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  1. Greenteal

    Has the art of sensual massage been lost?

    You're looking at this the wrong way. The responsibility of an establishment is to provide a safe and clean environment. They won't really care about the actual service as long the ladies fulfill their obligations and provide steady income. It's up to an MA to decide if she wants to provide the minimum or learn and earn more from repeat patrons. Instead of looking for establishments, look for the ladies and do some homework. It gives far better results.
  2. Greenteal

    Being turned away.

    Again, more than often it's an easy excuse to walk out from an uncomfortable situation. It's not always physical. I think we all seen situations where an attractive person would turn us off from her attitude, way of expressing herself or other details ruining what should have been a pleasant encounter. Someone will get under your skin and rub you the wrong way and pinpointing the cause is not always obvious. Even for someone open minded and not very picky, certain things simply won't work. Expressing it on the spot is not always easy. And even if it was, wouldn't change the outcome. No matter the excuse used, if one doesn't feel comfortable with the other things shouldn't be forced. Feelings may get hurt and egos may get bruised, but that's life. There things we can't change or prevent and the best thing to do is move on and learn from it when possible.
  3. There are providers, but make more of a living serving men. The traditional "Gigolo"(for ladies) is not very lucrative except in a few niche markets/areas. But for someone curious, bi or gay living in an urban area, finding a male provider is not that hard.
  4. The Fluid Topic View only shows posts. It skips activities like the reactions and "started following". It's closer to what was on the old website.
  5. Greenteal

    Burner phone. Help!

    To add to what Cerbmod posted, many cellphone providers also sell online affordable burners. Also, major grocery chains like Loblaws do cell cheap phones, sim cards and top up cards that can be activated online. Just a question of finding the best for your needs.
  6. I remember it being there on the old site. But since the update used the "Activity" page as an alternative and pretty much got used to it. It will give two ways to stay updated on the new posts and threads. Thanks.
  7. Greenteal

    Nuru massage

    Most adult speciality shops will sell a generic kind of water based gel. There not much difference between the "authentic" and others. The most important part is in the preparation in order to get the right texture. Also, body slide massages can be done with more traditional massage oils. But those don't wash off as easily as a water based products. Just a question of finding the right product for the right price.
  8. The pictures are from an Instagram model using the name Trixi Buns. https://www.shesfreaky.com/gallery/instagram-chick-trixibuns1-258925.html Can't say anything about the lady behind the ad, but the pictures are obviously fake. I would recommend you to use Google Image search or other tools to find those answers yourself.
  9. Greenteal

    Fancy looking undergarment

    As a response to a "confused" friend. I think sport bras and panties are a bit underrated in the world of lingerie. Some designers are making great effort to make those very attractive while remaining functional. In my book , the best undergarments are the ones that can be removed in seconds 😉
  10. Greenteal

    SP "airbnb" service

    If I were you , I would maybe consult a lawyers or do research on your responsibilities as a landlord. If an SP is low key, you should be in the clear. But if she's not and it's known you actually invited her to use your unit for her activities, you could get yourself in hot water. Maybe someone here could shed some light on the subject. If not, you better ask for legal advices.