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  1. On top of the CERB, people entitled to GST/HST credit will get a special payment on Thursday(April 9th). The amount varies between $443 and $1160 depending on marital status and more if got children under 19. This special increase is based on the 2018 income tax return and you don't need to apply for it other than filing for that year. More details here: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/child-family-benefits/covid-19-gsthstc-increase.html Also, If registered to the CRA website, you can log in and look in "Benefits and credits" to immediately see if you qualify and how much you'll receive. As I wasn't expecting anything, I'm pleasantly surprised with this little extra help.
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    Babe of the Day

    Irene Rouse
  3. All depends on how long this will last and what alternatives patrons and ladies will find.
  4. This morning I drove in front of the Sweet 300 on Montreal Rd(Vanier/Ottawa) and was surprised to see "Open" neon signs on. Not sure if really open or not, but I doubt this would be considered "essential business". Their website, Facebook and Twitter page haven't been updated in a long time, so unsure of the real status. If "Open" lights were forgotten on, one would expect someone else would notice. Even if doors are locked, local police will still likely checked on it and waste their time. Anyone knows what's going on?
  5. Here a few advices: - Get out of bed and create yourself a routine - If you're allowed outside for fresh air, go. - Limit news time. A few minutes in the morning and evening, or just a quick look at headlines is more than enough. - Use the occasion to start or plan things you never had time before. - Take notes of things you could improve on if similar situation repeats itself. - Watch TV shows and movies unrelated to current events. - Stay positive and take time reflect on what really matters. Were all in this together. Stay safe, wash your hands and enjoy the weekend.
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    Ginger in Saint John

    I would avoid based on this quote: "if you don't see a ginger with long hair that doesn't look just like these pics it's free or you can leave xo all REAL right here. No complaints ever. what you see is what you get. " Three of her pics are still from a model mentioned earlier and the rest are unverified. The fact she doubles down with "all REAL right here", says all one needs to know. And I doubt she'll honor her "free" service guarantee. With such a botched first impression and the current situation, I doubt anyone will toftt in the near future.