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    I have to ;(
  2. Hey everyone! I will be in Mississauga tonight and will be staying until the 30th! Take a peek at my website and let me know what you think! My site! LeoList ad
  3. LadyNerdcore


    They were supposed to have the ribbons to tie around the tops, but they came right out LOL so they're just thigh-high's now. I love knee/thigh high socks.
  4. Hey everyone! 


    I am travelling to Mississauga from Nov. 27 - 30th! Keep an eye out for me!

  5. LadyNerdcore


    And, all natural. 🙂 I couldn't get the quote thing to work via mobile.
  6. LadyNerdcore


    Clothing is always optional with me 😉
  7. LadyNerdcore

    Who best puts clients at ease?

    I feel like I am the exact opposite. I am such a chatterbox that I, sometimes, wonder, if people wanna bang or listen to me talk the entire time lol. I think there was only one time the conversation lasted the entire time, but once people got a feel for me and the energetic person I am, they felt more comfortable touching and kissing me. As for recommendations, I wish I could offer some, but I am in Ontario. Best of luck, OP.
  8. LadyNerdcore

    Hi, everyone! I am NerdNextDoor!

    Thanks 🙂 My room has all sorts of nerdy things in it lol
  9. LadyNerdcore

    Hi, everyone! I am NerdNextDoor!

    I look forward to meeting you, as well!!!
  10. LadyNerdcore

    Deepthroat wanted

    I like a challenge.
  11. Or NerdNexrDoor. You can call me Gabryelle or Gabz, whatever you want. I do have a website that I designed. http://www.ladynerdcore.com If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. 🙂
  12. LadyNerdcore

    Hi, everyone! I am NerdNextDoor!

    Hi!! I am so happy to have an account, finally! I had quite some trouble making one in the beginning because I'd never get the activation email, no matter what email I used or which folder I checked. BUT I FINALLY MADE IT YAY give me time to learn the site I meant to quote, but derped
  13. Or Gabryelle. You choose. But, here is my website. www.ladynerdcore.com