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    💓Greetings Gentlemen💓
    I'm Petra, your Luxury Russian Companion.
    ALL gentlemen welcome. I do not discriminate nor do i condone this behavior.
    UPDATE: I have not gone away for all who have inquired. I have a few words of news.
    First, I will be back early summer as long as things continue to improve.
    I still host at the same upscale location that you are all used to just with a few upgrades both to my home and to myself 😉 Rates will be permanently changed to $300/HR InCall and will not be taking OutCalls as per usual. As for the rate increase, this will become apparent by mid March when I update my photos here on Lyla, Leo and my revamped website. PM me or text me for more details. Same Numbers as always 506 502 1672. Stay Safe and Stay Peachy 🍑
    VERIFIED ONLY ADS on LeoList with Name Date and Phone that are updated every month.
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ RECOMMENDATIONS on Lyla.
    PERSONAL SNAPCHAT for live Verification. PM for details if needed.
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  1. Aveeno Unscented Body Wash is what I keep in the shower for clients ❤
  2. Stolen photos. check recommended section here. Would avoid. Stay safe ❤️
  3. LyLy “ Hot Russian” is using Twitter Dancer Kendra Kashmire photos. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_hot_russian_moncton_now_lyly_bigboobs_sexytraveler-5832332 Stay safe and very terrible to pretend to be Russian..
  4. Her website has alot more info ❤️ check her bio.
  5. Laurie total scam. Using StPeach Twitch Streamers photos. link here: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_laurie_back_in_town_available_now-5698872 stay safe ❤️
  6. Using fake photos. Would stay clear of that... Best of luck on your search. Use the recommendations here on lyla as a better guide! ❤️
  7. This is why adding a base price to LL is important. Some clients won't even contact without a rate which can be understandable. Give her a message none the less and I'm sure you will get a reply. Best to text as she isn't very active on Lyla. Best wishes ❤
  8. What I mean by this is other SP's may book with another SP to waste their time and to waste business. It does not happenm often , but has happened to me a few times. I'm very thorough when booking so it does not get far. Some SP's are vengeful is what i'm saying. Want another SP to loose business so are willing to get to pretty extreme lengths. They more cerrtainly will not. Other motives motivate them in this case as well as hoping the SP who's time was wasted will loose money on that day. Disgusting behavior, but does happen.
  9. 100% Fake as GT stated. Proof here. Be safe, check reccomendations. Wishing you a safe date ❤️
  10. Thats terrible.....Double booking is not okay nor should anyone be doing this. If you are a well reccomended SP with a good reputation you should not have any issues getting business. The need to even double book is suspect. This is not a good way to conduct business or returning clients. Using an old studio and pretending to still be affiliated looks really bad. I hope your next date goes better as this is not normal and should not be condoned behavior for any SP at any price point. This just makes me sad and makes the industry not look good. Happy Hobbying and sending love and good vibes on your next date ❤
  11. From experience, verified photos have gotten me significantly more exposure. Many of my long-standing client's filter by verified ads. I just add my non-verified ones after. There are new changes coming 2020 to address this very issue. I dont find the verification sign affects the photos from a clients perspective. From our perspective yes the sign can be annoying but there are ways to incorporate it. Also being verified really helps clients midigate scams. I'm very pro verified.
  12. As far as I'm aware it is ad spend related. $300 in a year I believe they offer a free shoot.
  13. I would stay away from that price especially with the commenters above. Reccomended section is your safest bet. Stay safe and happy dates. 💓
  14. Going to chime in on the Goat Weed. I use it from time to time...It gets me soaked....I buy it at Bulk Barn.
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