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  1. Hey Kitten, you were already a Verified Independent on here, it just wan't showing in your rank but I've fixed that now. 🙂 We look forward to your posts! 007
  2. Hey @Tbay1stmer, Check this thread out for info on Lauren:
  3. Heya @Sensual Erin Based on your feedback, we have just reactivated comments on images. As you mentioned, they will be pre-approved - this is to prevent misuse or negativity (which is what prompted the initial curb). Let us know if you have any problems, and we'll look into it straight away! 007
  4. Hey again everyone, and thanks for your patience! You spoke, and the Lyla Team listened! The rules for ad posting has been revised - neither contact methods nor URLs are mandatory within an ad post. I have updated the rules accordingly. I'm grateful to you all for sharing your thoughts and reservations on this issue, and please always let us know if there is anything else which you think isn't quite working for you, or if there is something you'd like to see more of. We want to grow Lyla, and starting from its foundations (i.e. feedback from members of the highest order such as yourselves) is unquestionably the best way forward for the community. The process for becoming a verified user on Lyla remains unchanged. Any questions about this, or if anyone still has problems posting, feel free to reach out! Take care! 007
  5. Deadlifts. All. Damn. Day. Coke or Pepsi?
  6. Lotion all day. Strength or endurance?
  7. Hey Sophia, I think you raise an excellent point. There isn't a difference as such - we consider them to be the same kind of post. In fact, to address any possible confusion which could arise from this, I will include renaming these sections to the backlog of ideas. Your ad is still hidden since it doesn't meet all requirements. I will DM you now to explain what steps need to be taken for yours specifically, and then once it's updated I'll be more than happy to publish it! 🙂 However, for the benefit of everyone else, posts which promote Online Services must all appear in the correct forum: https://www.lyla.ch/forum/459-online-advertising-schedules-and-announcements/ They should not appear in regional forums, since these are services which can be provided to anyone wherever they may be based (even internationally in theory). As a contact method, we should include a personal website url, or even a link to an onlyfans page, or a contact email address. Hope this helps! 007
  8. Hey everyone, I'm really sorry if there has been some confusion about the new process. I hope to clarify some of the key issues raised in this post by so many of you. I'm grateful that you have raised them, so that I can address them as quickly as possible! We have recently made some changes to who can be allowed to post on the forum. This means that in order to be eligible to post ads/schedules on the forum, you must be a verified user on either www.leolist.cc or on www.vipfavours.ch. The process to do this is currently listed at the top of each ads/schedule forum. This change really only impacts newer users who register on the forum. Long-standing members such as most of you who have posted in this thread are not required to go through the process of proving to us that you are verified on either one of those websites before you can post and ad/schedule (in a sense we are 'grandfathering' your posting privileges). Another change is that all posts which are ads/schedules will require pre-approval, which is why they are not immediately visible, even if you have posting privileges . This is done to make sure that all ad requirements are met, such as: A URL to an ad must be included in the post E.g. a leolist url - personal websites are acceptable A telephone number must be included in writing in the body of the ad It cannot simply feature in the images you post. It must appear as text in the post. No frontal below the waist nudity or graphic nudity Ads cannot contain direct or indirect sexual references E.g. BBBJ, COB, etc. Absolutely no mention of drug use. Zero tolerance here. E.g. 420-friendly I agree with you Sophia that this process requires improvement - shortly it will be considerably streamlined, and we will eliminate this step for many users. It will reduce the actions necessary for members of the forum. However as explained earlier, you personally are not impacted by the restrictions on posting privileges anyway, but your ads (like everyone else's) will require a quick pre-approval by us before going live. Meghan - your ad is currently hidden simply because it first needs to be reviewed. Having taken a look at it though, it wouldn't be eligible for publication since it doesn't meet our criteria (but I realize it was simply a test on your part, not an actual ad 🙂 ). Please let me know if you have any further questions - I genuinely value the input provided from the issues you have all raised, and it's great to know that we can count on threads such as this from long-time members of this awesome community to improve or clear up our processes and policies. 007
  9. Hey folks, I'm taking a look now. The babes will be back as soon as possible. 007
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