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  1. Mod_Cat

    New topics in club

    Hey, I can help, send me a PM and will look into it for you
  2. Hey eda, can you PM me more information and I will try to help
  3. https://www.leolist.cc/verified If it is LL you are talking about, I would suggest reporting the profiles to them. 00
  4. Generally,if the user is still moderated and leaves a recco, its deleted. This is because many people make fake accounts and post fake recommendations
  5. Mod_Cat

    LeoList Reviews?

    Yes I am a Mod, will look into why I am still showing as a moderated member!
  6. Mod_Cat

    LeoList Reviews?

    LeoList and Leolist reviews are in no way affiliated and reviews cannot be linked to LeoList.