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  1. Hey everyone! I will be in Mississauga tonight and will be staying until the 30th! Take a peek at my website and let me know what you think! My site! LeoList ad
  2. LadyNerdcore

    Who best puts clients at ease?

    I feel like I am the exact opposite. I am such a chatterbox that I, sometimes, wonder, if people wanna bang or listen to me talk the entire time lol. I think there was only one time the conversation lasted the entire time, but once people got a feel for me and the energetic person I am, they felt more comfortable touching and kissing me. As for recommendations, I wish I could offer some, but I am in Ontario. Best of luck, OP.
  3. LadyNerdcore

    Hi, everyone! I am NerdNextDoor!

    Thanks 🙂 My room has all sorts of nerdy things in it lol
  4. LadyNerdcore

    Hi, everyone! I am NerdNextDoor!

    I look forward to meeting you, as well!!!
  5. LadyNerdcore

    Deepthroat wanted

    I like a challenge.
  6. Or NerdNexrDoor. You can call me Gabryelle or Gabz, whatever you want. I do have a website that I designed. http://www.ladynerdcore.com If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. 🙂
  7. LadyNerdcore

    Hi, everyone! I am NerdNextDoor!

    Hi!! I am so happy to have an account, finally! I had quite some trouble making one in the beginning because I'd never get the activation email, no matter what email I used or which folder I checked. BUT I FINALLY MADE IT YAY give me time to learn the site I meant to quote, but derped
  8. Or Gabryelle. You choose. But, here is my website. www.ladynerdcore.com