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  1. Greenteal

    B2B Massage

    Not sure why the presence of a "money man"/ manager(or other term) should be considered a red flag. Many ladies(including some here) use middle men(or women). Not all of them are bad, abusive and exploitive. There maybe good reasons to avoid that particular SP/MA, but I hope it's more than just a management issue.
  2. Greenteal

    This Can't be Real

    Not the weirdest thing I seen or read about , but certainly up there. On the bright side, men(and maybe some women) who end up visiting her bedroom instantly know what of crazy she is.
  3. Greenteal

    Best Song....put yours

    I was more inspired to follow it with this:
  4. Greenteal

    Best Song....put yours

    Classic Dolly:
  5. Greenteal

    Best Song....put yours

    The original way before it was butchered by "Glee".
  6. Greenteal

    Best Song....put yours

    Classic from the 80's.
  7. Greenteal

    Best Song....put yours

    Great song , unique sound.
  8. Greenteal

    Best Song....put yours

    Something that can only be described as the best and worst talent from Russia:
  9. Greenteal

    Best Song....put yours

    Maybe not. But the King and Gump in the same comment is nothing less than blasphemous. Here something to wash it off.
  10. Greenteal

    Best Song....put yours

    Hail to the King.
  11. Greenteal

    Appointment-request timing

    There definitely no right answers as ladies have different ways of managing their time and patrons. Some can reply in minutes while others could take a few days to provide a first response. In the first email/txt message or voicemail I normally inquire about availabilities and ask different questions about requests and requirements. I only book once communication is established and feel both are on the same page. I would recommend you do the same and don't stop yourself from shopping around if a lady doesn't reply quickly.
  12. Greenteal

    Is this normal

    I could be in the minority, but I'm not sure there anything else to add in regard to this topic. Most seem to agree that both involved should respect the agreed terms. And if extra mileage or time is accidently provided, it should be sorted out privately. It should only be exposed if strong evidence of being more than an isolated incident. As the topic was created in regard to a single MA, I wouldn't mind if it was deleted. If more come of it, I'll hopefully read about it under a serious warning thread.
  13. Greenteal

    Seeking cheap but good SP

    The debate shouldn't be on what should be considered acceptable or not, but more on if he was actually looking for an SP in the first place. For an SP, it's certainly quite offensive. But if two adults agree to an arrangement, who are we to judge when we don't know the terms, how they know each other and what's the context behind the deal. Yes it could be something as dark as blackmail or exploitation or maybe something else that could possibly make sense once the full story is known. This is the reason why those kind of arrangements shouldn't be shared on this message board. Lyla exist for discussion about SP's, MA's and other form of professional adults entertainers. Who ever he met(if true) is likely not from the adult industry. Good chances are that none of what he posted was remotely true. And if it is, I just hope it's nothing that could possibly make the evening news.
  14. Greenteal

    Frequency of seeing providers

    Per year it can be as little as once or twice, or as much as ten or twelve depending on my finances or if I got a FWB or arrangement to answer some of my needs. In my 30's I definitely experimented more with providers. But my priorities changed a bit since.
  15. Greenteal

    Best Song....put yours

    Far from the greatest French song in the world, but the young lady and her performance more than make up for it: