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    I offer real professional style independent massage with sensual fun too. I have been an established provider in Ottawa for almost 10 yrs. I have reasonable rates and you always get all the time you book for . I host from a clean and lovely west Ottawa location. I am mature, down to earth and have a great sense of humor. I love getting to know genuine gentlemen in person when we meet .

    Sorry I do not book by Lyla pm.
    Answers to all your questions can be obtained by reading the information on my website.
    For more pics and booking visit ..

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  1. Oh my God ! That's you ? The woman behind the mod mask ? You are gorgeous ! And the bike is sweet too ! Getting a bike is on my bucket list. Right now I'm driving a sporty older chili pepper red ion coupe - ghost doors - sunroof - upgraded HP. Fun in summer. Terrifying in winter because she's super lightweight. If anyone has a suitable and affordable "first bike" for sale in Ottawa ..hit me up ! Hey fun thread idea ... what's your dream car ? ps. wild guess... you're an adrenaline junkie too ??? lol
  2. I got a Lyla pm saying: "I just wanted to let you know that I texted you on the 15th but didn't get a reply" He did not include a phone number to cross reference the pm with the text messages I received that day. So I am currently dusting off my crystal ball. Here was my reply : If you did not get a response that means you either did not read my website or did not provide the required info for booking. I would like to add a further response to that here as a peak behind the curtain of a day in the life of an mp (or any provider). To the gent who pm'd me... Sorry if that seems blunt but here are the texts I got on the 15th .. one legitimate booking with a nice gentleman one guy asking "hey, is this Bonnie's number ?" (since I ONLY post my number on my personal independent provider website... who the hell else's number would it be ? lol - seriously doubt this guy read a word on my website - most ladies won't reply to one liners since they are almost always a waste of time - serious gents will introduce themselves and give an indication of when they want to book - No reply given) one guy who despite the fact that I only see men , went to great lengths to write 3'ish paragraphs about how he wanted to "arrange a first experience for his wife " and "do I know any other ladies" - I also don't offer duo's. God grant me the serenity not to kick someone in the nuts (that's how that prayer goes right ?) I have been in this biz 10 yrs - the translation for that one is "I'm looking to waste your time by getting free dirty talk" ( No reply given and message deleted) another guy who didn't give his name, time or duration of appointment he was interested in (which indicate if someone is serious about an appointment and what I ask for in your initial contact as stated on my site and in my ad). Instead he asked if I was working/what are my hours... (which is on my site under ... you guessed it ! "Hours") Then he told me he was a senior (just sort of announced it as the last line in his text..like it was supposed to mean something ?). Not sure if he was expecting a seniors discount ??? Since nowhere on my site or ads do I ask for age (or give "early bird specials" I think you have me confused with Denny's. For the record - I also don't give student discounts ...try Staples.). This one has texted twice before and came off as very blunt - borderline rude in his texts with no greeting-no introduction. Just repeatedly asks my schedule. - (No reply given) 4 different texting apps through the day (2 texted multiple times) despite my site and ad stating that I ignore apps. (No reply given) So, that was my day on the 15th. Which one were you, pm dude ? Really it's okay. No need to reply....! lol More strangely according to this guys few month old - zero posts Lyla profile he is looking for Tgirls and I get the impression sp's not massage. Well I offer independent massage only and was born a woman. Dude ? 🤔 Refer back to my ad where it says "please read my website before contacting me" lol Regardless, between the zero information/zero posts profile and zero info pm ... and him being one of the above choices....I'll take a pass. So which one do you think it was ??? Mr. Not Sure Whose Number I Dialed Is this the free lesbian porn chatline ? Blunt no info/intro "what's your schedule" guy One of the random texting apps Thanks for joining me for this installment of "Another Day in Paradise" brought to you by Bonnie Scot *Disclaimer - no real names or identifying information was used in the making of this post to protect the identities of the individuals. No animals were harmed during the production of this post. On a serious note... every day is some version of the above. This is why we ask for a deposit. It not only insures that you will show up but it is also the quickest way to weed out the nonsense. It was born out of cause and effect. Anyways, I posted this because I don't think it is really openly talked about. I know many gents I meet seem genuinely surprised by the reality of what we deal with. Yes they know this biz can be dangerous but they don't know the day to day - every day - barrage of games and nonsense that would utterly exhaust anyone. That's why I turn my phone off. Of course that's always when I miss that one legit and really decent guy ! I have a lot of sweet clients that I truly enjoy but the other crap .... I really hope I didn't just shoot myself in the foot for being honest. 😧Probably why the ladies don't talk about it more openly... I mean in front of the guys.
  3. Verified Independent 2000 333 posts ... Sexy, sassy AND smart ! Gentlemen, My name is Bonnie and I offer real RMT style massage with sensual fun too. I am an established provider in Ottawa. I have reasonable rates and you always get all the time you book for . I host from a clean and lovely west Ottawa location. I am mature, down to earth and have a great sense of humor. I love getting to know genuine gentlemen in person when we meet . A Sneak Peak... During your session you enjoy a genuine deep tissue massage that will relax your muscles , ease all your tension and sooth your spirit. Starting at your neck my skilled hands will lovingly , firmly and sensually explore your whole body. Heat is applied in your massage .. in more ways than one as you will understand after you experience my truly breathtaking.... I ask that you please read the info on my site before contacting me. Inquiries that will be taken seriously and get a reply will need to include your first name , time and duration of requested appointment. Apps, or blocked calls/texts will be ignored. Sorry but I don't book by Lyla pm. https://bonniescot.com/ Bonnie Scot Ottawa West Independent Massage And of course my location has central air conditioning !
  4. BonnieScot


