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    💓Greetings Gentlemen💓

    I'm Petra, your Luxury Russian Companion.

    ALL ethnicities welcome!

    ⭐Please inquire about my rate packages⭐


    VERIFIED INDEPENDENT here & on Lyla.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ RECOMMENDATIONS on Lyla.

    Personal Snap: PETRASPEACH


    A shower | mint | Listerine is REQUIRED shortly after arriving.

    Clean Towels & Male products are here for your convenience.


    Educated | Platinum Blonde | 36C | 9US | English & Russian Languages | Nipple & Belly


    12PM(noon) - 4AM


    I maintain a very Safe | Clean | UpScale residence in the North End of Moncton.







    $100: This is for my safety and to guarantee my time is not being wasted.

    Deposit is NOT required for same-day bookings and good standing clients.


    1 Hour Notice from 12PM - 11PM

    30 Minutes Notice after 12AM

    Please introduce wilth: Name | Date&Time | Questions.

    [email protected]

    506 502 1672
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  1. Good evening 🍑
    Wheels are turning on my new website 💖
    My new booking email: [email protected]

    for those who wish to avoid text.
    Have a wonderful  & safe evening 💋
    Petra 🍑


  2. From experience, verified photos have gotten me significantly more exposure. Many of my long-standing client's filter by verified ads. I just add my non-verified ones after. There are new changes coming 2020 to address this very issue. I dont find the verification sign affects the photos from a clients perspective. From our perspective yes the sign can be annoying but there are ways to incorporate it. Also being verified really helps clients midigate scams. I'm very pro verified.
  3. As far as I'm aware it is ad spend related. $300 in a year I believe they offer a free shoot.
  4. PetraPegasus

    Hurting for a squirting on CL

    I would stay away from that price especially with the commenters above. Reccomended section is your safest bet. Stay safe and happy dates. 💓
  5. PetraPegasus

    Any Alternatives to Viagra and Cialis?

    Going to chime in on the Goat Weed. I use it from time to time...It gets me soaked....I buy it at Bulk Barn.
  6. PetraPegasus

    SPs with Significant Others

    Without disclosing too much detail. I have been with my SO for 6 years. Open about everything. 💓 Nothing to hide. A support team is good to have 🍑
  7. PetraPegasus

    TS reviews

    Be very careful in that section. Lots of scams. Lots of twitch streamer photos. Be safe, see if there are any reccomendations. Verified ads are also very helpful. Also know if it has a VIP over it, LL didn't put it there the providers pay to have it there Stay safe and happy dates ❤️
  8. Greetings everyone 💕I will have my new website and booking email live before the New Year.
    I hope everyone is doing well on this Monday. Safe travels and safe dates.
    Petra 🍑

    1. letsplay_57


      Great...look forward to seeing the new website & booking email...:)

    2. PetraPegasus


      Hope everyone enjoys it ♥️Will be a great addition 🍑

  9. PetraPegasus

    Ashley posting in SJ on LL

    Highly suspect 😓Stealing reccomendations, that's low if it's true.
  10. It really depends how far they go and at which point it becomes a bait and switch. It's sad to see people get taken for a ride. I myself make everything known and update photos twice a year and provide a public snap daily which helps. Misleading providers hurt the credibility of others. Will always be these kinds of providers out there. Stay cautious fellas and check reccomendations to be sure your getting what you pay for. Lots of love and happy dates ❤️
  11. PetraPegasus

    Submissive Sadie

    Seems legitimate, only thing I see is using verified photos but not a verified ad nor verified directory. Anyone please report back if they decide to see her. Stay safe as always.
  12. PetraPegasus


    I am very thorough ❤️ Stay safe everyone!!
  13. PetraPegasus


    Seeing are the 2nd photo the booty to waste ratio does not match the other photos. One sentence bio. All 3 Photos show vastly different metadata ranging from 1MP -2MP resolution. Seeing as the person in the photo is using a new phone to take these photos. These were taken from somewhere off the web and resized. I would steer clear. Lots of reccomended girls here on Lyla. Don't risk your safety and stage safe ❤️
  14. Profile Welcome Message Updated with all my new information and new base rates.
    Any questions feel free to message me here or my business line.
    Petra 🍑

  15. PetraPegasus

    opinion and advice please

    I agree with this completely ❤