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  1. MrNun0

    Mona Lisa Spa in Main

    Haven’t tried. But funny when I visited before, the new girls are being trained to do sugaring. I was asked if they can watch while I’m getting manzillian. I said no, lol.
  2. MrNun0


    Visited again this week and finally got my fav masseue . Something has changed from my previous visits. I felt a bit rushed today, my usual 😍 turned to 😐.
  3. MrNun0

    LF Asian Recommendation

    LH gave me a chance today and it was blast, great exp with Karina
  4. Anyone who can recommend any Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Filipina young escorts in WPG? Either independent or agency (although didn't get lucky to get a reply from LH and VIPOTG).
  5. MrNun0


  6. MrNun0

    Update: Healthtree

    I've been to Sargent, River and Broadway locations. You will leave happy on all locations. I received average massages on Sargent and River though. Broadway massage is 5/10.
  7. MrNun0

    P massage

    Nancy from River and Linda from Portage does this from behind.
  8. MrNun0

    Fort Richmond add on Kijiji.

    Yes, very clean too. I think you are right about the age, not that it matters. She gives good massage. $40/30 minutes $60/hour $90/90 minutes
  9. MrNun0

    Monica. 832 Corydon

    Ohhh you are right bud, sorry my bad. Its funny to hear that someone had the same experience with that "one hand" massage. lol
  10. MrNun0

    Grassy Lake ??

    Can I please get a PM for her contact? I'm curious now..
  11. MrNun0


    This place was great, I used to go here all the time. I just can't seem to get the same person every time so there's a hit an miss. Overall I would recommend this place just to try.
  12. MrNun0

    Feet massage

    Sent you a PM
  13. They used to be good, but no extras. Yes, more like hit and miss, and more miss lately.
  14. MrNun0

    Looking for Woman with big breasts

    Broadway masseuses. 36c i think both of them.
  15. MrNun0

    Monica. 832 Corydon

    Not sure if this Monica is the same person (east indian, bigboobs). She used 1 hand massage, or 3 fingers rather, on me the whole time while she's texting. Gave me a rushed ES. I never came back and was afraid to return.