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  1. MrNun0

    Worst massage ever.

    Sorry to hear the bad experience, I think anyone who does a lousy job and costing other people to waste their time/money deserves to change their performance or else lose their job. i’m sure they are all using aliases but for the sake of courtesy, you may PM or give us clues and let others figure out the rest to avoid Joti, err I mean this girl. 😂
  2. MrNun0


    Agreed. My favorite place too. Although I agree with HappyCat as well. The non-chinese lady can't even cut my nails right. lol
  3. MrNun0


    I wish.lol we should get a tax refund for supporting these mp’s. Problem is, they don't submit taxes.🤷‍♀️
  4. MrNun0


    More southern area
  5. MrNun0

    Yiyi spa.

    Tried Yiyi since I was in the area. I arrive early, about 10 mins. I sensed that the receptionist doesn't want me to wait in the coach so I went for the ice cream store beside. The lady named Madelene attended to me. Age is at least late 40s. Massage started boring so I got skeptical. It got better at the middle till the end, and the massage was terrific. Although, I got confused with occasional tease. In the end, there was no HE. Will repeat if I’m in the area.
  6. MrNun0

    832 Notre Dame

    sorry, may bad for not asking the name. I don't think there is anyone worth seeing at this place at this point if you are looking to be happy (pun intended) they've been using different schemes to attract customers.
  7. MrNun0


    She massaged me last year but i always see her in the shop. Last week
  8. MrNun0

    621 Portage

    Great i’m gonna try there tom.
  9. MrNun0


    Went to see her recently. Age was accurate around 40s. Place was clean and smells good despite of the cats (which were lovely btw). The massage would have been really great, soft hands and right pressure, just need more time on each part. What turned me off was she had her pricing printed off and wanted to discuss early on. I was honestly more interested with the massage and then would just discover what's in the menu by the end, rather than discussing each step and their price. YMMV. But she was not pushy and very friendly so it wasn't a big deal, I'm just wasn't used to it. I think if you don't want to think about the micro transaction, just go with the special ($170). I don't think she offers FS. Despite of the laid out menu, I would come back because of the massage and the cats. lol
  10. MrNun0

    Table showers?

    I’ve only seen this type in the US.
  11. MrNun0

    832 Notre Dame

    This is one of the ads - https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/massage/1443284103?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social i think you’ll see their ads with the number posted this way “04 - two nine six five eight eight zero”
  12. MrNun0


    I’ve seen Jenny once. Out of the four, she’s second to Linda and the others 2 girls needs more feelings in my personal exp.
  13. MrNun0

    832 Notre Dame

    Went here this afternoon. I tried texting the Ad from Kijiji with a vague info and picture of Chinese model. They gave their address, i knew right away it was this place when I googled map it. Since its been a while I decided to go as they usually have good massage. I was surprise that instead of Chinese, they have young black girls(late 20s to early 30s. One has good english and the other one had a solid accent maybe fresh out from the boat. The later did the massage, hands were a little rough but tried teasing (similar to Linda from Ness’ stomach flat tickle from behind). Left happy but wont repeat.
  14. MrNun0


    Seems to be that Linda's the only go to in this place atm. Saw Lily and massage was not as good. Her hands was a bit rough for my skin as well.