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  1. I bought myself a lemon meringue pie today from my fave cake shop, just a small one don't have a photo as came home and demolished it with a cup of tea. Hasn't been the best week so needed CAKE!
  2. Can Mod's vote? I would say roamingguy, who always has a kind word to say and respectful! Also very active and always a pleasure to read your comments!
  3. I got chatted up in a park, I live alone so very much been alone for 2 months, Made my day!
  4. La casa de papel, or money heist in English, just dropped season 4 on Netflix that was great. Outlander is one of my faves only a few more episodes left or that, depending where you are you can get it on Netflix/amzon prime Have watched so much TV at the moment but nothing I would highly rate, just watching something for the sake of it, or just to have on as background noise.
  5. I bought two notebooks, some pens, post-it notes and a ruler, Have been studying through this myself and wanted to be more organized. Tomorrow will be writing up all my notes neat!
  6. My waist is slowly disappearing. I find it hard to motivate myself outside of a gym with no equipment but love youtube videos I just follow along. Sometimes I just search whatever I want to workout but really enjoy SELF and Popsugar fitness channels as they have a bit of everything.
  7. You can read all the rules here https://www.lyla.ch/faq/category/1-rules-welcome-letter/
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