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  1. Greenteal

    Lyra - Scam?

    The fact she identifies herself as an "Instagram model" is by itself a huge red flag. Those pics were edited through the "Bazaart" app to help hide their origin. I'm sure a longer research could provide us with the identity of this young woman, but I don't think it's worth it. It's clearly a scam.
  2. Greenteal

    Alie on LL

    To clarify my last post in regard to her use of the term "upscale", it's not in regard to her appearance or services, but more on how she operates. Most upscale ladies and especially those who travel, will have their own website or a public social media account. Not only to give information about themselves, but also to provide an updated travelling schedule to inform current and future clients of their availabilities. Not sure if it's her or a management issue, but hopping from a LL ad to another is not quite what I call "upscale" and efficient. Again, she could be real. But I would keep expectations low.
  3. Greenteal

    Jayme Mae

    She's a member: https://www.lyla.ch/profile/217450-jaymiemaesparx/ Her recommendation thread: This should provide you with a few answers.
  4. Greenteal

    Victoria Krawford

    You should maybe PM SweptbackFlame101. He apparently seen her four times.
  5. Negative political ads based on character assassination. It's starting again. Not as bad as the full year of "Just Not Ready" from the last federal election. But those ads are starting again and for some reasons the Cons take issue with the new #ScheerWeakness campaign that does the exact same thing. If they want to ban those ads, please do. But only complaining once they become the target is just hypocritical!
  6. Greenteal

    SP Stamina

    SP's are not genetically modified for sex. There are REAL women(other than transgenders to be kept for another topic) and shouldn't be treated differently because they do this for a living. If you're concerned about their well-being/safety, you should address it the same you would do with a regular sexual partner. I'm pretty sure a few ladies will have a field day with this.
  7. Greenteal

    Victoria Krawford

    Read this thread: PS: May want to try the search bar next time you want info on someone. Take care.