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  2. If you own a PS3/PSP or Vita, you probably learned the news of the PlayStation store closing for those consoles on July 2nd. Before downloading and hoarding available online games, I recommend reading about the CMOS (internal clock) battery issue that may render all purchased digital games unusable once the PS network is closed There numerous articles and YouTube videos on the matter: PlayStation 3: CMOS Drain Will Eventually Render All Games Unplayable and You Cannot Avoid It (cbr.com) Your PlayStation Software Has An Expiration Date | The CBOMB Explained - HM - YouTube Long story short, digital games need the internal battery or communication with the PlayStation store for authentication before starting a session. This doesn't apply to physical/disc copies of games. But on more modern consoles like the PS4 and PS5, physical games may not work once those lose online support in the future. For the moment, Sony hasn't announced any final firmware update to correct the problem. If you own a PS3, PSP or Vita, I recommend keeping an eye open for updates and wait before downloading new games.
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