  5. Beautiful ! Please post more pieces as you make them ! And it does take some talent to create a balanced looking piece from an awkward shape !! It's neat to get to know others on here a little. I am also more spiritual !
  6. In the intended spirit of this thread being non industry related ! A place to post your latest (non sexual) talents and creations. So many of the ladies are much more than a pretty face so I thought it would be fun to share your creations. The guys too .... I bet you are good with other kinds of tools ! Anything that you have made yourself is cool ! ie. writing, painting, music, crafts, woodworking etc etc I'll kick it off. I paint and sketch. I am something of a home chef. I have also bought the equipment and learned how to do my own acrylic nails. I am thinking of learning jewellery making next ..... and am still mulling over the idea of starting a monetized food blog business ! I also do home renos but you would probably be bored with the pic of the 4' X 8' industrial style open hallway safety rail I just built. Think loft style with glass ... except steel mesh. Oh... and I built my own website for my massage biz ! mini caramel & chocolate pecan cheese cakes (all components from scratch) Channeling the spirit of Van Gogh ! This was a technique practice. My usual style is much more abstract. fun summer mani
  7. There are ways to check the phone number. pm me for info. I do not book by pm on Lyla. I book through my site with legit phone # only. Being a Lyla member still does not provide any identifying info if a date gets violent and a police report needs to be filed.
  8. Wow, you're suggesting that 66.6 % of us ladies are scammers ? I had no idea it was this high. Sorry to hear this has been your experience. Have a nice evening.
  9. This is pretty much a "has anyone seen ..." post. Which is not allowed. Just phrased differently. Generally speaking it might be helpful for the OP to look up how to properly research before booking. Lots of helpful info on this forum.
  10. This is pretty much a "has anyone seen ..." post. Which is not allowed. Just phrased differently. Generally speaking it might be helpful for the OP to look up how to properly research before booking. Lots of helpful info on this forum.
  11. Do you have any correspondence pics of text or email to verify that this lady ripped you off ? I am pretty sure that reports of bait and switch or scams need to have some evidence to back them up... or some way to validate this. ( I will take it up with the Mod). Without that any old client who had had a bad experience that may have been due to his own behavior could post whatever they like. Or other SP's could ask a client friend with an account to trash the competition. Also this is posted in the wrong section . See https://www.lyla.ch/forum/150-canada-wide-warnings-to-report-bait-and-switch-scams-dangerous-encounters/
  12. I recently had a client who gave me permission to post these ! Ladies what are the funniest boxer's you have seen ? Guys post some pics of your boxers ! That Right Said Fred song "I'm too sexy" is stuck in my head ! I think the ladies should vote on the winner from the Lyla guys who post ... Just not sure how to set up a competition ? Maybe Lydia can help ? It's the ladies turn to have a "best of" competition with you guys !!!
  13. I am so sorry this happened to your friend. If you feel comfortable sending me a PM with the contact details for this client I can post it in the private SP Only area so other ladies can be warned.
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