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  1. Sure, here are some reviews: And yes, I've met her a few times, and would highly recommend! -cbs
  2. Enjoying the new season of Stranger Things, higher, more credible stakes than last season… not a light romp though, viewer discretion advised :-).
  3. There's a good treatment of the subject (science not a "diet-book"). I really enjoyed the deep yet accessible treatment: Calories Don't Count: How we got the science of weight loss wrong. by Giles Yeo
  4. Interesting piece on "stalkerware..." software that the stalker talks the subject into installing (or installs on their own if they have access to the device. I thought it was a nice, very accessible and human treatment of the subject.
  5. For what its worth, I appreciate all the work you do in exposing those ads. Thanks. You're keeping folks safer.
  6. If you don't care about how you affect others, and prefer the status quo, then perhaps not.
  7. Possible. You may want to consider that the way you talk to people can alienate them and bring out their worst selves.
  8. She is super nice! You will not be disappointed.
  9. Makes sense, and sounds frustrating. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of barrier to entry on a board like this. Hopefully by the time folks have posted a few dozen times they start to understand how to engage constructively. Sorry you had to deal with that. -cbs
  10. I think that sums it up. Not everyone can afford a Porsche. There's no shame in that. Some people can't afford to drive. They take the bus or walk.
  11. You may consider @petraluxurygfe ... i believe she advertises a "DD" plus she's a heck of a nice person as well.
  12. Had a great visit with Petra a couple weeks back. She has a nice place, and puts a lot of effort into creating a welcoming atmosphere. She is super nice, and I had a wonderful time. I'll definitely be a repeat visitor. Thanks Petra for making the entire time so comfortable. I know how much work it can be to make everything look so easy. -cbs
  13. Thanks for posting that Brian. I’m glad Amarra visited us in NB. Hopefully many more visits in the future from this special lady.
  14. Unfortunately, there's your answer. If she wanted help, she'd make herself available for it. If I had to guess, she likely doesn't want to offend a potential customer. Also, help from a client can be problematic regardless of intent... a lot of boundaries issues.
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