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  1. Thanks Clearbluesky15, that forum is aok to use.
  2. Oops, my bad, I should've asked 🙂 Moved to the correct forum now.
  3. Hey all Just wanted to let you lovely ladies know the manual approval for your topics in the Scheduled areas has been removed, so all new topics posted, will appear instantly. This was changed to make it a more pleasant and hopefully easier experience for you posting ads on Lyla. 👍.
  4. Ever since visiting the USA for the first time, there's one thing above all I miss....coffee creamers! We can't get the Coffee mate liquid creamers in the UK, so I have to settle for the Nestle Coffee mate french vanilla creamer pods. I even add it to my tea....yes I know, it's weird 😛 I do miss my caramel latte creamer though.
  5. It will remain the same, yep, it's the same forum and data, just the name that's changing. @Sugar Kayne - Yes, all users can set up private albums and/or restrict access to those albums.
  6. Moved to the ED for Winnipeg forum for you.
  7. I don't believe that's true, to be honest. Forums in general struggle to keep an active audience these days, due to the explosion of social media over the last decade. I've run and been a member of forums for nearly 2 decades and they always wax and wane, but I did notice a significant and slow decline as soon as places like Facebook/Twitter (etc) started taking off. You really have to work hard to maintain a forum these days and I think we're doing the best we can in that regard (both staff and our exquisite members! 💖)
  8. Are there any aliens/space type shows going on? I think the closest to that sounds like The Expanse, but I wasn't sure. Ahh how I miss Battlestar Galactica! (the remake)
  9. For some reason I thought my monitor was 4k, is isn't. But, it does run at 144hz now and at 2560x1440, which I'm happy with. PC finally arrived a couple of days ago, graphics card was separate because they're so flipping big and heavy these days, they tend to shear off in transit if the boxes are dropped lol. Wiring was a little messy, but I'm happy!
  10. Oh lord, I had her as a poster on my wall in my late teens lol.
  11. Mod_Ad

    Best VPN?

    I agree with Private Internet Access. I occasionally have issues where it connects, but I have no internet, but I'm sure that's my PC heh I definitely recommend seeking a VPN which has a clear policy on logs, whilst some claim big bold print that they respect users privacy, quite a few still keep logs, whereas VPN's like PIA, do not.
  12. I hear you Greenteal, I've been burned with game purchases in the past as well. Fallout 76 was the only Fallout game (post Fallout 3) that I didn't buy, there were so many red flags and warning signs before it was even released, so I waited It's been one epic fail after another. I've bought a couple of games in the past (Stardrive 1 and 2) which were "ok", but could've been so much more, but despite promises by the developer, both were abandoned in a rough state, it's truly a shame when they do that. I've bought a couple of pre/early access releases too, those were never even released, so money wasted there (never again)
  13. Will be nice to finally be able to run my monitor at the full 144hz that it's capable of as well. My old graphics card didn't have the power (or port) for full 144hz refresh rate. I'll have to see what games look good at 4k, I think Stellaris will look good, maybe GTA V? or Borderlands.
  14. Sadly, yea 😞 I thought overtime it would've levelled off, but the prices are still high, even the low-mid end cards.
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