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  1. Will donate. Also disappointed in the police apparently not investigating and charging those responsible. What kind of person could do that to another human being?
  2. Read the page. Will donate. I am at a bit of a loss for words, and disappointed that the police do not appear to be helping investigate and prosecute.
  3. Finally have my vaccine appointment!!!
  4. Thanks @cassiesteele for the great interview! Thanks for letting us all get to know you a little better. Its nice to hear about how supportive and rewarding the work can be, and that the human connection is part of it. Thanks as always to @lydiahardwood for her hard work and taking a special site and making it exceptional.
  5. @Clara Fonseca / @lydiahardwood Bravo for this wonderful interview. It was uplifting and empowering. Consenting adults getting their needs met is a positive story, and this interview and the series celebrates it first hand!
  6. Well its good to have an open forum... for my part though, I find it hard to disbelieve multiple peer-reviewed studies from some of the best minds in the world, and find it hard to listen past the visible anger of the presenter in the video. I guess I'm having a really nice Saturday, and don't want to get yelled at today... lol. -cbs
  7. That’s clever. Ever had an issue with giving out account number? Also wondering if anyone has tried Bitcoin, and if so, how well that worked from client or SP perspective.
  8. Into the Woods(2014) Great music 🙂 I love the witch’s ‘garden rap’
  9. Ghostbusters (1984)
  10. Having the same issue with Fido, in NB. Had a brief outage with Bell, but that recovered in 10 mins or so.
  11. Fair... I think in that case, you are requesting to receive a choke and any risk... my sense is that from a power dynamic, it could be more concerning for an SP to get a request from someone who wants to choke them. I’ll. Defer to the SPs here. Would the SP, especially if a new client, feel safe? I’m guessing not, but I’ve not been in the situation.
  12. Hopefully no clients do this, but one thing I see more of in porn recently I s the ‘throat choke’ thing. Not sure why that would be fun and seems like it would be scary being on the receiving end.
  13. I’d like to second the nomination [email protected] She is a behind the scenes source of support and positive energy.
  14. Another great chapter in Lyla’s book. Thanks! @Ava Maria Love for sharing. For clients just starting, these stories about how language and tone affect life and livelihood help clients understand the SP experience. These posts, outside the environment of the appointment itself continue to provide valuable glimpses behind the scenes that can help us be better clients.
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