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  1. Mod_Cat

    where did all Gallery pics go?

    We are making some changes and it is possibly down to that, you mean the images that used to run down the bottom of the site?
  2. Mod_Cat

    Coronavirus memes and jokes

    My fridge door will end up falling off soon!
  3. Mod_Cat

    Tips on keeping sane during isolation

    I have started to learn a new language, many sites and apps have offers right now so taking advantage. Get up every morning and do at least half an hour, like my mediation, takes my mind off everything. And Gin and tonics, lots of gin and tonics!
  4. Mod_Cat

    Coronavirus memes and jokes

  5. Mod_Cat

    Hotel Floor Plans

    Please do not mention any hotels and their layouts. It is against the rules and will get us in trouble.
  6. Mod_Cat

    Private albums?

    I will note down the feature! Maybe in the future we could bring it back!
  7. Mod_Cat

    Guide to TOFTT

    I will pin this post, might be worthwhile posting in the newbies forum too
  8. Mod_Cat

    What is your style personality?

    I guess mine would be more vintage, retro! Hard one to say
  9. Please read the rules re Rates, locking this thread.
  10. Mod_Cat

    How long does it take

    There is a glitch somewhere, we are looking into it
  11. Hope 2020 is all you wish for and more.
  12. Hope everyone is having great holidays!
  13. Mod_Cat

    What happened to this board?

    We hope in the upcoming months that things will change a little and hope to have the rules all clear. The reason there are so many rules as what greenteal said, you have to be careful of what you say. Would love to hear everyones feedback as what you want to see more or less of here and what you think we could do to improve, always hear to listen to that!
  14. I will be deleting threads that are asking about the same user, these have you seen threads are answered and closed in 2 replies, they aren't really adding much to the site, correct me if I am wrong.
  15. This will be happening and we hope to have everyone on the same page!