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  1. Im very European haha, Mayo and 'chips' is my regular take away option
  2. Carbonara pizza for me preferably with an egg in the middle, delicious
  3. Great interview and a lot more back reading I need to do , this will keep me going for the next week! Thank you for your insights!
  4. must have caught me on a good day! Happy holidays @vegeta85
  5. Thanks @Sharpe for always being present and always adding more to the threads here. Have a great christmas!
  6. How does Christmas look for you this year? Will it be different to other years?
  7. Lots of holiday cheer to @Greenteal ! You're a bit like marmite but what would we do without you!
  8. It has been really annoying but I have just thought how grateful I am that I have seen some wonderful places in the world and I have never put that off, who knows when we can travel properly again? I have this summer though, being a traveller at heart, tried to see new cities where I live, new villages, even just walking new streets I have never been down before, still feels like I am getting lost somewhere new. I do not work for Lonely Planet unfortunately but I can live in hope!
  9. What is everyone's all time favourite movie? I am a sucker for romance and sad movies, One of my faves, although I love the book more is the Bridges of Madison county. Cry everytime!
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