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  1. I can't speak Spanish, but don't see anywhere asking for cash. As for posting warnings, there's a forum for that. But if you intend to report all questionnable ads, you'll waste a lot of time for nothing. Moncton, Saint John & Fredericton Warnings | Report Bait & Switch, Fakes, Dangerous Encounters - Lyla
  2. Ladies are allowed to advertise and publish their rates. Other than that, the topic is better kept to private discussions.
  3. The first one seem to be advertising onlines services. The second uses pictures of an Instagram model. As for the stats, better to ignore typos. Heidi Grey (@heidi.grey) • Instagram photos and videos
  4. Judging from her Twitter page, she's from Calgary and her services seem mostly virtual/online: Armenian_Exotic NEW CALGARY 📍😈3.75 OF PROMO (@Armenian_Exotic) / Twitter EXOTIC ARMENIAN!PARTY WITH ME IN AND OUT !! | Ottawa | South Eastern & Ottawa | Female Escorts | LeoList EXOTIC ARMENIAN!PARTY!!PEGGING,FETISH,FEET! | Niagara Region | Hamilton/Niagara (South) | Dom & Fetish | LeoList
  5. Also based on pictures: Addictivebarbie | LeoList
  6. Circea - Lyla Circea | Tryst.link: Find independent escorts
  7. There's an existing thread, including a comment from her: Christie in Moncton (3235) - Lyla
  8. There two types of situations: First being how some names are more common than others. Reason for creativity to avoid confusion when promoting yourself. The other are people trying to profit from the back of someone else's reputation. Often for the purpose of direct deposit and gift cards scan. This is far from uncommon. Just look at the crazy amount of "Sexi Lexi". Hard to keep up.
  9. FYI, She's advertising again: {☆~BoOtYlIOuS~☆}{*Sexi Lexi is back*) | Fredericton | New Brunswick | Female Escorts | LeoList
  10. If referring to her: Sexilexi572$$ - Lyla She's been only offering online services for the past months.
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