKERS AND ACTIVISTS DIS/ORGANIZING TOOLKIT: HOW WE BUILD COLLECTIVES BEYOND INSTITUTIONS They do serve other groups, but they no not appear to confuse them. -cbs
  9. This makes sense, regular testing is important for everyone. What language would you recommend to communicate the results of the tests? Something like "negative STI results?"
  10. I found this part particularly insightful. Thanks for the thoughtful and well-reasoned post. I also appreciated that you drew a distinction between compulsion and addition. I'll admit I wasn't familiar with that. I'm going to have to read up a bit :-).
  11. Hmm... just wouldn't feel safe with "not safe" :-).
  12. I do stress about this a bit. I don't want to participate in an issue by feeding it... my hope is that my spidey sense is good enough to detect, and I tell myself that by meeting only folks that have a presence / brand, that's less likely. That said, you're right one can never be sure.
  13. Er... happy to skip those sorts of discussions myself, the further I can stay away from those sorts of 'adventures' the better. I miss the stuff that Lydia used to do to drive engagement (interviews, contests, games). Things like that need a trusted neutral broker, a little hard for an SP or client to drive that.
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