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  1. Here's a good video explaining how Wizards of the Coast shot themselves in the foot with the OGL debacle and other questionable business decisions. Wizards Future Plan Has Three Big Problems - Ft. Tolarian Community College - YouTube As a tabletop RPG genre, D&D will always exist. But as a corporate owned intellectual property, it's collapsing under it's own weight. Same with Magic: The Gathering and other mismanaged properties.
  2. How to: Verify pics, ads and identify potential fraud. - Lyla How to Verify ads 2.0 - Lyla Where to start without being stupid or insensitive - Lyla
  3. "No John is at any risk" only applies in circumstances of independent providers selling their own services. But if caught with someone employed by an agency/potentially exploited or for solicitation, risks of criminal charges are a real possibility. No matter past and future court decisions and what municipality will enforce, better stay on the safe side and meet independent providers.
  4. The number of people behind those accounts and posts is unclear. But they definitely understand how Lyla and LL work and don't waste time exploiting vulnerabilities. We seen this before in 2020 when admins complete dropped the moderation of new members. In little time the board was flooded with spam accounts, posts and pm's. I'm not gonna speculate if premeditated. But considering the large amount of accounts and posts created, the people being those had to know relatively early. No more "Moderated members"? - Lyla With a similar situation in regard to recos, this significantly impacts the value of being "Verified" and "Recommended" on Lyla. Once in a while we see accounts created in a short time, complete with recommendations, followers and verified without any existing reputation. Even when exposed and banned, the damage already been done. If admins/mods can't keep up, would be good to know what's being prioritized.
  5. I agree. But there the bigger problem with those questionable recommendations is the fact those appear in Google searches. Many already struggle to see through real or fake profiles/ads. Things get much worst when they got to question review sources. Even if it took a week to approve moderated posts, it would still be better than the current situation.
  6. All those look fake with stolen pictures. Suggest reading this: How to: Verify pics, ads and identify potential fraud. - Lyla How to Verify ads 2.0 - Lyla Where to start without being stupid or insensitive - Lyla
  7. In the last 2 days reported two recos that were posted in the first hours after joining LYLA. Both still up: Aichia Anderson • White • LL • 6630 • TOFTT - Lyla Amber Richards • White • LL • 1950 • TOFTT - Lyla There something obviously broken and this need to be taken care of. Hopefully admins will correct the problem. @Kian Lyla @Grace Lyla @Amelia Lyla @Lauren Lyla @Samira Lyla @Trevor Lyla @Kayleigh Lyla @Francesca Lyla
  8. Yes, this was resolved yesterday. But there still a lot of unanswered questions in regard to the future of Wizards of the Coast. They lost creators, players and a large amount of money from this. Who ever was in charge has to go if they want to rebuild the trust of they community.
  9. This also applies for first posts and warnings related forums, but the moderation been mixed. From laxed to overzealous, with an unclear picture on what's being prioritized. Once in a while it doesn't hurt to updated the rules to make sure we're all on the same page.
  10. This been a problem for a while. New members posting recommendations minutes after joining, while some here for months and years struggle to post any. And there's also the issue of recommendations for providers who change their name, pictures and contact information every weeks. If there no way to contact or meet someone, posting a recommendation is pointless and misleading as can be used to promote someone unrelated. Recommendations should only be for independent providers. If not LYLA members, should at least have a website or some form of social media presence to deserve a positive recognition.
  11. This thread is 4 year old and the ad you're referring to uses stolen pics... Sam🌼 (@samslayres) • Instagram photos and videos
  12. The one you're referring to was discussed in this thread: Mandyy / Hannah - 1334 / 3163 - Lyla
  13. In regard to that specific ad, I would stay away from anyone asking for help like this. Even if real, your good intentions may end up costing you a lot. Would not risk it.
  14. I already created two threads/tutorials on the subject: How to: Verify pics, ads and identify potential fraud. - Lyla How to Verify ads 2.0 - Lyla Long story short, if the person doesn't have a website, social media presence, reviews/recommendations of references, simply move on. Recommend starting with recommendations and announcement threads for reliable providers in your area. New Brunswick Recommendations Review Board | Discussion Forum - Lyla New Brunswick Escorts - Schedules & announcements Review Board | Discussion Forum - Lyla
  15. Try search tool: Christie in Moncton (3235) - Lyla
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