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  1. Er... no... risks escalation. As often said on the board, if something doesn't feel right, just leave. - leolist / no reviews: be on alert to leave - trashed room, strange vibe: leave - an unannounced person hidden from view: leave - knife: leave: - person emerges in "protective mode": leave. ... so many chances to leave. -cbs
  2. May also consider: https://www.vipfavours.ch/
  3. Calg there... it looks like there is not a specific Warnings for Alberta, so suggest using the Canada-wide Warning section: https://www.lyla.ch/forum/150-canada-wide-warnings-to-report-bait-and-switch-scams-dangerous-encounters/ ... for unsafe encounters.
  4. That's the sense i get as well, that the European view is a little healthier. I share the view a number of folks have observed here, that the North American view could be healthier. I wonder, as a practical matter, how one furthers that goal. Obviously legalization would help, though there's a bit of chicken-and-egg... hard to legislate without the view in place. So what starts that... protest actions, charity work, personal ambassadorship? Not sure. -cbs PS: Thanks to the folks on the thread that shared their stories.
  5. Interesting question. Skipping early associations from the media. My first interaction was on vacation in Hawaii, as a 15 year old. I had fallen behind my group of friends and was approached by an ‘older‘ woman (Lol probably 20). She asked me if i ‘wanted a date’ my reaction was confusion. She said ‘never mind, i don't want to scare you ‘ only later i figured out what she meant. later, at 21, in a sporty car in DC, a woman about my age pulled up with similar pitch. I said sure, she drove to a dark parking lot... I chickened out... too many risk images In my mind i suppose. so i guess my first impressions were confusion, then intrigue, a bit of fear... finally interest. -cbs Of what I thought of those women themselves? Not sure... i was more focused on my own Risk/reward calculation at the time. Only later as i started to get comfortable, did i start to form opinions i was aware of.
  6. A review can be legally challenging for clents depending on what is said. Some client / SP is illegal for clients but not SPs.
  7. Sounds great, I’d like to be a verified client :)... maybe carefully phrased in the badge.
  8. I'm reminded of a story by Seth Godin (author of "All Marketers Tell Stories") Where he talks about driving past a bunch of propane / convenience stores barely holding on to business, before running across a thriving candy store... a huge place that stocked anything you could want. It was thriving. His message was simple... its easy to get a loan for a convenience store... everyone understands it, the business models are set, "experts will advise"... so they proliferate... struggling to compete in a crowded field... on the other hand *everyone* is doing it so they are not unique... have no story, nothing that inherently distinguishes them. The candy store.... folks drove from all over to an obscure corner of a national park to see it... they were expanding to another building when he wrote the book. Lyla.ch has something unique, an SP friendly board, that I suspect escort advocacy and media would write about... more so if you doubled down and more SPs were active posters. Ultimately, you get to choose your market niche... do you want to compete in the crowded niche of escort reviews, like these guys... https://www.sp411.cc/ (and Lyla will be frustrating to many folks looking for something like that... guys will come, get frustrated, flame and leave)... or double down on being something special... if you decide to double down then message alignment is key... https://www.amazon.ca/Building-StoryBrand-Clarify-Message-Customers/ everything has to align to the message. Wouldn't you like to be that hot bar that all the guys go to precisely because all the exciting girls are there. Attracting SP posts, attracts guys too ... and I'd argue the type of guys attracted by empowered and interesting SP's are better for business :-). -cbs
  9. Hard to tell from that... sometimes the big players (gmail.ca, hotmail/O365, etc.) will see a pattern of login attempts, and ask for a password reset, or see that someone logged in from different geographic areas ("impossible movement") which I sometimes trigger with a VPN. Or sometimes a specific breach, or a general one... I find this is a general service that can tell me if I have been the subject of a general breach: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ And Lastpass helps me keep my passwords strong and new, and monitors for published breaches. Hope that helps, -cbs
  10. Hmm... that's arguable... a society has segments, and its more precise to say that some segments do, some don't... that's fallacy... it (again) confuses risks carefully chosen with judgement pronounced. The statement also neglects to account that it is 1) generally reasonable and legal for anyone to make a demand as a pre-condition of doing business, and 2) it is generally reasonable and legal for a segment of society to require certain behavior as condition for membership. Rationale / examples for each: 1) Businesses can place conditions on doing business. Example: It is true that there are many shoeless people on the street in beach towns. It is also reasonable for a business to post "no shoes no shirt no service" and enforce that. Businesses can do that despite the fact that there is often no law requiring shoes. How is an SP or client demanding respect different? They can and do post and enforce. This isn't abstract, this happens. Saying otherwise is denying the law and the practical reality of how it is applied. 2) Segments of society can and do remove members when they fail to adhere to norms of that segment. For example, there are church denominations (segments) that view dancing or alcohol as a sin, and they can and do eject non-adherents. That is also legal. Similarly established SPs and clients form a segment of society, and have norms. They can and do eject (ban) members that do not adhere to respectful behavior. There are boards on lyla set up specifically to facilitate this. I personally, am grateful that Lyla's mods work so hard to enforce this... and that they can and do ban members that don't live up to the Lyla standards. Similarly, SPs can and do decide who they want to see as well. -cbs
  11. Love Starcraft 2, and if I can include a couple PS4 titles: "Last of Us," "Zero Dawn" "God of War," and the Witcher series.
  12. Hmm... well, I suppose phrasing was a problem, but I don't think that's all it is. For example the phrases: "people who go outside in daylight deserve skin cancer" and "if you go outside during the day, you can minimize the risk of skin cancer with sunscreen and protective clothing, though there will always be a risk." ... are similar... but one implies a moral and punishment component, the other a balancing of the risk / reward of daylight walks. I think the deeper problem with the post is that it equates church mandates with morals. I'd argue that scripture and clergy have a long history of advocacy of attitudes and behavior that are hurtful (and, to be fair, some attitudes and behavior that are good)... so then I'd argue its healthier to filter them... to only advocate for the healthy and helpful ones... I find the golden rule to be such a filter (or simply a more consistent moral that aligns to respect and decency)... seems to always work, and by that measure, I suspect a lot of us are quite moral. -cbs
  13. is it just me, or does it seem this board is seeing a rash of negativity, since the Covid thing started. Stay-at-home depression? either way, really appreciate all Lydia’s work to add upbeat forums, polls, and discussion threads.
  14. Thats kind of cool. When given a general location in the past, i tended to arrive early, so then drive around or park 15 mins ahead to make sure I'm not late, if a place to hang out is suggested its sorta like having a waiting room with treats... cool 🙂 i mean i could figure out a place on my own, just like highlighting this as extra thoughtful.
  15. Great old clip for Pink Panther / Peter Sellers fans. ‘Inspector Clouseau asks for a massage.’ About 1 min 20 secs.
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