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  1. Work it girl! Love this quote I've seen online 'Please believe there is still time for you to be all you want to be', thought about it when I read you comments about change. So true we can embrace change and beautiful things will happen.
  2. Green teal was answering your question. Shall i close this topic now?
  3. That will keep the bairns off the fireplace! Much better haha
  4. Now that is not going to scare anyone away this Halloween, Unless you do Lydia's teeth as cocktail sticks? 🤣
  5. TRAVEL And PARTY! Although not such a party animal anymore, I miss going out with my girls and having a laugh, dancing till dawn and passing out after, waking up next morning for boozy brunch to fight the hangovers.!
  6. I will definitely be carving pumpkins!
  7. Have you edited your profile recently? Let me look into this, please send any things you want to report to my inbox
  8. A bottle of Aperol, have a few days off work next week, so plan to drink aperol spritz every night!
  9. Love the 2nd photo off topic but it's on Valencia Spain, la ciudad de artes y ciencias, spent a while there. Miss it!
  10. That's probably what I need ! Or someone to get my ass on a treadmill!
  11. Yesterday I went and bought a new face cream, anti aging haha and some sheet masks, Pamper night tonight!
  12. I agree, if only everyone was a little more kind to each other, great interview and can't wait for more!
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