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  1. Great interview Lydia. Berlin is such an amazing person. One of my favourites for sure. Great hearing Berlin's perspective. It's very interesting to learn a little more about Berlin and some of her stops along the way to becoming one of the nicest, funniest, cutest, hottest, naughtiest, sexiest and dare I say "most sensual" providers touring these days. Just simply a wonderful human. Never stop being so amazing Berlin! ❤️
  2. That was well said peacectryguy. I think you are an example of how we should all try to be. I'm a strong believer in modeling the behavior you like to see in others. You know lead by example. It's easy to criticize others and be negative. It's harder to look for the good sometimes and remain positive in these days. I know I don't find it easy. But I try to be a good person and hope that it encourages others to try to be as well. We can't fix covid and all the rest overnight but we can make little things better each day. Hopefully they will add up. Thanks again for the positive vibes. 👍
  3. Great interview Lydia. RG is an excellent choice. I really enjoy reading his posts and all his contributions to Lyla. He has learned a thing or two over the years and has shared a lot of his experiences here. It's members like RG that help enrich this online community and make it more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing RG. Good job with the interview. I look forward to reading your future ramblings.
  4. I really like Tink's body wash. It's a product made for hunters. It's unscented and actually formulated to neutralize scents to be undetected by wildlife.
  5. Thanks Addilyn, That is a very good suggestion about creating short lists for the other to pick from. I like that a lot. Will definitely keep that one saved.
  6. Thanks Notch, RG, Good info. RG, maybe just try to go easy. Lol. I know it can be hard to hold back with one let alone two lovely ladies to coax you along. And if the big one does happen, well, what better way to go right?
  7. Good day everyone, I have been doing a fair bit of thinking recently about the "duo" service that many SP's offer. I have never tried it but am very interested. However, I thought it might be a good idea to ask the humans of Lyla for any info or suggestions they may want to share. So, is there anything to do or consider ahead of time to make it as enjoyable as possible? Do any of you have a favourite duo team that you will never forget and would highly recommend? How about the ladies? How many of you love doing duos? Do you have any tips or suggestions? I am very interested to see what kind of response I get to this topic.
  8. "I see there is no pleeeeeeasing you" 😁
  9. Oh my. That struck me rather funny. I do recognize that this may be a serious problem for some and it may not always be funny. Just that "pound a Lady for an hour". OK, carry on.
  10. Agree with above. I want to believe there are many more of us good guys around than bad. I can see how the @ssholes can be very stressful at times though. Sorry you had this happen. Like shyness said, you seem very genuine and I also look forward to meeting you. ;)
  11. I recently got to spend some time with Keissy. Memorable indeed(blush). She is very beautiful and adept at welcoming you and putting you at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and look forward to seeing her again in the future.
  12. Well, it's been some time now since my first visit with Jaymie. She set the bar pretty high then. I have seen her several times since that first day and she never disappoints. If you like a beautiful Lady who is always pleasant, sweet and eager to look after you go see her. Show her some manners and respect and you will leave very happy.
  13. OMF,OMF,OMF,OMF, you poor son of a.... Both my grandfather and father had them. I sure as hell didn't help matters with my choice of diet through the years. I have not had the kidney stones yet but I'm scared as hell to one day realize I too will have them shooting out the end of my penis. 😭
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