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  1. 20+ years married, little to no sex life, not as hard as one thinks to find time for hobbies, without many questions. Just don't allow it to be shoved in her face. Even if she suspects something, she won't pursue more details if you don't make her feel like she needs to. So, cover your bases, keep it discreet, and come home refreshed to treat her as best as you can (made easier by a hint of guilt) Spend at least as much time and money you do hobbying on something intimate with your spouse. Create a fun for her activity without the expectation of sex, nor the requirement for physical intamacy - but do make it intimate! for me its 10 to 1. And that 10 is/and for, my spouse
  2. fac3fun

    Lorena - YourFrenchLady

    that's good to hear! I've seen 3 of them, and had planned to try and visit Lorena when she was to come to town, but she was rescheduled into Ottawa, before joining us here this week. I actually had the scheduling issue with YFL in the previous visits, as well as some inconsistencies in communication which YFL offered to try and offer some restitution - which was a first for me, from a Service!! Had a favourite friend of mine show up so likely won't get to see her, but she does look great, and is a really nice person to spend time with!! Hope other locals experiences with YFL and the ladies, and share positive thoughts! I'm sure most are looking to hear an opinion other than mine!
  3. yes, and she'd have more happy clients if she had incalls, but yes if you can make it work she continues o be a very genuine interaction! Hope she is able to stay that way, wish i could visit more often but outcalls not really my bag.
  4. fac3fun

    Kat McTight 4140

    It's Sidnee, she is hot, petite and a good time as well! Fun safe duo!
  5. Get tested, keep playing safe with long term SO or try to abstain - until results, then have at er Go to the gym, eat well, drink lots of water stop reading these posts... 😉 i've been there, and when regularly active, i get tested regularly regardless of how safely i play - sure the interview STI people tell you you are really low risk and shouldn't worry, but nonetheless you are verified free and clear and stop having to worry ... unless you slip into hobbying again!
  6. fac3fun

    Kat McTight 4140

    anyone checked out the duo with Kat or her duo partner?
  7. fac3fun

    Keanna - as advertised

    She's back I see for a few days, not sure i'll be able to connect
  8. fac3fun

    Lorena - YourFrenchLady

    Nice - how was your visit? Ad and communications were clear and accurate? I am sure Lorena herself was a great encounter, but love to hear how it went!
  9. Lots of fun and really easy to talk to and get along with! For me, she was a refreshing visit
  10. in ontario, many places offer anonymous HIV testing, and you can get a same visit pin prick test which is very effective at determining negatives. If the simple test shows a positive possible you get the full blood work done - so its still not confirmed that you have it until the blood work is reviewd. But for sure you don't have it (they'll give you the statistics) if you result negative. IMHO you will create more anxiety for yourself discussing it, rather than seeking testing asap
  11. fac3fun

    Leo list on shaky ground

    One of the reasons people look towards bitcoin and CryptoCurrency is the lack of tracking - so for instance hiding taxable income...Illegal activities paper trail is harder to pin down. As far as the comment on can a company survive on bitcoin and pay in currency - a bit of monetary policy and exchange rates come to play. For instance Venezuela https://medium.com/@melis.io/the-first-city-in-the-world-that-is-switching-to-bitcoin-c995e32ad549 Since the Country backs currency, and currency value is determined by monetary policy and the countries economic power, all you need to really do is think about what rate you buy it at, and what rate you receive when you sell it - so in a sense your are currency trading. You can walk into some places and buy a pack of gum with CC/Bitcoin - that's a real transaction. People can pay you with bitcoins - real transaction. You just aren't tracked, nor is your bitcoin backed by the bank of Canada, nor on bars of gold, nor indexed against the performance of a country such as the US...
  12. fac3fun

    Kat McTight 4140

    Yes she is back in all her glorious tatooness, however a blonde now...
  13. responded to your pm
  14. fac3fun

    Leo list on shaky ground

    always a big impact on the smaller towns where not a lot of ladies are available, nor are they fully aware of sites like this. I've mentioned it to Sps i've met, but I understand it is one more thing to have to worry about, and because of the lack of participation in the local forum, it doesn't prove to be a great place to find all who are available. i am sure we all are thankful for the heads up
  15. Brooke 24 has been here before real pics flatteringly taken. Location is not the best but she is real.