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  1. I really like Tink's body wash. It's a product made for hunters. It's unscented and actually formulated to neutralize scents to be undetected by wildlife.
  2. JamesB700

    The famous duo

    Thanks Addilyn, That is a very good suggestion about creating short lists for the other to pick from. I like that a lot. Will definitely keep that one saved.
  3. JamesB700

    The famous duo

    Thanks Notch, RG, Good info. RG, maybe just try to go easy. Lol. I know it can be hard to hold back with one let alone two lovely ladies to coax you along. And if the big one does happen, well, what better way to go right?
  4. Good day everyone, I have been doing a fair bit of thinking recently about the "duo" service that many SP's offer. I have never tried it but am very interested. However, I thought it might be a good idea to ask the humans of Lyla for any info or suggestions they may want to share. So, is there anything to do or consider ahead of time to make it as enjoyable as possible? Do any of you have a favourite duo team that you will never forget and would highly recommend? How about the ladies? How many of you love doing duos? Do you have any tips or suggestions? I am very interested to see what kind of response I get to this topic.
  5. JamesB700

    Rant of the day

    "I see there is no pleeeeeeasing you" 😁
  6. JamesB700

    SP Stamina

    Oh my. That struck me rather funny. I do recognize that this may be a serious problem for some and it may not always be funny. Just that "pound a Lady for an hour". OK, carry on.
  7. Agree with above. I want to believe there are many more of us good guys around than bad. I can see how the @ssholes can be very stressful at times though. Sorry you had this happen. Like shyness said, you seem very genuine and I also look forward to meeting you. ;)
  8. OMF,OMF,OMF,OMF, you poor son of a.... Both my grandfather and father had them. I sure as hell didn't help matters with my choice of diet through the years. I have not had the kidney stones yet but I'm scared as hell to one day realize I too will have them shooting out the end of my penis. 😭
  9. OK thanks. I did check out merb. It's quite different from lyla. I found it awkward to use but I'll give it another try.
  10. Is it just me or am I looking in the wrong place? Or is the area for Quebec, specifically Montreal, very seldom used? It seems very odd that an area as large and populated as Quebec would have so much less traffic than NB and NS on the east coast. Perhaps they have a different site or message board they use? Where do others go for information regarding reputable providers in Montreal?
  11. Hi Tom, Welcome to Lyla. Take lots of time to browse the site, read and educate yourself. There is so much great information shared in here. And if you ever need help don't hesitate to post questions. If you would rather pm feel free to do so. I welcome it and am pretty sure most other members would as well. You can also pm the mods and they will let you know how to go about finding information and where to post for what. I had a similar experience a few years ago in Moncton. I too was the victim of a "cash and dash". It's easy to fall victim with inexperience and a trusting heart. Done things never change over the years. In my case the sp arrived (not looking like her photos and now older and letting herself go but whatever. This was red flag 1). She asked me to shower first (not unreasonable but I should have asked her to remain in the bathroom with me, showered with me or brought all valuables in with me since I had no previous experience with her. This was mistake 2. Mistake 1 was not doing some homework and checking this site out first, lol). Once I was in the shower she said something about forgetting her items and coming right back (red flag 2). Of course I get out of the shower to find her gone along with the envelope that had been set out on the dresser. I was fortunate that that was all she grabbed. It made me feel so stupid, foolish and played I was furious and sick to my stomach. I then decided to use the experience as motivation to get smarter and learn from my mistakes. We all make them. It's only our fault if we refuse to learn from them. Hopefully, sharing our mistakes will help others avoid them and make it easier to learn from theirs. Lyla has been great for me. The majority of members seem genuine and interested in helping each other out. I hope you have much better experiences going forward. James
  12. Notch, that's very interesting. It's not something I have worked at, to that degree, but who wouldn't enjoy giving a nice bum a little "going over". How about it ladies? Is it true? Do the majority of women enjoy a measured spanking? 🤔
  13. Katie, would you like yours taken out fit a maiden voyage?