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  1. That was a good one. I would say better than mine. Thanks for sharing Notch. There are probably more guys out there that have experienced certain parts of that tale, as in pre-mature first times, that will likely admit it. Haha. There were many unfortunate, but after the fact, very funny ironic elements to your story. That is kind of what I was looking for. Funny tales from younger years when it was harder to find reliable privacy. Who else has a tale? I wonder if Lydia has ever had her privacy intruded upon.
  2. I met Brooklyn once not too long ago. She was very charming and a whole lot of fun. She has lots of skills and tons of energy and passion. I plan on visiting her again sometime in the new year. Be a gentleman and be honest about what you like and she will not disappoint.
  3. OK. Really?! Nobody else wants to share a funny story of getting caught? Perhaps even a story of a friend that got caught? ;). I know there are some funny stories out there because you can't make up stuff that's as bizarre and funny as real life.
  4. OK, in the spirit of sharing does anyone want to share a funny story of getting "caught in the act"? I'll share one. I certainly do have more than one. Haha. Actually this particular one was after the act but still makes me laugh when I think of it. I met this wonderful girl many years ago when I was much younger. We started dating a lot and had instant chemistry. One weekend in the summer her parents went away over night and we had the house and family car all to ourselves. Heh heh heh. It was a fantastic weekend! Until. That Sunday when we went out for a drive in the family car her younger brother, out of the blue, said " why are there foot prints on the inside of the windshield? ". Her father immediately looks more closely at the glass and looks back at me in the rear view mirror with murder in his eyes. All I wanted to do right then and there was jump out the window of the speeding car. Anyone else have a funny story of getting caught, or found out, they want to share?
  5. "These pics... are making me HORNY" spoken in the voice of George Costanza. 😂 Now, who would like to go to bed with me to try on this, so called "nude underwear"?
  6. I was wondering as well. I miss her presence here. Always kind, sincere and lightens things up with great sense of humor. 🙂
  7. I agree with Zachmont. I'm usually happy and content with what the companion chooses to wear. However, I also would like to see a casual look such as jeans and comfy sweater or tee sometimes. This can add to the gfe fantasy. Then you get the anticipation of the intimate reveal as well. And that can be a lot of fun too when taking ones time. Of course this is easier to communicate with a companion you have previous experience with.
  8. Allie, I do not envy your challenge of trying to figure us clients out. We can be a bit of a picky bunch can't we? Thank goodness for such diversity on both sides. There should be someone for almost everyone out there.
  9. Well, that certainly is a lot to think about Liv Waters. If only we, random groups of lyla members, could have a get together every so often to talk about these issues in person. When reading a post it's hard to know sometimes if you are getting what the writer is trying to convey. It's easy to just gloss over the obvious mechanics of the industry. It's harder to to look deeper and ponder the truth and reality of what is really happening. Thanks Liv for your thoughtful insight. Thank you Lydia for another interesting interview. Than you Emily for sharing some of your valuable experience.
  10. Hi Allie, What a great topic. Very interesting. It's a question that can be both simple and complex. From the responses so far it's easy to see that for most there is a lot that goes into choosing who to visit with. I think you are on to something when comparing younger and older clients. And, let me state from the begining, there are always exceptions. Some people, clients or companions, who are younger, let's say 20's, will behave more mature and some older, let's say 40+, might behave immature or more youthful for their age. So I would think that you could generally say that men in their 20's are looking for the physical attraction combined with a porn star skill set and older men are looking for.... so much more. This is where we depart from the simple and begin our journey into the complex. We are all individuals and unique in our own endearing ways. Combine that with ones personal life experiences and you end up with an immeasurable array of personalities. Wouldn't life be boring if we were all the same? I, as you may have guessed, am of the mature group. There is so much to say and not enough time to say it all. I feel a rambling coming. Lol. For me, certainly there is a first attraction from pictures. I, like Notch, enjoy variety. I like big and small, short or tall, plump or petit and young (20's+) and mature (40's+) as well as all ethnicities. Clarification, I have not tried them all but am open to all. Haha. Once a picture catches my attention I look closer and read the ad. If that reads well i look for the companion here on lyla. Preference is given to those that actually belong and have an ongoing presence here. But at the very least I hope to find glowing reviews that reflect what I hope to experience with a companion. The idea of sex appeal was mentioned earlier and cannot be underestimated. That in itself is a topic to be discussed separately. It's very powerful. I believe a successful companion will be able to convey that from the start. Beginning with the photos and the composition of the ad and following through in person during the visit. Wrapped up into the bundle is also the ability to be personable. To be able to greet and welcome someone into your company like a friend. Make them comfortable. Read them almost instantly, because we are all individuals, and tailor the visit just for them. I think the few really successful companions are more easily able to do this. Like a cameleon adapt themselves to some degree. Simply able to quickly discover what the clients truly wants most of all. Then deliver that as well or better than anyone else in such a short time frame. My few cents
  11. Btw, while Costco sized candy and chips washed down with gallons and gallons of beer help short term, my clothes tell me they are not a viable long term solution. 😬
  12. I know some areas have been dealing with the second wave of covid for much longer than here in NB. It really sucks dirty unwashed ass. I sympathize with everyone who has already been dealing with it. I am feeling very very disappointed and depressed about it all. What have you found helped you the most to fend off the covid blues?
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