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  1. Not completely true. Many edited pics can be found using reverse images. The bigger issue are pics stolen from dating websites and social media platforms that block access to most search engines.
  2. The European wall sockets are a hint those pics were likely stolen from a SB/Arrangement website. Would be cautious.
  3. Sure..... persistence always equals honesty.... Try "her" and tell us how that went. There only so much we can do to help. The best learning tools are losses and fear from reality slapping you in the face.
  4. A loud queef, falling off the bed and calling out the wrong name are normally good for a nice(sometimes awkward) laugh.
  5. I already significantly reduced my participation to a very limited amount of posts a day. If you think that's still too much, you got two options: You can report my "abusive participation" to moderators. Or, you can simply use the "Ignore" function and you won't see my posts anymore. Have a nice day.
  6. This is my 8th post in the last 48hrs. You're must be right, averaging four posts a day is abusive. LOL
  7. Only mods and admins can answer easy questions?
  8. Don't want to burst your bubble, but many MA's already use similar business arrangements. As for SP's doing the same, this is where it can get tricky. "Doing things legit", doesn't change the fact it's currently illegal to purchase and live on the material benefits from sex work. Meaning who ever has her name on the business license and lease will be considered in charge and risk prosecution for any illegal activities. And obviously, the same goes for visiting clients. If you're looking for someone to share a location and some expenses, you'll likely find. But to protect yourself, you business partner and clients, better be careful on how and what you'll advertise.
  9. Did you try the search tool on the top right corner? There literally a LYLA reco in her ad:
  10. I don't think there was anything wrong with your post. You were talking about tipping, not the actual rate. And as previously mentioned, if unsure what's included, complementary or extra, you can simply ask her.
  11. If you intend to see her again and unsure of her normal service or extra, you should maybe discuss it privately with her.
  12. Can read this thread about that topic:
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