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    returned yesterday last night unplanned, oh man did she ever leveled up her game. One of the best experience I ever had since Henderson.
  3. MrNun0

    Kitty on Kijiji

    I wonder what happened to Kitty.. 🤔
  4. MrNun0

    Best Teasing

    Linda from Ness and Tracey from Henderson
  5. MrNun0


    Who’s good there now? They said they had Linda and Jenny
  6. MrNun0


    Found their new location around Elmwood
  7. MrNun0


    Permanently Closed?
  8. MrNun0


    i was contemplating about going here on the weekend. I still will choose Linda on my visit but had had a hard time at my last visit. She was hammering my jr so hard.
  9. MrNun0

    311 Pembina Hwy

    EverGreen Restaurant. I can eat there everyday. 🥳🥳
  10. MrNun0

    311 Pembina Hwy

    You might get lucky tonight.
  11. MrNun0

    Prairie Lotus Tantra

    True that.lol
  12. MrNun0

    Natera Massage Therapy

    It's draped. Only been there once so far. The massage was fantastic.
  13. MrNun0

    Prairie Lotus Tantra

    That's the sad part for me lol I even asked her about some additional readings or some suggestions so I could enjoy the experience next time. She said there's nothing and its just whatever. so I thought she's just after the money.
  14. MrNun0

    Karma Yoga

    ughh This is the same place as Prairie Lotus Tantra. wont repeat
  15. I thought I'd try something new so I went to give this one a visit. The girl had a very pretty face and great body maybe around late 20's to early 30's, a 5'5". She looked great except when she showed her unshaven armpit. I'm not in the position to judge on anyone's belief, I'm just unused to seeing it. Anyhow, I expected something really above normal experience, but I didn't leave happy. Maybe because of the distraction about the armpit, massage table that doesn't have cover, hand gloves during lingam massage etc etc. For $200 bucks, i don't think it was worth it. If anyone has a different experience on this place, please kindly share.