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  1. I completely understand your perspective however, but I feel as though it's not warranted given the question asked by the OP, and factoring my response in. In my opinion, there is a history of women and men that leverage Kijiji as a way to advertise their sexual services. What's included as part of these services is often called into question due to the form of advertisement. For example, Kristine's posts do not state anything in reference to being strictly professional, however, they do note she provides billing which suggests she's an RMT. This is different from other individuals posts where it's clearly stated to be a professional massage, etc - so, there isn't a clear line of delineation between the two (non-professional/professional). I'd also say this is rather important when looking for a such service on Kijiji as there's definitely a variant of these services being offered under the massage category. With this in mind, I think the OP did the right thing by leveraging this form as a way to ask the question instead of being put in an awkward position by asking Kristine direct. This is a matter of opinion of course, but is there really a harm in asking this audience? As previously noted, I've seen Kristine and to tell you the truth, she is very suggestive even in person. This could be her flirty nature, but I seen other RMTs in a professional setting that do not cross any flirty boundaries, so I can understand the confusion. Take this post for what it's worth, just an opinion. :)
  2. I seen her last year also - nothing but a decent massage, although I didn't ask for anything extra.. She is very pretty, would love a bit more from her for sure.
  3. It looks like she's posted a couple new ads, I did get a response to my texts but was not able to sync on timing. Has anyone seen her yet, and if so, how'd it go?
  4. I tried texting her number just a couple days ago, no response unfortunately. I also messaged her on here and waiting to see if she responds.
  5. Apparently she's still in hfx.. I'm surprised she's only posted the once (couple days ago).. maybe I'll still give her a try.. anyone else see her recently?
  6. Anyone TOFTT yet? I may see if she's available....
  7. Not much here in terms of selection unfortunately. I'd be interested to know if there are others that don't post publicly, but I too often find myself browsing through the same couple select women that you posted above, and no others..
  8. I've seen her, she is indeed real and pics are fairly accurate.
  9. I went to see Sandra too, very friendly, decent service, pictures are accurate. I do echo ltdmax feedback about her boobs, as they're quite impressive if you prefer natural vs enhanced. She's only here for a couple more days, but imo, worth a visit.
  10. Thanks for sharing, definitely not my cup of tea, so appreciate the insight.
  11. Hey folks, Just wondering if anyone seen Barbie? Definitely my type and after a quick chat she did verify a pic of her with a leolist sign.. just wanting to be absolutely sure she's legit. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_halifax_first_tme_5_service_ofthelinequality-5248166 Thanks
  12. Yes, she herself will go fully nude for a premium.
  13. She does offer a fully nude massage, however, it is at a premium price, and would not allow any extras beyond that. YMMV.
  14. I'd say she's about 20lbs bigger than her photos, but still very attractive.
  15. Looks as though the ad has already been removed.
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