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  1. frenchpress


    I guess YMMV. I've seen her now three times, two of them in doubles. I'd book her again in a heartbeat.
  2. frenchpress


    I was there this week. Check out Amber.
  3. frenchpress

    Help? Recommend?

    I've had great experiences at Diamonds. I would take them over EB. At least there you know what you're paying for. The dumb upsells I've had at EB.....
  4. frenchpress

    R3Y 0Y6

  5. frenchpress


    I went and saw Lindsey this week. Great service and attitude. Left completely satisfied.
  6. frenchpress


    Carrie and Jackie are my favorites. I've had fantastic sessions with both of them.
  7. frenchpress

    Lianne on LL

    I saw Lianne a few weeks ago. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  8. frenchpress

    Ginger @ EB

    I was having a stressful day, so I stopped by EB for some relief. They had a new girl there named Ginger. Wow. Spinner type. VERY petite, but with fantastic curves. Did not dissapoint. She's a little highstrung, and tends to talk a million miles a minute. Just sit back, relax, and she'll take good care of you.
  9. frenchpress

    texting/calling for a massage

    On that note, have you tried her Nuru experience? Let's just say I left completely satisfied.
  10. frenchpress


    Are there any SP's who provide service in a sauna or steam room? Would love to scratch that one off of my bucket list.
  11. frenchpress

    Sabrina from EB

    Too bad. I had a very good experience with her as well.
  12. frenchpress

    Looking for advice while in winnepeg

    I would check out Diamonds. Safe. Easy access. A good selection to choose from..
  13. frenchpress

    TO/EB reviews

    Oh, Joy. I have had many amazing sessions with her. She is very....sensuous. And knows how to please a man in ways the man didn't know he wanted to be pleased.
  14. I just had a massage appointment with Lily, who I found on Leolist. Easily the best massage I've had. I didn't take her up on the extra services this time, but enjoyed myself and left happy. Well worth checking out.
  15. frenchpress

    TO/EB reviews

    Nina is fantastic. Her picture do not do her justice.