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  1. I’m available at a HALIFAX hotel now until 9 pm
  2. Available morning or afternoon all week in a hotel except Friday night 9022006933 I love what I do and it shows through the smile on your face 🙂 I am fit, drug and alcohol free. I don’t smoke (but don’t mind if you do) i Love my regulars and hope to meet some more!
  3. Hey ! I am away Saturday but taking one date Sunday and one Monday. Long weekend deals! 902-200-6933 I LOVE this underworld and sharing passion
  4. Available all day Monday after 6 Tuesday - Friday 902-200-6933
  5. L*v*ngL*f*2xoxo

    Best ways to screen?

    I have sent you a PM Nicolette. TIA!
  6. How do I go about getting verified as an independent?
  7. L*v*ngL*f*2xoxo

    Best ways to screen?

    How do you tell if it’s an app or a regular phone number?
  8. Foot fet men get me wild! I LOVE having my feet worshiped 🙂
  9. Give me a call and come relax with me! Get a nice back rub and chill out! In/out Dartmouth I
  10. L*v*ngL*f*2xoxo

    6B1EC207 7500 447F 8D6A 89B1FEAB1891

    We can make that happen
  11. L*v*ngL*f*2xoxo

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    Thank you for the comments, you sure know how to make a girl feel sexy :)